Bold And The Beautiful: Plotline Predictions For Winter 2020

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Trouble is ahead for some established couples and new pairings may form, this winter on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Flo will still yearn for forgiveness from Brooke and Hope and wonder if there’s a chance she could be welcomed back into the Logan fold. And will Thomas start to develop real feelings for Zoe? Read on for 12 B&B plotline predictions for winter 2019.

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12. Lope Relationship Tested

Speculation teases that Liam and Hope’s relationship will be put to the test this winter by Thomas, Steffy and other important people in their lives. Even Douglas, who enjoys spending time with Liam, will make it clear that he’d like to see his dad and “Mommy Hope” living together under the same roof. Is even more trouble on the way for Lope?

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11. Liam’s Waffling Ways

Viewers can also expect to see Liam The Waffler back in full force this winter. Spoilers indicate Steffy will suggest to Liam that, although she values their solid friendship, she’d like it to become more. Instead of setting Steffy straight about his feelings for Hope, this will set off Liam’s waffling ways once again. And speculation suggests a new woman may also be thrown into the mix with Sister Wives Hope and Steffy.

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10. Broken Engagement

Speaking of wafflers, Liam’s brother Wyatt will also be waffling between two women in early winter, namely Sally and Flo. But Wyatt is somewhat of an amateur when it comes to vacillating in romance and his indecision won’t last long. He still had feelings for Flo when he asked Sally to marry him. Many fans believe he never should have proposed to Sally in the first place and that the engagement was just a whim on Wyatt’s part. Spoilers tease he will put an end to his marriage plans and break up with Sally.

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9. New Couple On The Horizon?

Devastated after her broken engagement to Wyatt, rumor has it Sally may turn to Liam for comfort. It wasn’t that long ago she was falling for Liam when he played hero for her against his father Bill. Sally and Liam even kissed when they thought they’d met their demise in the rubble of the Spectra building. Speculation shows Sally could develop feelings for him again. Liam has been the go-between for Steffy and Hope for years now, so would Sally really be willing to throw herself into the mix? And will Hope and Steffy both get fed up with Liam and kick him to curb, creating an opening for Sally?

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8. Rick’s Homecoming?

Fans of Rick and Maya have been waiting for over a year now for some resolution to the couple’s storyline. Maya returned to LA in December 2018, with news that she and Rick had broken up and she’s barely been seen on B&B since then. And despite Executive Producer and Head Writer Bradley Bell’s tease that Rick and Maya would be involved in a love triangle with Carter, this storyline hasn’t come to pass. Will viewers see Rick return to LA from Forrester International this winter?

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7. Brooke’s Confrontations

Speculation states Brooke will be astonished when she confronts Steffy about Zoe’s return. She’s angry that Steffy would rehire someone who kept the baby Beth secret from Hope and Liam for months to protect her father. But Steffy will let Brooke in on a little secret – Zoe made a deal with her and Liam – to get her job back at Forrester, she agreed to spy on Thomas. Brooke will be stunned but also grateful to Steffy for putting a plan into action to find out where Thomas’ true motivations lie. But she will also be disappointed in Liam for not filling her in on his plan with Steffy. Spoilers tease Brooke will confront him about not including her in the scheme.

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6. Forgiveness For Flo?

Katie has forgiven Flo for her part in the baby Beth debacle, thanks to Flo’s selfless act of donating her kidney to her. It also looks like Donna is well on her way to doing the same. But can Katie and Donna convince Brooke and Hope to also find a way to forgive Storm’s prodigal daughter? Will Flo finally receive the forgiveness she desperately seeks from her aunt and her cousin?

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5. Renewed Romance

While Flo may still be yearning for forgiveness from her Logan relatives, Wyatt has already seemingly exonerated her for her past misdeeds. Speculation teases that once Wyatt has broken up with Sally, he’ll be quick to reunite with his former high school sweetheart Flo. This will no doubt thrill Wyatt’s mom Quinn and Flo’s mom Shauna. Flo and Wyatt will be blissfully happy and spend a romantic Valentine’s Day together.

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4. Thomas’ Daydreams

Viewers will see many more of Thomas’ daydreams when it comes to what he believes will be his future life with Hope and Douglas. He’s already fantasized about all the Logans being gone except, of course, for Hope. He imagined Hope’s portrait replacing Quinn’s on the wall of the Forrester estate and talked about how Steffy and Liam were together with Kelly. But will his fantasies start to come true?

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3. It’s All About The Fashion

Spoilers tease viewers will be treated to at least one fashion show this season, Hope and Steffy’s fashion showdown. After everyone else at Forrester turns her down, Hope will feel she has no choice but to agree to let Thomas design her Hope For The Future Line. And once she gets the green light from Liam, she’ll bring Thomas on board. Sally, who is designing Steffy’s line, will be thrilled that she gets to compete in the fashion showdown with her ex Thomas.

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2. Thomas Develops Feelings For Zoe

Fan speculation indicates that although Thomas only thinks of Zoe as a friend, those feelings could change and he may realize Zoe is his future, not Hope. Other spoilers indicate Zoe won’t fulfill her promise to Steffy and Liam and spill the beans on Thomas. She likes him too much to betray him and will feel torn over what she’s agreed to do. Will she end up telling Thomas about Steffy and Liam’s scheme? If so, Thomas may realize that Zoe truly cares for him and he may return the sentiment.

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1. Ridge And Shauna Take The Next Step

Viewers are speculating that it’s only a matter of time before Ridge and Shauna take the next step in their relationship. Shauna has already told Ridge she’s in love with him and Ridge has revealed to her that he likes to be around her, and she makes him happy. Even though Ridge continues to try to mend his marriage to Brooke, spoilers indicate it will be done for good early in the season. So, will Ridge and Shauna finally take the next in their relationship? Stay tuned this winter to find out!

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