10 Kardashian Selfie Tips You Should Never, Ever Use

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Few celebrities take selfies the way the Kardashians do. It’s like they were born for it. They might known for being famous for being famous, but we might have to correct that to include that they are also famous for all of the selfies they take and how they have totally changed the way most people do selfies. This isn’t a good thing. Anyone who has the time to post a dozen selfies a day obviously needs more hobbies or possibly a more challenging job. For those of you who think the Kardashians take good selfies, here are 9 things that they do that you should avoid at all costs.

Posting Several Variations of the Same Selfie in a Day

When Kylie posts a picture of herself with blue hair, we get like 10 different shots of it for one night out. When Kim posts selfies with Mason on Instagram, she makes sure to give us eight different shots, each one less interesting than the last. How do they not know that one of these shots is more than enough?

The Butt Shot AKA The Belfie

The belfie is just a full booty selfie and it is just as classy as the cleavage shot. The Kardashians all love the belfie. They seem to consider it one of the best ways to show off one of their greatest assets – their butts.

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Posting Different Angles of the Same Picture

The Kardashians must have someone who takes pictures of them as they are out and about. It’s the only thing that would explain how they have so many pictures of themselves from various angles, which were all taken during the same day. These shots reek of vanity.

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The Cleavage Shot

The Kardashians all love a good cleavage shot. While there are some people out there (besides the Kardashians) who think the cleavage shot is sexy, they are totally misinformed. It actually looks quite desperate.

The No Smiling, Scared of Wrinkles Shot

Kim Kardashian used to be all about smiling, but not anymore. In many of her selfies, she is loath to show off her pearly whites for fear of wrinkles. Instead gives her followers a blank stare. When will she learn that there are worse things in life than laugh lines? If she’s going to go out of her way to take a picture of herself, she may as well smile!

Using Your Own Phone to Take Your Picture in the Mirror

The mirror selfie requires absolutely no shame and is for people who want constant validation like the Kardashians. If you want to avoid looking vain and desperate, avoid the mirror selfie.

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Posing in Your Waist Trainer

There are no mysteries when it comes to the Kardashians. They will take pictures of themselves in various stages of undress and in their waist trainers. If you’re wondering how they get their tiny waists, just take a look at their Instagram accounts and look for the pictures of them wearing their waist trainers.

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Ridiculous Captions

Someone needs to give Kylie an English lesson. Her Instagram post that showed her controversial cornrows had this ridiculous caption: “I woke up like disss.” “Diss” isn’t even a word, Kylie. Geesh.

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The Duckface

The Kardashians are all about the duckface and the duckface is anything but sexy. With all of the collagen that they have in their lips, they don’t actually need to do the duckface – their lips are already super pouty.


The Ab Shot

The Kardashians love taking ab shots, especially after a good workout. Again, it’s not sexy, but kind of desperate. People like a bit of mystery and you just don’t get that with the Kardashians.

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