Pretty Little Liars’ 10 Biggest Plot Holes

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Pretty Little Liars is returning for the second half of its final season and we couldn’t be more excited! The series first premiered back in 2010 and is now onto its seventh season! Based on the popular book series by the same name, the teen drama, mystery-thriller has been full of many unexpected and sometimes bizarre twists and turns which help to keep us hooked, but sometimes make things a little confusing. More often than not the plot twists on this show leave us scratching our heads. There are a lot of things that just don’t add up. It would be impossible to name them all, but here are 10 of the biggest Pretty Little Liars‘ plot holes!

10. Why Was Jessica So Mad About Alison and CeCe’s Prank?

In a flashback scene Jessica DiLaurentis comes storming in the house to yell at Alison for a prank she and her friend CeCe Drake pulled. Apparently Jessica got a call that her daughter had been checked into Radley and wanted to stay there now because she was a danger to herself. But we later find out that Jessica had been secretly visiting Charlotte in Radley the whole time and even knew that Charlotte was using the alias of CeCe Drake to hang out with Alison. So why was Jessica so upset to receive a call about a daughter in Radley when she already knew that CeCe (aka Charlotte) was a patient there? And how did CeCe Drake check herself in as a patient when she was already a patient there?

9. CeCe Drake was Prom Queen in the Yearbook

Charlotte DiLaurentis is granted permission to attend university while she’s still a patient at Radley. One day she called in a bomb threat to cancel classes and went to Rosewood High School. It was yearbook picture day when she visited and ended up getting her picture taken. Somehow they didn’t realize she wasn’t a student even though she would have given her name. At another point in the show, CeCe’s picture not only made it into the yearbook, but she’s  also listed as the Prom Queen! How could this happen if she was never a student at Rosewood High School in the first place?

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8. Why Did CeCe Drake Need a Visitor Pass at Radley?

There are a lot of plot holes when it comes to Radley, especially when it comes to patients coming and going and even escaping only to come back and sign in as a visitor! CeCe Drake was a patient at Radley, but she somehow managed to also disguise herself as Allison and sign up as a visitor to see Mona. We find it hard to believe that none of the workers noticed one of their patients was dressed up as someone else!

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7. Why Did CeCe Drake Have a Roommate?

As the story goes on the show, CeCe Drake attended the University of Pennsylvania while she was a patient at Radley. However, before we learn that CeCe is a patient at Radley, the Liars talk to CeCe’s roommate who tells them that Alison got CeCe kicked out, but how did she have a roommate if she was still technically living at Radley during that time? She was only given in and out privileges to take classes, but that wouldn’t have allowed her to also sign up to live on campus and be assigned a roommate.


6. Why Was Bethany Wearing the Same Clothes as Alison?

The whole story around how Alison and Bethany both were hit in the head and mistaken for each other doesn’t make any sense. If Mona killed Bethany thinking she was Alison, and Melissa buried her thinking she was protecting Spencer from killing Alison but in reality it was Bethany the whole time, then how did Alison’s bracelet end up on Bethany’s wrist? And how did no one realize that the body wasn’t Alison’s? And it seems pretty coincidental that both girls were dressed in the same outfit. To make things even more jumbled, Mona admits to helping Alison later on in the night, but why would she help her if she thought she had just killed her? Wouldn’t Mona have assumed she was a ghost or began to question who she hit on the head with a shovel if Alison was walking around Rosewood?

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5. Where Did CeCe Get her Money?

One of the biggest plot holes is how CeCe Drake, a woman who’s never held a job and has been locked away in Radley her whole life, pulled off all these elaborate pranks? In order to do all of this, she would have needed funds. The show explains this plot hole by saying she invested all of her money and “never made a bad investment.” How would she have learned how to play the stock market like that and how would she have gotten access to any money in the first place? There must have been a better way to explain that plot hole because having a teenage girl know how to smartly invest money isn’t all that believable.

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4. Why was Sara Harvey Helping CeCe?

Sara Harvey isn’t introduced on Pretty Little Liars until season 6, but apparently she’s been helping CeCe Drake all along. We still don’t know the story behind Harvey, like why she ran away from home in the first place and how did she meet CeCe Drake? What was she up to while CeCe was locked up in Radley and, most importantly, why is she so invested in bringing down Alison’s friends?


3. How Does CeCe Pull Off Elaborate Threats?

More than a few of  A’s threats seemed a little too elaborate for a girl who’s been locked away in a mental institution her whole life. Remember when she hid a note in Hannah’s tooth? How would she have learned how to do something like that? There’s also the time when she inserted a microscopic chip in the back of all the girls’ necks, but somehow left no scar. How would she have been able to safely do this? Where does all this medical knowledge come from? Sorry PLL, these are way too far fetched to believe.

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2. Marion’s Death

Bethany Young killed Toby’s mother, Marion Cavanaugh, when Bethany and CeCe were children, but in season 4 we find out through a flashback that Marion was still alive when Toby and Allison were teenagers, and they are supposed to be several years younger than CeCe! Also, Jessica paid Wilden to cover up the murder so it looked like a suicide, but we’re pretty sure Wilden wouldn’t have been old enough to have been a cop at this time. That would have been over a decade prior.

1. Mona Helped CeCe Escape Radley

Charlotte started visiting Mona in Radley and Mona was so strung up on drugs, she thought Charlotte was Alison. In a hazy state, Mona began to divulge information about Alison’s friends and told Charlotte they pretended to be Alison’s friends, but were really happy she was gone. When the doctors weaned Mona off her drugs, Charlotte had to stop visiting her, but before she did that she told Mona if she helped her escape Radley, she would play the ‘A’ game with her. When she got out she immediately started a friendship with the Liars and told them her name was CeCe Drake, how is it that later on in the series Mona doesn’t know who ‘A’ is? She was lucid enough to help Charlotte escape, but she somehow couldn’t remember anything that happened?

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