Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For January 2019

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An overwhelming event will have stunning repercussions on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) during the month of January and beyond, according to Executive Producer Bradley Bell. Also, the Lope baby will be born and the thug targeting Reese will threaten Zoe’s safety if he doesn’t pay off his gambling debts. Will the doctor be desperate enough to commit a despicable act to save himself and his daughter? Read on for more B&B crazy and shocking spoilers for January 2019.

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12. Fresh Start For Maya

Now that Maya is back on the scene, she will want to get back to Forrester Creations and renew her modeling career. But will that be all she renews in the new year? More than likely, ex-boyfriend Carter will have heard of her break-up with husband Rick and may pursue her once again. If so, will Maya reciprocate, or will she be looking for a fresh start with someone new?

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11. Pam’s Resolve

With all the heartwarming holiday niceties over and done with, Pam will persist in finding new ways to cause Eric and Donna to be alone together at Forrester Creations this month. Her new year’s resolution will be to end Eric and Quinn’s marriage for good and she’s vowed that she won’t stop meddling until she reaches her goal.

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10. Taylor And Reese Romance

Taylor and Reese will grow closer in January. She believes he is a good person and she can confide in him about anything. Considering the way Reese was ogling Taylor’s cash when he was out to lunch with her recently, Reese seems more interested in Taylor’s bank account than the woman herself. But is Reese only captivated by Taylor for her money? Or is he genuinely attracted to her and interested in pursuing a relationship?

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9. A Looming Threat

Reese will become even more anxious about raising the money he needs to cover his gambling debts when his daughter Zoe is threatened. Spoilers indicate Zoe will be walking alone outside to an evening meeting, and the shadowy stranger played by Andrew Johnson will be watching her. Reese will then receive picture of Zoe and a threatening message from the thug, telling him to pay up or his daughter will face the consequences of his actions. Will the pressure Reese faces cause him to do something unspeakable?

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8. B&B Shockwave

With B&B’s 8000th episode airing on January 4, spoilers are indicating something massive is coming. Bradley Bell said in a statement: “The 8000th episode is classic ‘Bold and Beautiful’ drama. The story arc centers around an event so profound, it sends shockwaves throughout the lives of the Forresters, Spencers, Avants, Spectras and Logans for years to come.” With Hope having gone into premature labor just after Christmas, it is likely this event will somehow involve the birth of baby Beth.

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7. Baby For Sale

When viewers last saw her, Hope was having contractions and her water broke as she was speaking to Liam on the phone.  She was going into premature labor on Catalina Island and Liam was stranded on the mainland due to bad weather. A video preview shows Hope in labor with Dr. Reese Buckingham at her side, assuring her she will be all right. Taylor recently confided in Reese that Steffy was hoping to adopt a baby girl to be a sister to her daughter Kelly. She also mentioned that money would be no object. Coincidentally, Reese was on his way to Catalina Island just as a thug threatened him about paying the $200,000 he owes in gambling debts. Will the doctor tell Hope her baby was stillborn and will baby Beth be taken and placed into (an unknowing) Steffy’s arms for a cool 200 Grand?

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6. Dollar Bill To The Rescue

Meanwhile, Liam will desperately try to reach Catalina Island to be with Hope as she gives birth to their daughter, and he’ll reach out to his father for help. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Scott Clifton (Liam) explained: “Out of desperation, Liam turns to Bill. Liam makes it clear this is not a reconciliation. This was a tough decision for Liam, but his personal needs are not what’s important now. Liam does what needs to be done in order to get to Hope. His pride is secondary.” Bill will arrange for the Spencer helicopter to get Liam to Hope’s side as soon as possible. But will he make it in time?

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5. Help Is On The Way

Brooke will also be frantic to reach Hope, once she finds out the hot mess her daughter is in. Rumor has it, Dollar Bill will arrange for another chopper, so he can fly himself, Ridge and Brooke to Catalina Island to support Liam and Hope. Considering the spoilers about a possible baby Beth kidnapping plot, Lope will need all the help and encouragement they can get.

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4. Reese In The Hot Seat

Reese will find himself in a very difficult situation as Liam, Ridge and Bill demand answers from him regarding Hope’s delivery. Spoilers are showing Reese is going to tell Hope her baby has died but Hope will insist to her mother, Ridge, Liam and Bill that she heard baby Beth crying. Obviously, Liam and Hope will want to see their daughter, so they can say goodbye. Rumor has it, Reese may swap an unwanted stillborn baby he delivered earlier in the day with Beth and present it to the distraught couple. It’s also rumored that rivals Bill and Ridge will team up to interrogate the doctor on what went down in the delivery room.

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3. Bowden Joins B&B

Katrina Bowden will join the B&B cast as series regular Flo, starting January 14 and according to spoilers, she will play Reese’s ex-girlfriend. This will cause another headache for Reese in January, as he will have finally cleared up his gambling debt and won’t want anyone else from his shady past showing up. Could Flo be one of the women Reese used for money in the past? Her role on B&B will be a return to soaps for Bowden, as she first appeared on television in 2006 on the now cancelled One Life to Live. Viewers may also recognize her from the sitcom 30 Rock. She was in all seven seasons of the show and played Liz Lemon’s assistant Cerie.

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2. Support For Steffy

Another January spoiler states that Ridge and Taylor will come together to support Steffy and Kelly this month. But will Steffy need their support because she believes that Kelly’s sister Beth has died? If so, Taylor may think the remedy her daughter needs is the baby she had been planning to adopt. And of course, Dr. Reese Buckingham will be more than willing to lend a hand in their time of need to help manipulate Taylor and Steffy through the adoption process.

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1. Lope’s Loss?

If Lope is told their baby is stillborn, this will be the biggest test of their marriage to date. The couple will be overwhelmed by their loss and will try their best to comfort each other. Hope will become increasingly depressed but will try to keep on a brave face for the sake of her marriage. Spoilers say the couple will steer their marriage around Steffy and baby Kelly. But will baby Beth actually be kidnapped by Reese to pay off his gambling debts? Or will Hope and Liam be joyfully celebrating the new year with their healthy baby daughter? Stay tuned to find out!

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