Vanderpump Rules’ 9 Biggest Feuds

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The cast of Vanderpump Rules is constantly feuding. It doesn’t matter if they are the best of friends one season because the next they could be mortal enemies. Some cast members are able to work it out and move beyond the pettiness; however, others are just not willing to let it go. We have the 9 biggest feuds to hit Vanderpump Rules – check it out!

9. Kristen and Lala

Kristen and Lala began feuding after Jax told her that her loathsome ex boyfriend James cheated on her with the aspiring model. Since then, these two have had difficulty being in a room together and it’s only going to get worst in season five. Their feud is probably one of the most pathetic since it began over a guy who was not worth fighting over.

Source: Hollywood Life

Source: Hollywood Life


8. Jax and Tom Sandoval

At the end of season two, it really seemed like Jax and Tom Sandoval’s friendship was really over. They had it out over the fact that Jax had slept with Tom’s girlfriend Kristen and, on-camera, Tom attacked his friend, leaving him with a bloody forehead. At the time, he was adamant that he and Jax would never be friends again but, by the time season three aired, it was clear that they had put it all behind them.

Source: Here's the Situation

Source: Here’s the Situation