9 Soap Opera Characters We Wish Never Left

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Soap opera fans get attached to the characters they watch on their favorite daytime dramas. How can they not? Audiences watch their trials and tribulations daily each week and get highly invested in their lives. When a character exits a show, fans are devastated. Below are nine characters we wish never left their soap opera.

9. GH’s Patrick Drake

General Hospital (GH) fans fell in love with Dr. Patrick Drake when he entered the land of Port Charles in 2005. He swooned Robin Scorpio off her feet and the two of them ended up getting married and having little Emma. Their love story was a beautiful one that did turn into a roller coaster of a romance. While Drake’s 2015 exit was a happy one since he’d remarried Robin and relocated his family to California, GH fans were still sad to see him leave.

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8. Y&R’s Avery Clark

Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Avery Clark blew into Genoa City in 2011. As the sister of Phyllis Summers, Clark brought an interesting storyline with her that involving a dark family history. Avery quickly bonded with niece Summer and became friends with pivotal characters like Nick Newman, Michael Baldwin, and even wowed Victor with her lawyer skills too. Sadly, Clark picked up and left the little town in 2015. The good news is she can always easily move back to Genoa City and return to the show. Here’s hoping.

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7. Days’ Melanie Jonas

Melanie Jonas was a bit of a vixen when she first entered Days of Our Lives (DOOL) and over the years she has evolved into a heroine. She fit in well with Salem’s younger crowd, forging friendships (and relationships) with Brady, Nicole, Gabi, and Chad. Melanie left the show in 2015 to allow Brady the opportunity to build a family with Theresa and Tate. Now that Theresa’s gone and Nicole is on her way out, could Melanie return to help heal Brady’s broken heart?

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6. GH’s Frisco Jones

Frisco has been a character that pops in and out of Port Charles storylines now and again. He was a staple on GH in ‘80s and ‘90s, but the actor who played Jones (Jack Wagner) left the show to pursue other acting opportunities. He returned in 2013 for a brief moment in time, but would leave broken hearted when Felicia chose Mac over him during the Nurse’s Ball. Any GH fans wish Frisco would dump his spy-adventure life and return to the show for good?

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5. Y&R’s Brad Carlton

It’s been eight long years since Brad Carlton left the land of Genoa City and the Y&R simply has not been the same since. He wined and dined many a leading lady over his tenure on the show and established real roots on the show. The day he died in 2009 sent shockwaves to many longtime Y&R fans. Why the writers decided on a huge plot twist death involving a fan favorite is still quite a mystery.

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4. Days’ Jack Deveraux

Jack Deveraux is another longtime popular soap opera character that was killed and DOOL fans still shake their heads about this. Sure, he died saving his daughter Abigail, which made for an interesting storyline, but did the death have to be so final? Jack was one half of DOOL super couple J&J (with Jenn Horton) and was a fan favorite. Interesting storyline aside, many Days’ fans wish his character never left the show.

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3. GH’s Brenda Barrett

GH fans who think Sonny belongs with Brenda would undoubtedly love to see Barrett back in Port Charles, but why did she have to leave in the first place? Brenda is a dynamic character, with plenty of friends in the little town, and has a lot of history on the show. A return would be welcomed by GH audiences. Boy, would she ever stir the pot between Sonny and Carly!

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2. Days’ Dr. Daniel Jonas

Days’ unraveled an intriguing storyline around the death of Daniel Jonas in early 2016. Not only did it launch an emotional roller coaster for Nicole, Eric, and Jenn, it also created an interesting plot twist that brought Summer Townsend into Salem. While the angle around Jonas’ death and his heart being given to Brady was a dramatic watch, Daniel’s death was devastating loss for fans.

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1. Y&R’s Adam Newman

Adam Newman has died a few times over the years and much of the reasons around him leaving the show have to do with the actors that portray the character. Michael Muhney was let go in 2014 and when Justin Hartley took on the role later that year he only lasted until 2016 when he was offered the opportunity to star in the new primetime drama This is Us. Is the Adam Newman role simply cursed? Just as Adam dives into an interesting storyline an actor leaves the show.

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