Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ 8 Most Ridiculous Storylines


Keeping Up With the Kardashians has ridiculous antics on nearly every episode. Every reality show has strange events that either make you laugh or make you cringe, and the Karashians seem to have quite a talent for conjuring up absurd plots for the show. Their lives are far from normal, with extreme wealth and fame, jobs in the entertainment industry, and a family that’s much larger and more complicated than most. On top of that, they have a strange sense of humor, constantly playing pranks on each other. This all makes for some entertaining television. Now we know there’s are far too many absurd moments on the series to choose from, but here is a selection of some of the more ridiculous ones.

8. Scott Becomes a Lord

When some of the Kardashian crew visit London in season 7, Scott is enthralled by how much people respect royalty, and being an over the top spoiled celebrity, he wants to get that kind of respect. He learns about his options and discovers that he can become a Lord quite easily, so of course, he does it. He starts shopping for accessories to match his new title. Since the episode aired he’s never lets his fascination with being a ‘Lord’ go and continues to go by Lord Disick. His Instagram account is even titled “Let the lord be with you” and his wardrobe supports a variety of items with “LD” stitched on.


7. Kris Takes The Family Casket Shopping

After finding out that there is no room for her in her parents’ burial plot, Kris Jenner starts planning her funeral. She gets her kids to go pick out a luxury burial site, plan the construction of a mausoleum (possibly surrounded by a moat), and even picks out a casket and asks about customizing it with mother of pearl, making it resemble a baby grand piano. When she gets inside the coffin and plays dead, that’s the final straw for her creeped out children. They tell her not to involve them anymore, and that they have already lost one parent, and don’t want to have to think about losing another one. Maybe Kris should have thought about that before getting in that casket.


6. They All Live Under One Roof

The Kardashian siblings and their partners/children/spouses often live together when they go away for the summer. Kris Humphries even moved into a shared apartment with Kourtney, Scott, and their child, Mason. Rob lived with Khloe and Lamar more than once, for extended periods. Kim, Kanye, and their baby, North, lived in the Kardashian household for more than a year while waiting for their new home to be built. At that time, Kendall and Kylie also still lived in the house. Khloe moves in with Rob after her failed marriage with Lamar. Can these millionaires not afford their own houses? Why do they keep living under a shared roof with their family? It seems that Kendall and Kylie are the only ones who want to get out of the family home. They both bought homes before the age of 20 and couldn’t seem to get out of that house fast enough.


5. Kris Gets a Facelift for Kim’s Wedding

When Kim gets engaged to Kris Humphries, Kris Jenner decides that she needs plastic surgery in order to look her best for the wedding photos. She finds out that the engagement is too short for her to have everything done that she would like to, so she opts for a quick facelift before the big day.

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4. Scott Wants a Helicopter Pad in His Backyard

Scott Disick lives a pretty extravagant life. He loves expensive cars, clothing, and participating in wild activities. This is obvious throughout the series, but when he decides he wants to have his own helicopter and a landing pad in his backyard, it has just become ridiculous. Kourtney doesn’t want it in her backyard, but says that it’s his decision. He decides to go through with the whole process, researching the zoning rules, shopping for helicopters, and getting Bruce Jenner to agree to be his personal pilot. Thankfully, he eventually realizes that the landing pad would take over his whole backyard, nearly displacing his pool. Not to mention a very dangerous addition with little kids running around, thankfully he decided against it.


3. Kim X-Rays Her Butt to Prove That She Hasn’t Gotten Implants

In season 6, Khloe and Kourtney convince Kim that the best way to prove to everyone she hasn’t had butt implants is to get her butt x-rayed. She goes ahead with the process, telling her doctor why she wants the x-rays done and asks him if it would be good proof. He says that implants would be visible in an x-ray, and they then decide to x-ray Kourtney’s fake breasts, for comparison’s sake. The x-ray shows that her butt is implant-free. Kim later poses for photos with her x-rays and posts them online for the world to see.


2. Kim’s Marriage to Kris

Kim marries Kris Humphries at the end of season six after knowing him for less than a year. Their relationship was long distance, with short visits here and there. After the wedding, they move in together with Kourtney, Scott, and Mason in New York for the summer (because somehow they can’t afford their own place…) and it’s a complete disaster from the beginning. Despite being married, it’s the first time the couple is spending more than a weekend or a short vacation together, and it seems that they hate almost every minute of it. Finally, after only 72 days of marriage, Kim files for a highly publicized divorce because of irreconcilable differences. Kris refuses to go along with it and sign the papers, ultimately leading to a lengthy divorce process that lasts nearly two more years. Finally, in April of 2013, not long before Kim gives birth to her child with Kanye, her divorce is finally official.

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1. Kourtney and Scott’s Entire Relationship

When Kourtney and Scott break up for the first time, many viewers hoped that it would be the last time they would see of him. When they sleep together post-breakup and Kourtney gets pregnant, all hopes of him disappearing for good are dashed. Kourtney is unsure of whether she wants Scott in her life for the many years that they are together after that. They live together without sharing a bed, argue constantly, dissolve any existing trust in the relationship, and they frequently teeter on the edge of breaking up for good. But, they stay together and they keep having children (although Scott doesn’t seem to want more children). When they’re not arguing, it seems that she is annoyed with him or just wants to ignore him. And yet, they stay together for years and years.

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