6 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (February 8)

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Yes, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but love may not be in the air for many Port Charles residents right now. Read more about Jason, Sam, Jake, Liz, Anna, Paul, and more in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of February 8.

6. Will Sam Be Okay?

Jason rushes to Sam’s rescue on Monday’s episode. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is quite concerned over Jake’s part in the entire ordeal and she will get quite emotional about it all. She ends up having a conversation to Jake, later on in the week, about Jason. Elizabeth finds an interesting supporter in Nikolas, as the week winds down, when he asks her and the boys to stay at Wyndemere.

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5. Trouble In Paradise

Speaking of Wyndemere, Nikolas continues to question Hayden, seeking more information about her background. Hayden upsets Tracy with some news. Later on in the week, noticing Tracy’s behavior, Hayden approaches Dillon and tells him that he should tell his mom to go see a doctor. On Friday, Hayden gets caught by Elizabeth.

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4. The Corinthos Family

Carly and Sonny sit down to have a chat with Michael regarding his relationship with Sabrina. When it comes to his daughter, Sonny and Alexis come to the conclusion that Kristina is hiding something from them. Griffin also figures out Sonny’s plan this week.

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3. Time To Nail The DA

Anna pays Paul a surprising visit early on in the week, trying to reel him in. She comes up with a plan that just might nail the DA. Will it succeed?

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2. The Jerome Family

Ava offers Alexis and Julian a different kind of wedding gift this week. She also has a heart-to-heart with her brother explaining how hard it’s been for her to get away from the mob. Meanwhile, Alexis is not pleased with Julian’s sudden interest in Olivia.

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1. More Spoilers!

On Friday, Port Charles gathers as Helena’s will is revealed. Nathan and Maxie concoct a well-devised plan to get Lulu and Dante back together. Epiphany steps into a new surprising role.

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