10 Things To Know About The New Docu-Series ‘Jillian & Justin’


Former Bachelorette and host of Love it or List It Vancouver is returning to the small screen, but this time with her fiance, Justin Pasutto, her dog Nacho and their new baby, Leo! The new show titled Jillian & Justin will air as a four part docu-series on the W Network and features all of the crazy experiences they’ve had in the past year, including the renovation and design of their dream home, the birth of their son, their engagement and now the filming of their new show! Jillian & Justin premieres on Wednesday, June 21, so here’s a look at 10 things to know about the new docu-series!

10. What the Show was Supposed to be About

Jillian & Justin was originally supposed to be a show about the renovation of their new home in Kelowna, B.C., but after the camera crew spent a few days with Jillian and Justin they decided they wanted to change it to a documentary style show. “After the cameras spent a couple days with us, the network came back and said there’s a lot of good stuff here, but we don’t want to do this show with you anymore. We’d rather do a documentary. So, Justin and I said, ‘OK,'” said Jillian in an interview with Vancouver Sun.


9. Justin Invited the Camera Crew

According to Jillian, the production team asked if they could be apart of her labor and delivery, but she was adamant in her decision to keep that part of their life private. In an interview with ET Canada, she said: “I said, ‘absolutely not, no way. This is a private moment between Justin and I and we already share so much, I don’t want to share any of it.'” But when she went into labor two weeks early, it was Justin who caved and invited the camera crew to the hospital with them (without asking Jillian). After he’d already called them up, he then convinced her it would be an amazing experience to share — and turns out it was!

8. The First Episode

The very first episode features the birth of Leo and according to Jillian the whole thing was crazy and hectic, but she wouldn’t change a thing! “I said ‘Okay, everyone get in the car,’ so everyone piled in the car and went down to the hospital…it was totally awesome, I would have never, ever changed it for the world – it was like the coolest delivery.” They headed to the hospital with about 15 people in tow — her dad, cousin, makeup artist, two cameramen, a sound guy, a director, a producer and about five doctors. “[There’s] 15 people in the room, all talking, all laughing, asking questions and it sounds overwhelming but looking back it’s exactly the way my labor would go. Chaotic and hilarious,” she joked.

7. What Else Can Fans Expect to See?

The show starts off with a pregnant Jillian juggling all kinds of stuff like her charity initiatives, clothing line, jewelry line and a long distance relationship with Justin between Vancouver and Kelowna. After the arrival of Leo things got even more hectic which is exactly what fans can expect to see on the show. “We went through SO MUCH over this last year and we we’re so happy to have most of it caught on camera. Fans can expect to see our highs, our lows, moments of joy, laughs, tears and everything else in between. We are a regular family going through everything that life is throwing at us and handling it the best we can, all while learning more and more about us as a family along the way!” she told Fame10.

6. How Is This Experience Different?

Jillian Harris has made a career out of sharing her life with her fans, first on The Bachelor, then The Bachelorette and now through social media and her personal website. She’s no stranger to the camera since appearing on reality TV and several design shows like hosting Love It or List It Vancouver and Extreme Makeover Home Edition, so she opened up to Hello! magazine about how the show will offer something different to her fans, but also how it was a new experience for her! “It was very different because on The Bachelor, our entire filming experience was just filming The Bachelor. You didn’t have to pay bills and get stuff done. It wasn’t easy documenting an already crazy, busy life, but we made it work,” she said.

5. Her Favorite Moment from Filming

Even though she was against the experience at first and it was totally unexpected, Jillian told us her favorite moment from filming the entire docu-series was Leo’s birth. “The delivery room!! The extremely candid moments from when Leo was first born…I can’t even discuss it further because I’m starting to cry already,” she said.

4. Don’t Expect Wedding Plans

We’ve heard a lot about what we can expect from the show, but one burning question that won’t be answered in the documentary series is when these two will be getting married. “To be honest with the new house, new show, baby and now working on the yard – we really want to wait for a ‘break’ so we can enjoy the wedding planning process…so for now, there is no date!” she said.

3. Home Reveal

Fans are super excited to see Jillian and Justin’s new home (we’ve gotten a few sneak peeks through her social media), and we’ll get to see a lot on the show, but most of it will be the renovation and design process. According to Jillian, the big reveal will come in September. “We’re planning a massive photo shoot this September and will be rolling out all of the photos and details of each room in the months to follow. Stay tuned!” she told Fame10.

2. Great Show for New Parents

A lot of the show is centered around Jillian and Justin becoming new parents to their first child, Leo and so this makes it a great show for new families. This new role comes with so many ups and downs, and Jillian told Fame10 their experience will be a huge part of the show: “We will absolutely be sharing our ups and downs, we were learning how to be new parents and it was scary, nerve wracking and AMAZING all rolled into one. I really think people will really relate to this docu series, especially new families!”

1. The Show is Raw and Emotional

One of the most exciting things about Jillian & Justin is just how unfiltered it is. It’ll show a whole new side to both of them, including the sometimes uncomfortable downs, but that’s what’ll makes it so perfectly imperfect. “I’m really nervous because I tend to break down within the series, so I’m a bit nervous to see how those moments come across. I think people will see that I’m not perfect. There’s going to be some points in the series when I’m disappointed in myself and some when I’m going to be proud. I think it’s going to be funny, raw, and really true. It’s nerve-racking sharing that with the country, but at the same time I’m excited because it’s the real me,” she said.