Kim Kardashian’s 10 Worst Maternity Outfits

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As we all know, Kim Kardashian hates being pregnant. Her first pregnancy was really difficult. She was in a lot of pain, gained a bunch of weight and was picked on a lot by the media. Now that she’s onto pregnancy number two, she doesn’t seem that much happier and she’s still making a bunch of questionable decisions when it comes to her sense of style. When she’s not pregnant, Kim isn’t exactly a fashionista, but when she’s pregnant, she makes epic mistakes. Here are her 10 worst maternity outfits so far!

CFDA Fashion Awards – June 2015

Kim Kardashian wore this sheer, embroidered Proenza Schouler dress to the CFDA Fashion Awards. Nothing about this outfit is flattering. In fact, it almost looks like the dress has shoulder pads.

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Out and About in New York City – June 2015 

The reality TV star wore this sheer green dress, which showed all – including her spanx. On the plus side, she ended up taking off her coat. We don’t know how she doesn’t sweat to death wearing a coat in the summer heat!

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Mail Online Yatch Party, Cannes Lions Festival – June 2015

At the Mail Online’s Yatch party, Kim Kardashian wore a sheer black lace-style dress, which showed off her black high waisted granny panties and matching bra. It was a pretty bold move. Most women want to cover up when they are pregnant, but not Kim!

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At Heathrow Airport – June 2015 

While traveling, the reality TV star pulled out this tight, pink onsie and made sure to drape a loose fitting blush-colored coat on top. We really don’t get the big baggy coats. It’s summer – why not dress for it?

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Out and About in Los Angeles – July 2015

Kim Kardashian looked all kinds of uncomfortable wearing this tight grey dress with a big beige coat draped over her shoulders. We don’t get why she even bothers to wear such a tight dress if most of it is going to be covered by a coat.

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Out and About in Beverly Hills – August 2015 

Kim Kardashian almost looks comfortable in this black dress, which features a sheer top. Unfortunately, like most of her other outfits, this dress is far from perfect. She needs to stop wearing things that are sheer and start ditching the coats. It’s summer in Los Angeles. How is she not swearing profusely? Also, the necklace is awful. It doesn’t go with the dress at all.

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MTV Video Music Awards – August 2015 

This Balmain Resort 2016 dress is so unflattering. It makes Kim look even bigger than she actually is and the color does her no favors. Also, what’s with the pockets? They look really weird.

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Leaving Home in New York – September 2015 

Kim Kardashian decked herself out in what looks like black velvet. The sheer top, which shows her black bra, is definitely a perplexing choice, as is the black velvet coat. She looks like she’s going to a funeral where she plans to play sexy stranger with some random.

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Out and About in New York with North – September 2015 

It is still summer and the reality star is wearing a turtleneck dress! As if that wasn’t bad enough, the color is all wrong. It’s like orange meets mustard. On top of that, she doesn’t even look comfortable.

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Out and About in New York with Kanye West – September 2015 

This outfit is less offensive than some of her other ones, but it’s still a fashion faux pas. She needs to ditch the thigh high open toed boots and stop wearing dresses with huge slits.

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