Pretty Little Liars: 15 Forgotten Couples


The popular teen drama and mystery-thriller Pretty Little Liars first aired back in 2010 on ABC and has gained a huge fan following throughout it’s time on air. Looking back over the past seven seasons, it would be an understatement to say a lot has happened as we’ve seen so many characters come and go, as well as a whole lot of twists and turns in the plot! Among all the suspense and drama, there was also a lot of romance. Here’s a look back at 15 Pretty Little Liars couples you totally forgot ever happened!

15. Aria Montgomery and Riley

The romance between Aria and Riley was totally fleeting. Nobody thought these two were going to be the real deal by any means, not even Aria herself. Riley was more of a distraction for her. She met the party boy while visiting her dad in Syracuse for a college tour. The two got drunk together and hooked up. He definitely had the whole “bad boy” thing going as the two then blew off their college tour and spent the rest of the weekend hanging out. Aria and Riley eventually parted ways when the weekend was over and she told him to look her up if he’s ever in Rosewood.


14. Mona Vanderwaal and Noel Kahn

When Mona Vanderwaal and Noel Kahn got together it was kind of scary! These two were among the biggest villains on the show and it still isn’t clear whether they were actually into each other or just taunting the girls with their relationship. The two were spotted as a couple for the first time in season two when they went on a date at the Apple Rose Grille, but it’s unclear when exactly they started dating. They dated for a few episodes, but eventually broke up for unknown reasons. Mona seemed upset about it, especially when he quickly moved on with Jenna Marshall.


13. Aria Montgomery and Jason DiLaurentis

Although these two never actually dated, there was definitely something between them. Aria first showed feelings for Jason in season two when she started having dreams about Jason. It soon became clear she was attracted to him as the two started flirting every time they ran into each other. They even shared a kiss at one point before Aria finally admitted to him that she was dating Ezra. After that, things fizzled out quickly, especially when she found out that Jason had a shed full of creepy pictures of her! He did have an explanation, but things changed after that. It was clear Jason was definitely interested and if Ezra wasn’t in the picture these two would have been an item. It was later implied during the five year time jump that these two engaged in a brief fling.


12. Spencer Hastings and Dean Stavros

Dean Stavros is introduced as Spencer’s counselor in season four. He was hired by her parents to make sure Spencer wasn’t taking prescription drugs after her stint at Radley. He tried to work with her by coaching her through her sobriety, but the two end up developing what looked like feelings for each other. Spencer began hallucinating and one night when Dean came over to drop off a book for her to read, and the two fall asleep on the couch together. It’s never implied that the two were intimate with each other, but when Spencer’s mom walks in it doesn’t look good. Dean is fired on the spot and we don’t see him again until a brief appearance in season six.


11. Jenna Marshall and Shana Fring

Jenna Marshall and Shana Fring were always shown to have a close friendship and it was implied these two were friends long before Shana came to town. Their romantic relationship wasn’t introduced until season three when the two were seen acting extremely close. It’s also discovered that Shana had a crush on Jenna for quite some time, but we didn’t know how much of those feelings Jenna reciprocated. The girls discover that Shana had been in contact with Alison and when they went to New York to find Alison, Shana showed up armed with a gun. She walked on stage and admitted to harassing the girls to get back at them for being mean to Jenna, the woman she’s in love with. Aria managed to sneak up and disarm her, but in the process Shana fell to her death.

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10. Emily Fields and Talia Sandoval

When Emily started crushing on Talia, the new caterer at Ezra’s coffee shop it was kind of weird. Their romance was extremely fleeting, especially since Emily soon found out that Talia was actually married! It was never pointed out, but we can also assume that Talia was much older than Emily which made their romance even more doomed. Things fizzled out pretty quickly between these two and then she kind of just disappeared from the show.

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9. Hanna Marin and Travis Hobbs

Hanna and Travis sparked up a relationship in season four after Caleb bailed on his relationship with Hanna. The two bonded over the fact that he had proof her mother didn’t kill Detective Wilden…totally normal. Even though these two were really cute together and Travis seemed like a pretty good catch, they broke up after a short period of time. Mainly because it was clear Hanna was still distraught over her relationship with Caleb.

