Bold And The Beautiful Couples With The Greatest Chemistry

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The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) has had its share of epic couples during its 32-year history on daytime television. Some couples have had an almost magnetic attraction to each other, while others were stunning, clandestine affairs. From the enduring coupling of Ridge and Brooke to Lope and Wally, here are B&B couples with the greatest chemistry.

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12. Caroline And Ridge

Caroline and Ridge burned up the small screen together. They were B&B’s first super couple in the earliest days of the soap and together, they generated enough electricity to power the whole city of LA. But sadly, this couple was cut short in 1990, when Caroline was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away in Ridge’s arms.

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11. Donna And Eric

Donna and Eric had chemistry together from the get-go but there was one big problem – Eric was married to Stephanie. Donna, however, wouldn’t give up on him and the two had a passionate and outrageous affair. When Stephanie confronted Eric and demanded he end it, he separated from Stephanie instead and married Donna. They also separated a few years later. There’s still an undeniable connection between him and Donna.

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10. Bridget And Nick

Nick and Bridget had it all. They had passion, love and unquestionable chemistry together. Then Nick cheated on her with her aunt Katie and later with her own mother Brooke. But Bridget ended up forgiving him both times and it seemed like they were destined to be together and were married three times. Ironically, Nick couldn’t forgive Bridget when she cheated on him with his mother’s boyfriend Owen. She was expecting Owen’s child and this ultimately ended their relationship for good.

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9. Taylor And Ridge

Taylor entered the B&B canvas in 1990 and was counseling Ridge’s wife Caroline, who was succumbing to leukemia. They got to know each other slowly and became friends, and all the while their magnetic attraction to each other was growing. After Caroline passed, they fell in love. Ridge’s mother Stephanie encouraged the match, as she wanted Ridge to be with any woman other than Brooke. The spark between these two ignited immediately and the pair were together, on and off, for years. Unfortunately for Taylor, Brooke was always circling Ridge, so the couple never really stood a chance at long-lasting love.

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8. Macy And Thorne

Thorne and Macy were both getting over other people when they ran into each other at Bikini Bar. One thing led to another and they ended up spending an electrifying night together at the Big Bear cabin. Both shared an interest in performing and B&B showcased the actor’s (Bobbie Eakes and Jeff Trachta) singing talents on many occasions. Their chemistry was undeniable, and Thorne and Macy were together on and off many times, until Macy was axed in 2003.

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7. Brooke And Bill

Brooke and Bill first became attracted to each other shortly after Stephanie passed and when Bill’s wife (and Brooke’s sister) Katie was suffering from post-partum depression. Katie believed she was not going to make it and pushed Bill and Brooke together. Once the pair started looking at each other as potential partners, the chemistry between them was irrefutable — they were smoking hot together. When Katie eventually came to her senses and wanted her husband back, it was too late, because Brooke and Bill couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They carried on an affair that sent Katie reeling. Bill and Katie later reunited but it’s never a solid relationship. So, will viewers see the return of “Brill”?

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6. Jackie And Owen

Owen first entered Jackie’s orbit when he got a job at her fashion house Jackie M Designs. The pair hooked up and he became Jackie’s boy toy. She had a bathtub installed in the middle of her condo and the energy in the air was electrifying when the pair bathed together. Although they were hot together, it seemed like their relationship would just end up being a flash in the pan. Her son Nick was sure he was dating Jackie for her money. But Owen surprised Jackie by proposing to her and the pair married in a romantic Hawaiian ceremony. They faced many trials and tribulations but, in the end, this pair rode off into the sunset together and moved to New York.

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5. Sally And Wyatt

Much like Thorne and Macy, Sally and Wyatt were both nursing broken hearts when they ran into each other. Sally had just returned to Los Angeles, after having been dumped by Thomas. She was drowning her sorrows at Bikini Bar and Wyatt was also there, processing his break-up with Katie. When he found out Sally was penniless and sleeping on the beach, he offered to put her up for a night. Before they knew it, the chemistry between them took over and they hit the sack within hours. She moved in with him shortly after. Sally and Wyatt broke up for a couple of months, due to his high school sweetheart Flo moving to Los Angeles. And even after Wyatt discovered Flo was deceiving his entire family, he ended up proposing to her. And that was the end of “Wally”!

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4. Quinn And Deacon

Quinn was uninterested in Deacon when she first met him, until she found out Hope was his daughter. At the time, she wanted her son Wyatt to be with Hope, so she teamed up with Deacon to get their children together. When they ended up falling in love, their electricity was off the charts! They got married, separated and then ended up hating each other, which is a common occurrence on soaps. Quinn tried to kill him by pushing him off a cliff into the ocean, but Deacon miraculously survived it. Then Deacon tried to kill Quinn when he took a few shots at her. The bullets missed their target and he ended up being caught and arrested. If Quinn’s marriage to Eric ever ends and Deacon is released from jail and in her orbit again, who knows where it could lead.

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3. Hope And Liam

Hope and Liam began as friends when Liam was working in IT at Forrester. Soon after, it was revealed that he was Bill Spencer’s son and “Lope” fell deeply in love. When Annika Noelle was recast in the role in 2018 (Kim Matula played the part from 2009 to 2014), Hope and Liam’s chemistry hit a whole new level. The spark between these two is captivating because it’s an enduring one, which is why even when Hope and Liam are apart, they are still drawn to each other and always will be.

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2. Steffy And Bill

Chemistry in a relationship has been described as a romantic spark between two people, and it was obvious from the beginning of this coupling that Steffy and Bill have it in a major way. Both have their brutal and heartless business sides but at other times can be compassionate and even vulnerable. And together — these two sizzle! They first met when Bill came to town 10 years ago. He almost crossed the line with Steffy when he was married to Katie. But at the time, it wasn’t meant to be, and they went their separate ways. Still did share a burning hot night of passion two years ago but they had incredibly bad timing – Steffy was married to Bill’s son Liam at the time.

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1. Brooke And Ridge

These two have been on and off for years now and were hottest together when Ron Moss was playing Ridge. Viewers could see the electricity in the air when Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and Moss were in a scene together. “Bridge” met during the very first episode of B&B, when Brooke was catering a party at the Forrester estate. They clicked immediately and have been in love ever since, despite their multiple separations and marriages to other people. Lang’s chemistry with the current actor playing Ridge, Thorsten Kaye, has grown over the years, but it’ll never be as charged as her connection was with Moss.

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