7 General Hospital Spoilers For the Week (October 12)

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This is what you have been waiting for General Hospital (GH) fans! Can’t wait to see what will happen in the world of Port Charles this week? Read on for a little taste of the drama that will unfold in the town of Port Charles for the week of October 12th.

7. Spinelli Returns!

Sam finds herself in an uncertain position as it relates to Jake’s investigation. She turns to long-time friend and beloved GH character Damian Spinelli for some assistance. Can Spinelli unravel the true identity of Jake Doe?

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6. Lulu Rejects Dillon, Causing A Destructive Domino Effect

Lulu turns Dillon down after he reveals his feelings for her, confirming her love and commitment to Dante. Could common rejection lead to a further bond between Valerie and Dillon? Then, Dillon and Maxie discover something rather shocking during the filming of his movie. As Dante and Lulu begin to pick up the pieces of their relationship and plan a future together, Dante tells Dillon to stay away from her. Alas, Dillon then reveals a little secret to Dante: he knows about Dante’s affair with Valerie.

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5. Friends Are Torn

Valerie receives an apology from Nathan, after making a terrible assumption. The situation between Maxie and Nathan gets a little complicated for the the two, as they find themselves at opposite ends of a situation that involves their friends.

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4. Paul’s Plan

Paul continues with his dastardly plan, and pressures Ava to cooperate. While Anna starts to doubt Ava’s accusations around Sonny’s shooting, Paul throws some questions at Anna about recent happenings in Port Charles. Will Anna’s guilt get the better of her?

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3. Hayden’s Memory Loss

Patrick is left confused after he examines Hayden, and can’t understand why she still is suffering from memory loss. Hayden is pressured by Liz to tell her exactly what she knows about Jake. While Elizabeth gets support from Patrick, Nikolas provides Hayden a job opportunity.

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2. Sabrina’s Pregnancy

Sabrina confides to BFF Felix, that she is pregnant… will anyone else find out? Meanwhile, the Corinthos brothers, Michael and Morgan, find themselves defending their actions to Sonny.

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1. More Spoilers!

Additional GH spoilers for this week include: Alexis starts to doubt the story Olivia has given to Julian. Olivia’s other son, Dante is taken aback when he finds out the truth about his baby brother. Then Franco begins to see a more vulnerable side to Nina and the two help Kiki after she makes a terrible scene at a bar.

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