Vanderpump Rules: 7 Forgotten Relationships

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For a show that really doesn’t have that many people on it, Vanderpump Rules has had a lot of relationships. These people are constantly hooking up and breaking up, so it has become increasingly hard to remember who dated who. We’ve collected 7 Vanderpump Rules’ couples who everyone forgot dated:

7. Peter and Stassi

Peter and Stassi dated before the reality show even began and before she got involved with Jax. In conversations with Jax during season one, Peter complained about Stassi and her constant nagging and said how he was happy to no longer have to deal with it. The relationship was really short-lived and it didn’t play a very important role in the show, which is why most people forget about it.

Peter Madrigal’s Instagram


6. Jax and Carmen

Jax and Carmen dated during season three of Vanderpump Rules. She was 23 and a law student and seemed way more together than her 30-something boyfriend, who was dating someone else at the same time that he was dating her. Even though Jax broke up with Carmen for Tiffany, he still tried to win his much younger ex back later in the season, but it didn’t work. After that, we never heard about her again.