Bold And The Beautiful: Crazy And Shocking Spoilers For Christmas 2018


The holiday season on Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) will be filled with tidings of joy and a dash of misery thrown in, when families gather at the Forrester estate for the annual Christmas celebration. Who will have great news to share and who will meet under the mistletoe? Read on for the B&B crazy and shocking spoilers for Christmas 2018.

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12. Holiday Scheduling

It’s going to be all about celebrating Christmas in Los Angeles during the holiday season and while CBS will air new episodes of the B&B on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, viewers should note that the show will be pre-empted on Monday, December 31 for football and a repeat episode will air on Tuesday, January 1. Regularly scheduled programming will resume on Wednesday, January 2.

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11. Forrester Holiday Celebrations

The Forresters, Logans, Avants and Spencers will spend Christmas Eve together at the Forrester estate. Xander will be honored to carry on a Forrester tradition with girlfriend Zoe at his side. Other guests at the Forrester estate Christmas party will include Wyatt and Sally, Maya’s parents Julius and Vivienne and Pam and Charlie.

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10. Lope Baby Name

Rumor has it, Hope and Liam will ask Maya for a favor. They would like to name their daughter Elizabeth, and since Maya’s daughter is already named Lizzie, they are hoping to get her blessing. Once she’s born the new baby will be nicknamed Beth, after Hope’s grandmother. Lope will tell everyone their chosen name for their unborn daughter during the Christmas celebrations.

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9. First Christmas

Baby Kelly’s family will celebrate her first Christmas this year. It’s expected that Steffy will be all smiles as everyone dotes on her youngster. The celebration will be bittersweet for the new mom, however, as it was just last year that she and Liam had expected to be celebrating their baby’s first Christmas together as a couple.

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8. Bridget’s Back

Fan favorite Ashley Jones will return to B&B for the holidays and will come home to Los Angeles to join the Forresters, Logans, Spencers and Avants for the Christmas Day episode, according to Soaps in Depth. Her mother Brooke and father Eric will be delighted by her return, as will her sister Hope and Aunts Katie and Donna. This will be Jones’ first appearance on the show since the summer when she was in LA for Hope and Liam’s wedding.

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7. New Christmas Tradition

Much like the annual Forrester Thanksgiving celebrations, Ridge will ask each person at the Christmas celebration to express what they’re grateful for and how they are blessed. Ridge will ask everyone for their thoughts and who knows how it will go over? Will the party guests have a lot to feel blessed about or will some feel they were cursed this year?

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6. Logan Sisters Bring The Joy

Spoilers show Brooke, Katie and Donna will arrive in Eric’s kitchen just in time to save Christmas dinner. As always, Pam and Charlie will oversee cooking the holiday feast. But will the couple welcome the Logan sisters, who are notoriously terrible cooks, when they show up in the kitchen to lend a helping hand?

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5. Maya Brings The Misery

Already having brought bad holiday tidings with news that she and Rick have separated, Maya will continue to spread the holiday misery to others. Rumor has it, she will threaten Zoe when she finds out Zoe and Xander are back together. The last time Maya had seen her, Zoe was sneaking around backstage at the Hope For The Future fashion show, stealing the showrunner glory all for herself. Maya will tell Zoe she isn’t happy that she and her cousin Xander have reunited and that she will be watching her every move.

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4. More Christmas Misery

Speaking of Zoe, it looks like there won’t be much holiday joy between the model and her father Reese this Christmas. Rumor has it, Zoe will confront her father during the holidays, asking him what his intentions are towards Taylor. It’s been obvious since he arrived in LA that Zoe does not trust him and considers him to be a womanizer. But is Reese conning Taylor, or does he truly care for her?

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3. Holiday Getaway

Hope will surprise Liam by suggesting they take a trip together. There was recently a B&B casting call for an airport official, a hotel manager and a pilot, so it’s looking like Hope and Liam will fly together somewhere, right after Christmas. With Jim O’Heir and Monica Horan scheduled to return to B&B as Matt and Kieran on December 27 and 28, will Liam and Hope run into these two at the airport or during their flight? One thing’s for sure – O’Heir and Horan always bring a welcome dose of comic relief to the show when they appear. And considering all the stress Lope has been under lately, it could be one of the couple’s last opportunities to relax and enjoy each other’s company before their bundle of joy arrives.

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2. Ridge’s Resolution

Spoilers say Ridge will make a heartfelt resolution to Brooke for the new year. It’s rumored that he will tell her he will love and support her in all things. But it’s unlikely the Dressmaker will resolve to end his bitter hatred of Brooke’s ex-husband Bill and will continue to ask her to stay away from him, which could eventually lead to a Bridge collapse.

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1. True Meaning Of Christmas

With wife Quinn at his side, Eric will remind everyone of the true meaning of Christmas. As always, he will play the piano and sing Christmas carols with the whole family. This year, viewers can expect Pam to push Donna and Eric together every chance she gets during the festivities, which is bound to amuse Eric but will irritate Quinn.

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