Farrah Abraham’s Controversial Posts About National Tragedies

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

Farrah Abraham has landed herself in hot water again for a controversial Instagram post.

On Sunday, the Teen Mom star wrote an Instagram post in response to the tragic police shootings in Dallas, Texas. “#Happy Sunday & all of our love & prayers go out to the families that were effected by the police, guns, protestors, riots, and all the hurt, confusion & lack of control.”

She continued, “History I hope can stop repeating it’s self as we all strive to make a positive change for our futures. #rip #free #sunday.”

But it wasn’t the caption that sparked outrage so much as it was the image accompanying it. Farrah attached a photo of her daughter Sophia wearing a floral crown, with a serious expression on her face. The image shares similarities to photographs of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

A quote by civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.aligns with the picture: “Our Lives BEGIN to END The day we become SILENT about things That MATTER.”

Instagram users were quick to jump on Farrah for her use of the picture, and argued that she was using a national tragedy in order to promote her daughter’s modeling portfolio. “ROFL what the hell do [sic] your daughter have to do with this?!?! This b-tch!” one user wrote on the post. Another angry user wrote, “F— you Farrah! Put a pic of your white daughter beside a quote from MLK. F— you!”

Farrah has already made several headlines this summer in relation to her daughter’s modeling pictures. In June, she shared a photo of Sophia, 7, wearing heavy makeup and a bikini. Many people felt she was exploiting her daughter for profit and making her grow up too fast.


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