10 Possible Names For Kim And Kanye’s New Baby

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It’s a boy! The little bundle of joy hasn’t made an appearance in the world yet, but Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have announced that they are expecting their second child in December and, this time around, it’s a son for the famous pair. With that news, speculation has started about what big sister North (or “Nori” as the family nick-named her) will be calling her little brother and with a name like North, the options for baby number two are endless. Here are 10 possible names for Kim and Kanye’s new baby.

10. North by ??? West

Kim and Kanye took direction from his last name when they picked North for their little girl. If they do the same for their new arrival, which way will they go? Perhaps South West or East West or even West West.

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9. Remembering Robert

Kim Kardashian’s father Robert passed away in 2003 after a battle with cancer. A loving tribute to a relative no longer around is naming a new baby in their honor. If Kim and Kanye decide to go with a family name, Robert West could be the new arrival.

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8. Keeping Up With Kris

The Kardashian’s are known for their fun and playful attitude towards naming their children and it wouldn’t be surprising if they were willing to name their new little one after Kim’s mom. Kris works well for both genders and Kris West could be an adorable addition to the famous family.

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7. Rightfully Ray

Kanye’s dad is a former Black Panther, as well as one of the first black photojournalists at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, so it’s fair to say he’s where Kanye got some of his boldness and skills. In honor of that, naming the new baby after Kanye’s father Ray would be another fitting choice.

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6. Hey Mama

Kanye’s mother passed away in 2007 in a loss that devastated the renowned performer. In loving memory, Kim and Kanye could choose a variation on his mother’s name Donda. Dondye would be a nice combination of Donda and Kanye’s name and would keep them close for another generation.

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5. Honoring Kanye

Kanye has never been shy about his (admiring) opinions of himself, so it would suit him to name his new little one after himself in some way or another. His middle name might be an option resulting in a little Omari West in the family.

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4. Classic Kim

If Omari is off the table, they could go with Kim’s middle name instead. Kim’s full name is Kimberly Noel Kardashian West. Noel West would make a sweet little sibling for Nori.

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3. Little Yeezus

If Kim and Kanye want to pay tribute, they could also choose the second-time dad’s remarkable career for inspiration. With fierceness and attitude, little Yeezus West would be just as adorable as anyone could imagine.

2. All Hail The King

Michael Jackson named two of his little ones prince in a bold royal-tastic move. Kanye, however, wouldn’t settle for second in line. A new baby King West could soon be sitting on his own little throne.

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1. Keeping It Kanye

Is one Kanye West really enough? They could keep the legacy going right into a second generation if they opted for Kanye Jr. Two Kanyes are certainly better than one!

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