Young And The Restless: 16 Crazy And Shocking Spoilers For Spring/Summer 2018

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It’s an exciting start of the year already on The Young and the Restless and viewers are starting to ponder what is next for the folks of Genoa City! Who’s coming? Who’s going?  Who’s getting married? Who will be killed off? Who will have babies and, of course, who will each baby daddy be? Let’s take a look at what may be!

16. Pregnancy Drama

Fans know that Hillary has been wanting a baby for some time now and even chose a sperm bank donor and in vitro fertilization. It’s not known if she’s actually pregnant yet. She’s had the mood swings for sure! But the rumor mill says that it’s not Hillary who is pregnant at all. It’s Mariah! If Mariah is, in fact, pregnant, it must be Devon’s baby since he’s the only guy she’s been with, so far as fans know. Interestingly enough, Mariah was absent from the family dinner hosted by her half-brother, Noah. Sharon said she had a bug and hadn’t been feeling well for a few days… morning sickness maybe? What does this mean for Mariah and Devon? Could it rekindle their romance or will they simply co-parent this new child? And, what will it mean for Hillary who would love to have Devon’s child?

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15. Who Is Christian Newman’s Real Daddy?

When Christian was first born, he was stolen from his Mama Sage’s life and given to Sharon as her baby. He knew Dylan as his father. After the whole baby switch came to life, he was returned to Nick after Sage’s death. Nick has been raising him as his own, but Victor and Chelsea somehow know that Adam is the real baby daddy! They’re working together to keep that a secret from Nick, and everyone else for that matter. Rumor has it that he IS, in fact, Nick’s son! Not Adam’s. How this is all going to play out is a mystery, but it will certainly have something to do with Chelsea leaving and Adam returning.