Bold And The Beautiful 2020 Forecast: Plotline Predictions

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A brand-new decade will bring about the end of some relationships, new love triangles and some old familiar faces returning to The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, the new year will be ripe with stunning betrayals, bitter rivalries and romantic reunions. Plus, a cherished character will pass away. Read on for the B&B 2020 forecast: plotline predictions.

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12. Beloved Character Passes Away

Speculation teases a beloved character will meet his or her demise on B&B this year. Rumor has it, the character will be Sally. Spoilers indicate Sally will soon admit to Katie that she has an illness and many viewers are speculating it could be Parkinson’s Disease. Whatever it is, the illness is affecting her sketches and she will continue to worry that she’s going to be fired from Forrester. But as her health continues to deteriorate, she’ll have much worse things to worry about. Will Sally pass away this year?

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11. Fashion Showdown Winner

Speculation states that Steffy and Hope will take their rivalry to the runway during the Forrester fashion showdown. Hope is still angry about witnessing the kiss between Liam and Steffy and she’ll be more determined than ever to win. And with Sally suffering an illness, it’s becoming more difficult for her to sketch. Will Ridge take over as Steffy’s designer? Or, as other spoilers tease, will the fashion show be canceled altogether? But if the competition does take place, all signs point to the Hope For The Future fashion line coming out on top.

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10. Hope Falls For Thomas

Now that Hope has broken up with Liam, Thomas and Hope will continue to grow closer. He will be a great comfort to her, as she mourns the loss of her relationship. Plus, they’ll see each other often, as they’re raising Thomas’ son Douglas together. Hope was already feeling a little put out when Thomas began dating Zoe, which played right into Thomas’ hands. Now that she’s single again, will Hope begin to see Thomas in a whole new light? Will Thope become a reality?

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9. Fatal Attraction

As she watches Thomas and Hope get closer, Zoe will become a woman scorned. She’ll begin to realize Thomas was just using her to make Hope jealous. As their relationship begins to crumble, so will Zoe’s self-esteem and her sanity. Viewers will recall that when Zoe first arrived in LA, she was fixated on Xander and determined to break up him and his girlfriend Emma. In an ironic reversal of fortune for Thomas, will Zoe become obsessed with the Forrester designer?

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8. Steffy’s Guilt

Steffy will continue to feel guilty about her role in breaking up Hope and Liam. She followed her brother’s instructions to a tee, grabbing Liam and kissing him just as Hope was coming up the walkway to the beach house. But Steffy will have many moments in which she’ll want to come clean to Liam about what really happened. Will Thomas be able to convince her to keep quiet about it?

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7. Steam Reunites

Speaking of Steffy, rumors point to Liam and Steffy reuniting this year. Hope will become more disillusioned with Liam as the year rolls on and will begin to develop feelings for Thomas. Although Steffy chose herself and handed Liam over to Hope more than a year ago, she still has the Steam portrait hanging up in her living room. The pair also slept together last summer, after Thomas slipped an unknown substance into Liam’s drink. Speculation suggests Steffy still hasn’t given up on Liam and would jump at the chance to get back together with him.

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6. Wyatt And Flo Get Married

Another couple expected to reunite this year is Wyatt and Flo, shortly after he breaks off his engagement to Sally. Spoilers tease he will be quick to propose to his former high school sweetheart and Flo will heartily accept. She’s been in love with Wyatt for years and this will be a dream come true for her. Of course, Wyatt’s mother Quinn will be at their wedding. Quinn will be thrilled her son finally dumped Sally and is back together with Flo. Viewers can also expect to see his brother Liam and his father Bill in attendance at the lavish ceremony, which will take place at the Forrester estate.

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5. Queric In Trouble

Speculation indicates Eric and Quinn’s marriage will be in trouble this year. With Brooke and Quinn declaring war on each other, Eric will start to see his wife’s dark side reappear. Since Brooke has told Quinn she wants her gone from Eric’s life, Quinn will be determined to get rid of Brooke. And she’s not above playing dirty to get what she wants. Rumor has it she’ll even team up with Thomas to take Brooke down. Quinn’s actions will upset Eric and he’ll wonder if he should take Brooke’s advice and end his marriage.

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4. The Valley Versus Vegas

Spoilers tease Donna will stand with Brooke and will be more than willing to assist her in her battle with Quinn and Shauna. But will Donna have an ulterior motive? If Quinn and Eric were to break up, this would provide ample opportunity for Donna to reunite with her ex-husband. Katie will also become involved and will stand shoulder to shoulder with her sisters. And what battle would be complete without Dollar Bill involved? Certainly not this one, as speculation teases Bill will also play a role in championing the Logan sisters versus Quinn and Shauna.

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3. Rick, Maya And Carter Love Triangle

Rumor has it, Brooke and Eric’s son Rick’s return has been pushed back a few months. Executive Producer Bradley Bell had hinted Rick would return in the fall of 2019, but he will likely now return sometime in 2020. Rick will be hell-bent on getting Maya back but will be stunned when she tells him moved on with Carter while he was in Paris. Viewers will see an old love triangle reforming, as both Carter and Rick try to win Maya’s heart.

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2. Location, Location, Location

In past years, B&B has featured at least two fashion shows every year and usually one location shoot. Speculation indicates that with both Liam and Wyatt now working with their father Bill at Spencer Publications, it’s possible that another Spencer Summit could take place in the glamorous city of Monte Carlo in 2020. Or Bill and Katie could head to Aspen with their son Will for a well-deserved vacation or even their honeymoon. And there will be at least one fashion show this year, the showdown, which will take place early in the new year.

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1. Batie Wedding

Bill and Katie will finally re-tie the knot this year. They’ve been engaged since May 2019, but complications like Katie’s kidney transplant surgery have delayed them in getting to the altar. But now that Katie has recovered, rumor has it, the pair could say their I Do’s on Valentine’s Day. Katie and Bill have had many ups and downs over the last decade. Their first wedding took place in 2009 but they broke up a few years later, after Bill cheated on Katie several times with her sister Brooke. Will Batie’s second marriage be for keeps? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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