8 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (October 5)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Here’s a little teaser on what to expect in the world of Port Charles for the week of Monday, October 5th:

8. Laura Returns! Will She Tell Sam The Truth About Jason?

As Laura is part of the select few who truly knows that Jake Doe is really Jason Morgan, she returns to Port Charles this week to spill the beans. Alas, after visiting Patrick and Sam, she almost does tell them the truth…almost. She also visits Jake himself, and strongly encourages him to find out who he really is before he marries Elizabeth. Continuing with her crusade to reveal the truth, she begs Elizabeth to stop hiding the fact that Jake is Jason and do what is right.

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7. Jake Pursues A Hunch

Jake starts to get suspicious of Elizabeth’s actions as of late, and questions her about a phone call she recently made. He later approaches Sam, and asks her to help him find out who Liz was talking to.

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6. All In The Family

As Michael continues to dabble in the Corinthos family business, his Aunt Tracy confronts him on his loyalty to the Quartermaine’s. Tracy urges Michael to stay away from the mob, and she and Paul warn him of the dangers.

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5. Sneaky D.A.

Speaking of Tracy and Paul, after her little chat with Michael, she overhears Paul on a strange phone call. Will someone finally catch on to what he is up to? In a related story, their son Dillon, looking for advice and turns to Paul.

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4. Anna’s Conscience

After a conversation with her granddaughter Emma, where the little girl tells her how much she admires her, Anna continues to be plagued by guilt over her recent actions. After, Sam and Anna have a talk with Emma.

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3. Franco and Kiki

Franco continues to offer emotional support to Kiki, as she struggles with her mom’s recent actions and with Silas’ death.

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2. The Dante/Lulu/Valerie/Dillon Saga

Dante and Lulu grow closer, as they discuss their future. Afterward, Dillion confesses his true feelings to Lulu. To round up this storyline, Dante will approach Valerie about a rumor this coming week.

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1. More Spoilers!

Additional GH spoilers for this week include: Hayden’s patience with Nikolas is now starting to grow a little thin, as he continues to try and keep her under his reserve. Things escalate when she hears a revealing telephone conversation. Julian and Alexis decide to take their relationship to the next step. There may be trouble for Julian though, as a surprise encounter takes him for a loop. Speaking of Julian, Olivia concocts a plan to keep her baby away from him. BBFs Felix and Sabrina catch up. Afterward, Sabrina comes across some vital news. Nathan makes a wrong assumption that ends up with a terrible consequence.

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