Friends’ 8 Most Romantic Moments

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Friends may have had fans laughing more often than not, but among the jokes and silly storylines there were plenty of moments that had audiences swooning. From first dates and first kisses to wedding days and happily-ever-afters, Friends knew how to make fans fall in love along with the characters on the show. Here are 8 of the most romantic moments on Friends.

8. Ross and Rachel’s First Date (Season 2, Episode 15)

Ross and Rachel had the necessary rom-com rocky road to reaching relationship-status and that included their attempts at a first date. After Rachel can’t help but laugh every time the friends-turned-daters try to kiss, they decide to go out on a full-on official first date. But when Ross gets called into work at the museum, they miss their restaurant reservations and must improvise. Taking advantage of the employee access, Ross leads them to the planetarium where he lays down a blanket, grabs some juices boxes, and turns on the lightshow. With Chris Isaak’s epically romantic “Wicked Games” playing in the background while the stars are projected around them, Rachel assures Ross, “You were worth the wait … and I don’t just mean tonight.” Fans agree.

7. Carol & Susan’s Wedding (Season 2, Episode 11)

Not all of the most romantic moments on Friends happened between the friends themselves. Sometimes it was the people that came in and out of the gang’s lives that had their own special moments. One couple that endured throughout the show’s entire years-long run was Ross’s ex-wife Carol and her partner Susan. Ross had issues adjusting to his ex’s new love and any ex would be hesitant about attending their once-spouse’s wedding to their new significant other. But Ross, always attempting to be the good guy and wanting to support the woman he once loved enough to wed himself, stepped in when Carol’s dad refused to attend and walk her down the aisle. In the end, he even danced with his ex-wife’s new wife in a scene that was just as lovely as the entire episode. A same-sex marriage that was still somewhat new at the time for mainstream shows, it was just as beautiful as it was romantic.

6. Did She Get Off The Plane?! (Season 10, Episode 18)

Ross and Rachel certainly traveled a bumpy road on their relationship’s adventures and when Paris came calling with the professional opportunity of a lifetime for Rachel, it looked like their romance might be over for good. Ross (and viewers) were left repeatedly yelling, “DID SHE GET OFF THE PLANE?!” when it was unclear whether Rachel had managed to depart from the plane that would take her away from Ross and their chances at life-long love. Romance hit its peak when Rachel responded sweetly, “I got off the plane.” *swoon*

5. Prom Video (Season 2, Episode 14)

If you get a tiny smile on your face every time you hear the phrase, “See? He’s her lobster” then chances are you’re a hardcore Friends fan and you’re certainly not alone. A phrase that one might not necessarily assume comes from one of a show’s top romantic moments, it perfectly suits the rom-com mix that Friends did so well. When a video emerges showing Monica and Rachel’s prom night, it reveals how Ross was willing to step in as Rachel’s knight-in-shining-armor when it looks like her date will be a no-show. A fact that was never known until the adults see it in the video, the revelation made Rachel see the romance in the moment as much as the audience.

4. Monica & Chandler’s Proposal (Season 6, Episode 25)

When Chandler intends to propose to Monica, his plans go seriously awry and Monica ends up questioning their entire relationship. Chandler panics and tries to track her down before losing her forever and just when he thinks he’s lost his love, he walks into an apartment filled with lit candles with Monica waiting to pop the question herself. When she’s unable, Chandler takes over and through happy tears, the two become engaged. It’s a dreamy sequence straight out of an ideal engagement scenario and worked oh-so-well.

3. Monica & Chandler’s Wedding (Season 6 & 7, Episode 24)

When Chandler and Monica became engaged, it was an epically romantic moment on the rom-com series and when the day came around for them to be married, there was just as much romance as there were laughs. Commitment-phobic Chandler freaks out and takes off while pregnancy rumors spread among the group. With Joey delayed by his war-time movie filming and showing up in his battle-scarred costume to perform the friend’s ceremony, the wedding actually spanned two episodes and was totally worthy of the extended story line as it was just as quirky and whacky as it was lovely and romantic.

2. Phoebe & Mike’s Wedding (Season 10, Episode 12)

Phoebe and Mike’s relationship was a favorite for many fans and their wedding was just as unusual as the quirky couple. When the meticulously laid wedding day plans made by the overly-organized bridesmaid Monica are completely disrupted by an incoming storm, the friends come together to create a winter wonderland for Phoebe and Mike in order for their ceremony to still go ahead. Happening outside of Central Perk on the street so often seen in the show, with snow gently falling in the evening light, it was a romantic moment worthy of one of the most popular shows of its time.

1. Ross & Rachel’s First Kiss (Season 2, Episode 7)

The most epic, most lovely, most romantic moment on Friends ever has to be Ross and Rachel’s first kiss. After years of liking each other, but circumstances and other relationships getting in the way, Ross finds out that Rachel had been having feelings for him when she accidentally leaves a drunken message on his answering machine (remember those things?!) telling him that she’s over him. The fact that the woman who he’s adored forever likes him and the fact that he’s in a relationship with another woman through Ross for a loop, but in the end, he goes to Rachel trying to tell her that it won’t happen between them and ending up sharing one of the most memorable and romantic kisses in rom-com television history. With the café closed and the rain gently falling, Ross leaning in and Rachel taking his face in her hands, it’s still as wildly swoon-worthy as ever. (No, I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!)


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