6 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (March 7)

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Port Charles will be buzzing this week with more drama, romance, and intrigue! Learn more about Tracy, Hayden, Jason, and Helena in the below General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of March 7th.

6. Tracy’s Health

After the puzzling seizure-like symptom Tracy experienced when chatting it up with Hayden last week, it seems that GH doctors (Monika, Griffin, and Dr. Mayer), are left wondering what Tracy’s condition could be. Tracy’s son Dillon comes to the realization that his mom may be much sicker than she is letting on to him; as she struggles with what her fate might be.

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5. Hayden’s Past

Hayden is stressed out this week, wondering if her past is going to bite her in the butt. She starts off by making up a story about her father to Nikolas. Nikolas doesn’t buy it, and continues to be suspicious of his new wife. As such, Sam is hot on the trails of Baxter Corbin. While Corbin tries to dart Sam’s questions on Monday, he may not be able to do so for long. A lead Sam has been following about Corbin reveals something puzzling.

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4. Anna Comes To Some Conclusions

While Paul tells Anna that he has a plan that will help the both of them, this week, Anna approaches Sonny with proof that Carlos is still alive, and on the run with Sabrina. This week, Griffin comes clean about following Anna, and she finds out why the young, handsome doctor is so intrigued with her.

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3. Jason’s Memory

Carly and Jason have a chat about his past life, and Jason is floored by the conversation. Later in the week, Jason has a memory about his grandmother, Lila.

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2. Helena’s Will

It seems Helena is still torturing the residents of GH, even in the afterworld. Fans will see Laura stress out about the reading of Helena’s will on Thursday. Then on Friday, Nikolas, Alexlis, Liz, Sam, Lulu, and Laura are all confused by what Helena has left them.

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1. More Spoilers

Lulu and Dante decide where to go next with their relationship. Curtis and Jordan agree to keep each other’s secret. Sonny and Carly take a good look at their relationship and Brad allows the rules to be bent for Griffin. Meanwhile, Nathan comes clean about “Claudette” to Dante.

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