Bold And The Beautiful: Crazy And Shocking Spoilers For Winter 2019


The weather outside may be frightful, but the drama on Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) this winter will be so delightful. It’s expected that Taylor’s out of control spiral will continue and she could even fall off the wagon. But will Brooke’s prediction that her nemesis is dangerous be proven true?  Also, will Brooke and Ridge’s marriage last until spring? And will the Lope baby be born healthy and without any complications? So, pull on a sweater, put another log on the fire and enjoy these 12 crazy and shocking B&B spoilers for winter 2019.

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12. Bowden Joins B&B

Katrina Bowden will join the B&B cast as series regular, Flo, starting January 14. TV Line reports that Bowden’s character will share a past with Dr. Reese Buckingham. This will be a return to soaps for Bowden, as she first appeared on television in 2006 on the now-canceled  One Life to Live. Viewers may also recognize her from the sitcom 30 Rock. She was in all seven seasons of the show and played Liz Lemon’s assistant Cerie. One thing’s for sure – Bowden will bring some much-needed new blood and new drama to B&B this winter.

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11. New Love Triangle

It seems obvious that Taylor and Flo will not become friends when Flo arrives in Los Angeles this winter. Taylor and Reese will already be established as a couple by then and it looks like Flo’s appearance will create a new love triangle. When Taylor finds out that Flo is Reese’s ex, she’ll likely be trash talking her to anyone who will listen. This rivalry could really heat things up and send Taylor even further down the rabbit hole. But will Reese stick by Taylor’s side or be tempted to cheat on her with Flo?

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10. Ruthless Reese?

With a past love coming back to haunt him, Reese will be kept on his toes this winter. Viewers already know his daughter Zoe is concerned about his womanizing past and he seems to like “well-off” ladies, which is possibly why he’s so attracted to Taylor. Is the good doctor running from creditors in London and needs a Sugar Mama like Taylor to shore him up? He seemed a lot more interested in her after she told him she doesn’t have any money problems. Has he callously targeted Taylor for her money? Or is he genuinely attracted to her and interested in pursuing a relationship?

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9. Heartbreak For Zoe

With the departure of Adain Bradley (Xander) from B&B, albeit temporarily to film a movie this winter, will the writers break up Xander and Zoe? This couple has just gotten back together so if there is a break-up it would be a cruel blow for Zoe, who had just gotten her claws back into Xander. A break-up and the fact that her father is in town could mean a miserable new year and winter for Zoe.

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8. Winter Wedding Bells?

Sally and Wyatt have professed their love for each other, so the next logical step seems like an engagement and a wedding. Knowing Wyatt’s proclivity for rushing romance along, once they are engaged, he will likely push Sally to set a wedding date as soon as possible. But what Wyatt needs to do is take things slowly and maybe he will finally be in a relationship that will work out for him. Still, his relationship with Sally is something of a hallmark for Wyatt. For one thing, she has never slept with his brother Liam, unlike his ex-wives Hope and Steffy. She’s also not pining for Liam while she’s with him, again, unlike Hope and Steffy. Maybe Wyatt will finally get his happy ending with a woman who doesn’t just consider him a pit-stop on her way back to Liam.

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7. Meddling Matchmaker

Pam will continue to play matchmaker for Donna and Eric, meddling in his relationship with Quinn. Her interfering hasn’t worked out very well so far, but Pam’s determined to get what she wants – Quinn out of Eric’s life for good. Donna is more than happy to oblige Pam as her feelings for her Honey Bear have been rekindled as of late, but Eric seems content to stay with his wife. However, Eric has a well-known history of cheating on his wives, so will he give into temptation with Donna this winter?

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6. Bridge Break-Up

With all the arguing going on between Brooke and Ridge, it seems like a winter break-up could be in the cards for this couple. They have been quarreling about their daughters, about Taylor and about Bill and if this marriage lasts for another three months it’ll be a miracle. If a breakup does happen, viewers can expect Brooke’s Stallion, who’s been on standby, neighing and braying and professing his love for her for months, to definitely make his move.

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5. Brill Reunion

If Bridge collapses, Bill will undoubtedly be waiting in the wings to help Brooke pick up the pieces. She believes Bill is a changed man and it seems as though she has become attracted to him once again. It wouldn’t take much for her to hop back into her Stallion’s bed if she and Ridge break up for good this winter.

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4. Taylor Off The Wagon

All signs are pointing to Taylor falling off the wagon this winter. Many viewers are speculating that this will somehow be due to the influence of her new paramour, Reese. There are also rumors that a drunken Taylor will accidentally harm her granddaughter, Kelly. This would make Steffy question her decision-making process as of late, specifically the decision in which she let mother move in with her and her baby. If this scenario occurs, hopefully baby Kelly will make it out of the situation unharmed.

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3. Another Custody Battle

One rumor making the rounds is that Liam and Hope could threaten to sue for custody of Kelly. Hope has become increasingly concerned with Taylor being around Steffy and Liam’s baby girl. She feels that Taylor could potentially harm Kelly. Will she be proven right? Both Liam and Hope have expressed their worries to Steffy about Taylor but Steffy is steadfast and stubborn when it comes to her mother and her access to her granddaughter. But will Liam and Hope go so far as to try to take Kelly away from her?

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2. Lope Baby In Jeopardy

Liam and Hope are looking forward to a new year filled with joy and happiness and that includes welcoming their new baby daughter this winter. But it’s never all wine and roses when it comes to soap opera births and the arrival of Liam and Hope’s child will be no exception. Spoilers show Hope will go into premature labor (possibly after a confrontation with Taylor) and both she and the baby will be in dire danger. Will mother and baby survive?

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1. Will Taylor’s Secret Come Out?

Brooke is more than willing to blab to everyone these days that Taylor is the one who shot Bill in the back. And the more people she tells, the more likely it becomes that Detective Sanchez and even Lieutenant Hot Dog could catch wind of it. And what about Reese? He knows Taylor hates Brooke and has become aware that Brooke is holding something over Taylor’s head. He’s already playing these two women off each other, but what will happen when he discovers what Taylor’s secret is, and could it lead to Reese planning something even more sinister? Stay tuned this winter to find out!

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