Bold And The Beautiful: Plotline Predictions For December 2021

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It’s the holiday season in the fashion world, and there’s nothing like enjoying a side of drama with that candy cane latte, right? How will Taylor’s return flip everyone’s world upside down? Are Carter and Paris more than “just friends”? How will Sheila spin things to her advantage? The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) fans just love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some B&B plotline predictions for December 2021.

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12. Hey, Honey! Momma’s Home!

With Taylor Hayes set to return to the canvas in December, B&B fans can’t help but wonder “what will happen next” on so many levels. Actress Krista Allen has been recast in the role, and she has some pretty big shoes (and expectations) to fill. One thing is for certain: Steffy will have an additional ally when it comes to her rivalry with Sheila. Will Dr. Hayes turn on the momma-bear heat?

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11. Finn and Taylor Don’t Get Along

One thing that could happen is Taylor might rub Finn the wrong way, or vice versa. As Ms. Hayes has been out of the picture for a while now, she’s never had the opportunity to meet Steffy’s new love interest. Could these two get off on the wrong foot, right away!? Or, an even more problematic scenario: what if the two have some chemistry when they meet?

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10. Brooke’s Fuming

It’s highly unlikely that Finn and Taylor will hook up; however, this is a soap opera so anything is possible, right? What is likely is that Brooke’s jealousy could erupt once Dr. Hayes strolls back into town. She and Ridge aren’t on the best of terms right now, and she’ll likely get a pinch of jealousy when she finds out that Taylor is back.

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9. Chemistry Between Ridge and Taylor

The interesting thing about Taylor’s return is the fact that the actress is a recast. Will Allen’s version of Dr. Hayes have chemistry with Ridge? Mr. Forrester’s eyes will likely widen at the mere thought of his ex being back in town. Could Taylor coming back to LA mean splitsville for Brooke and Ridge? There will certainly be added conflict.

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8. The Couple Will Gravitate In Different Directions

Any fan can see that Brooke may soon gravitate towards Deacon, while Ridge drifts in Taylor’s direction. Could Brooke and Ridge decide to have Christmas with their exes, instead of together? Things move fast in the land of B&B, so anything is possible. Maybe Hope will suggest a holiday dinner with just her mom and dad? This would upset Ridge to no end!

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7. Sheila Zeroes In On Finn

Sheila will continue her efforts to gain Finn’s trust in December. She’ll play on his dad’s betrayal, and also the holiday “feels”. Ms. Carter was never allowed to share Christmas with her son. She may also yank on his heartstrings with sad tales of holidays past. Will Finn warm up to Sheila next month, now that he’s so angry at Jack?

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6. Steffy’s Expecting!

With actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood expecting her third child, could Steffy receive a true Christmas blessing by finding out she’s having another baby with Finn? How would this affect storylines moving forward? This could give her another good reason to boot Sheila out of their lives, as stress is not good for expectant moms!

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5. Steffy and Liam

These two have become closer, and share a child. If B&B were to incorporate Woods’ real-life baby plans into a storyline, one can’t help but wonder if they would also add a “who’s your daddy” layer to it? Could Liam and Steffy cross a line? They could be triggered by something their spouses do. If something major happened and the two got overly emotional about it, then it’s absolutely possible. Steffy could end up expecting some weeks later, with a little secret hanging over her and Liam’s head.

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4. Hope and Finn

Then, there’s the chance that Sheila sees Steffy and Liam together and obtains some evidence. Ms. Carter could send a video or photos to Finn and Hope without even blinking an eye. Deacon would help, as this would mean Hope’s hubby is out of the way, thereby allowing him to forge a proper relationship with this daughter. Would the affair bring Finn and Hope closer together, too?

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3. Thomas Moves To The Dark Side

Thomas seems to be taking Paris’ rejection okay… well, somewhat. He’s been persistent, that’s for sure. Is Thomas moving towards a darker version of himself? Should fans expect him to once again get a little loopy? At one point, will he accept the idea that Paris is committed to Zende? Will he cross a line and do something drastic to get Paris’ attention?

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2. Carter and Paris Have A Slip-Up

There seems to be some chemistry between Carter and Paris; could something happen between them? Could some drinks during a holiday party cause these two to cross a line? Carter has been bonding with Katie Logan, and his intentions seem genuine. While there may be an attraction between Carter and Paris, he wouldn’t go along with another sketchy affair again… Would he?

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1. Someone Catches Them

What if Thomas catches Paris and Carter in an intimate moment? He may even simply see them kiss. Could this send him off the deep end? Then there’s the idea that Quinn catches Carter and Paris together. She may use what she sees as a way for him to help her scheme against the Logan sisters. What if Katie witnesses the two kiss, and walks away before they pull back? She may try to distance herself from Carter, moving forward. The possibilities are endless!

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