We Weigh In: What’s Going On With Theo?

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Well, it really happened: Ciara and Theo have left Salem behind. Like many fans who are saddened or downright angry for Ciara and Ben, I’m also reserving some sadness for Theo. I mean, what happened to this character? There was a time when Theo had personality and depth, demonstrated in his commitment to family or his nefarious deeds for DiMera Enterprises. He has also held a unique space in daytime television as being one of the sole soap characters with autism. But since returning to the Days Of Our Lives canvas, all Theo seems to care about is manipulating Ciara — a full-blown, not-even-close-to-recovered amnesiac — into falling in love with him! There’s an uneasy pattern to Theo’s priorities that make his departure this week one that many Days fans couldn’t wait for. So, what’s going on with Theo?

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After being portrayed by Terrell Ransom, Jr. and Kyler Pettis as a child and teen, respectively, Theo Carver came into his own when his character, now played by Cameron Johnson, returned to Salem in late 2020. All throughout this time, Theo and Ciara have orbited each other as best friends, romantic interests, or something in-between — but it’s rarely felt like wholesome young love. 

Sure, it was a kind gesture when Theo set Ciara up with Wyatt, but the gift he simultaneously gave to Wyatt — basically, a Ciara cheat-sheet — was a betrayal to her. It turned out Theo wasn’t much of a cupid either, as Wyatt took advantage of Ciara’s kindnesses. Theo then turned on Wyatt and demanded that he break things off. Now despite the fact that Ciara left town in a fury over the ordeal, Theo somehow came out looking honorable — probably because he was standing next to Wyatt. But this latest chapter of the Theo and Ciara saga is proving to unravel what’s left of Theo’s good standing in the eyes of Days fans.

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Frankly, his Ciara obsession hits all of the wrong buttons: it’s dishonest, it’s manipulative, and it’s breaking the heart of the guy who really wants the best for her — Ben! From his possessiveness of Ciara when others are in her hospital room to the fact that he’s hitting on her while she’s in a hospital room, Theo has become a one-dimensional character with a single desire.

Or, is it the storyline that is one-dimensional? Let’s take a step back and see this situation from the bleachers. What do Ciara’s friends and family think about the argument that she’s ‘making the decision’, in spite of her traumatized state? Chad, in particular, has been awfully mute on this. And how are other characters missing the memo that Theo is taking advantage of Ciara’s amnesia? Abe has not only failed to challenge his son with the issue, he’s cheerleading on the sidelines as Theo guides an amnesia patient out of the country.

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There are so many unaddressed questions in this storyline for Cin fans to rage over — and maybe that’s the point. Perhaps Theo’s uncaring, villainous turn — as sudden and weird as it’s been — will lean into a much more robust storyline in the near future. According to Soap Opera Network, it’s already been announced by Days head writer Ron Carlivati that actress Victoria Konefal, who portrays Ciara, is set to reprise her role this summer. Better yet, following some discussion about Konefal’s contract status with the NBC soap, Carlivati dropped what could be a major spoiler:

“We are working with Victoria to keep the story going and keep Ben and Ciara’s love story alive.”

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Even if they’ve thrown Theo’s character under the bus to provide a highly satisfying second act later on this summer, one wonders if Mr. Carver can fully come back from this story. If Ciara gains access to her memories and runs back to Ben, will Theo’s heartbreak shape his character into a tried-and-true DiMera?

A lot can happen between now and this summer. After all, Ciara and Theo wouldn’t be the first soaps couple in which a spat of amnesia resulted in true, lasting romance. Also, let’s not pretend that Ben is some kind of saint. But one thing is for sure: Days fans are sick of Theo. 

Should Theo Carver get another chance in Salem?

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