Rare Photos Of Kim Kardashian You Haven’t Seen


When Kim Kardashian was first trying to launch her career, she was responsible for choosing her red carpet looks and doing her own makeup. As a result, she looks really different from the Kim we’re used to seeing now. Check out these rare pictures from back before she was really famous:

14. William Rast Spring 2007 Street Sexy Fashion Show

At the William Rast Spring 2007 Street Sexy Fashion Show, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star looked really different, mostly because of her makeup and her tan. She still enjoys a spray tan these days, but she’s now way more of an expert – and she has professional makeup people there to help make sure her makeup looks flawless.


13. Premiere of Entourage, 2006

Kardashian appeared at the Los Angeles premiere for Entourage in 2006 with her friend at the time, Paris Hilton. She wore this white wrap dress with a pair of espadrille wedge sandals. It was a nice look for the soon to be superstar.

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12. Armani Exchange and Details Magazine’s Insider Party, 2007

Kardashian attended the Armani Exchange and Details Magazine’s Insider Party in 2007. She rocked a black skirt and a white and black top with a red bra peeking out. Whoever took this picture clearly caught Kim at an awkward moment, hence the uncomfortable expression on her face.

11. E! Entertainment Summer TV’s Splash Event, 2005

The socialite showed up on the red carpet for E! Entertainment Summer TV’s Splash Event in 2005 with her sister Kourtney, her stepdad Bruce and her mom Kris. Kim and Kourtney both wore white and, boy, do they ever look young in this picture! This feels like a lifetime go!

©Jill Johnson/jpistudios.com

10. PlayStation 3 Launch Party, 2008

In 2008, Kim’s career was clearly on the rise. Her family’s reality TV show was becoming more and more popular and she was getting invited to more and more events. Here she is at the PlayStation 3 Launch Party in a raspberry-colored dress and a pair of nude pumps. She definitely has much flashier red carpet outfits now!

9. Celebrity Catwalk for Charity, 2007

In 2007, the curvy brunette’s star was on the rise. Not only was she attending events, but she also got to walk in some fashion shows! Here she is on the Celebrity Catwalk for Charity, walking the runway with Aubrey O’Day. She looks like she’s having a really good time!

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8. Nefarious Fine Jewelry Spring 2007 Collection and Holiday Party, 2006

The soon to be reality star went for a rather sleek look on the red carpet for the Nefarious Fine Jewelry Spring 2007 Collection and Holiday Party in 2006. She wore this tight nude top with a black figure-hugging skirt and a little belt across her waist. She looks so young and fresh-faced here! She is practically glowing!

7. Rock and Republic Spring Fashion Show, 2006

Kardashian certainly loved to match back in the day! Here she is at the Rock and Republic Spring Fashion Show in 2006 being all matchy-matchy with her grey and white shirt and a pair of jeans with a pair of white boots, a white belt and a white bag.

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6. MTV Launch Party, 2006

Kardashian attended the MTV Launch Party for the series TwentyFourSeven with her friend Brittny Gastineau. While it’s hard to find a bad picture of Kim because she is so naturally pretty, this particular picture isn’t good. The lighting is really poor and it makes her skin look orangey.

5. Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, 2006

Back when Kim was BFFs with Paris Hilton, she joined the socialite in Munich, Germany, for Oktoberfest. The two of them got decked out in Oktoberfest dresses and then waded through an ocean of photographers. In the mid-2000s, that’s what happened when you hung out with Hilton, you got photographed!

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4. Volkswagen Concept Tiguan US Launch Party, 2006

Before her family had launched their multi-million-dollar careers with their reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim was busy working the event circuit. Here she is at the Volkswagen Concept Tiguan US Launch Party in 2005, rocking a white pair of boots with some faux fur.

3. The Intermix Boutique Opening, 2007

The budding reality TV star appeared at the opening for the Intermix Boutique alongside her friend Brittny Gastineau and her brother, Rob Kardashian. You’ll never see Kim dressed like this anymore! She looks like she’s dressed for the ‘70s with these wide-legged pants and a crop top!

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2. House of Hype Grammy Weekend, 2007

This picture of Kim is from the event, House of Hype, which was on Grammy weekend 2007. Kim certainly knows how to rock a red carpet now but, back then, she didn’t seem as sure of herself. Somehow the photographer managed to get an almost unflattering picture of the reality TV starlet.

1. Christian Audigier Fall 2007 Fashion Show

In 2007, Kardashian walked the Christian Audigier fall 2007 show during L.A. Fashion Week. She was walking the runway long before her younger sister, Kendall Jenner! At the beginning of her career, Kardashian looked a bit like Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin and her posing like this just reinforces that!

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