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8. Jason DiLaurentis and Ashley Marin

It was kind of weird when Jason and Ashley hooked up, not only because Jason had crushed on her daughter’s best friend at one point, but also because Ashley Marin was in a relationship with Pastor Ted at the time! It was pretty clear from the get-go that this was just a hook-up and nothing more. Their relationship started when Ashley began working for Jason and the two became close. Thankfully, their relationship didn’t last long. Ashley eventually broke it off after Ted proposed to her and eventually she came clean to Ted about her infidelity.

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7. Aria Montgomery and Noel Kahn

Before Aria met Ezra, she and Noel Kahn had a bit of a fling. Aria used to have a crush on Noel, so when she got back from Iceland in season one, Noel asked her out. Aria complied because she needed to get over Ezra after they both found out he would be her English teacher. They had a few moments, but no matter how hard Aria tried to distract herself with Noel, she ended up back with Ezra. To make things more awkward, Noel caught them kissing which pretty much broke up any chance of Aria and Noel getting together for real. He was pretty bitter about being turned down and went on to blackmail Ezra for better grades.


6. Alison DiLaurentis and Detective Gabriel Holbrook

Sometimes it seems like Alison sparked up a relationship with pretty much every man who crossed her path! Detective Gabriel Holbrook is introduced in season four when he shows up in Rosewood to investigate the murder of Detective Wilden. Through his investigation he gets to know the girls, particularly Hanna who is extremely intent on keeping her mother out of the investigation. Once she knows her mother is no longer a suspect, she runs into Holbrook at The Brew and kisses him. The next season, when Alison shows up alive, he develops an interest in her and the two engage in a brief relationship. Unfortunately, he turns out to be a total creep as he continues to hit on both Hanna and Alison at the same time.


5. Jason DiLaurentis and Charlotte DiLaurentis

When this fling happened, no one knew that Charlotte would end up being Jason’s cousin — super weird! Jason fell for Charlotte and it seemed like Charlotte was into him, but now that we look back we suppose she was simply looking to spark up any kind of relationship with her brother/cousin. This was one of many plot twists in the show that might have taken it a bit too far. When Jason and Charlotte first met, she told him her name was CeCe Drake, so he wouldn’t make the connection that they were related. They ended up dating for a brief period of time, but we’ve been assured these two kept their relationship ‘PG.’

4. Spencer Hastings and Alex Santiago

These two made the cutest couple! Spencer met Alex in season one at the Rosewood Country Club as the two engaged in the classic “lovers from two different worlds” storyline. Spencer’s family were club members while Alex Santiago worked there to pay the bills. Regardless, Spencer really did care about him! She brought him to a school dance, but was forced to prematurely break-up with him after ‘A’ threatened to send an application for a tennis clinic in Sweden on Alex’s behalf.


3. Hanna Marin and Wren Kingston

Hanna and Wren never dated, but they shared a pretty steamy kiss! In season three, Hanna ran into Wren while visiting Mona at Radley. The two formed this kind of secret bond, as he became the only one who knew she was visiting Mona and she asked him not to tell anyone. He helped her stop Mona from being switched to a mental institution in New York, and when it worked, she kissed him in the heat of the moment. She assured him that it was a one time thing and a “mistake” because of her friendship with Spencer (another one of Wren’s flings).


2. Emily Fields and Ben Coogan

This relationship dates back really far! Ben and Emily had a thing before she fully realized she was gay. In season one, Ben was pretty smitten with Emily, but when things moved forward between them, Emily recoiled. During this time she started to realize she was having feelings for her neighbor Maya and it didn’t take long for Ben show his true colors. He tried to force himself on Emily in the school change rooms, but thankfully Emily managed to get away. He was only in three episodes of the first season and then his character was never seen again.

Source: Pretty Little Liars Wikia

1. Alison DiLaurentis and Ezra Fitz

When viewers found out that Ezra Fitz actually knew Alison DiLaurentis before he met Aria it was a major plot twist. Apparently the two met in a pub near Hollis when Alison was hanging out with Charlotte the summer before she disappeared. They engaged in some mild flirtation, but when Ezra found out she lied about her age and was actually a high school student, he broke things off. Their relationship ended up being nothing and the two never actually hooked up, aside from some flirtation, but their secret relationship definitely threw all the girls through a loop and even painted him as a potential suspect for a short period of time.

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