Soap Opera Characters We Wish Would Come Back To Life

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In the land of daytime drama, characters are always coming and going, and just because a character has been written off-canvas doesn’t mean they won’t make a return at some point! Check out these soap opera characters we wish would come back to life!

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18. Y&R: Drucilla Winters

While the saddest part of pondering a Dru comeback is that she would return to a Genoa City without Neil there; however, the exciting aspect of it all is the fact that she still has many connections to the little town, and she’d get to meet her grandchildren! Drucilla was a diverse and complex character that many Y&R fans would love to see come back to life!

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17. B&B: Darla Einstein

Darla had just wrapped up a birthday party for her young daughter Aly when she met her demise at the side of a road. She was helping Phoebe change a flat tire when a drunk Taylor, who was rushing to the scene, hit her. Darla was a fan favorite and viewers were stunned when she passed away. Although the character did return to B&B as a ghost some years ago, many B&B fans would love to see her come back for real someday.

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16. Days: Adrienne Kiriakis

Speaking of that infamous Mother’s Day, DOOL viewers were also taken aback to learn that Adrienne had passed away. She has a rich history in Salem, and with Jack and Steve returning to the little town, the only thing missing is their sister Adrienne. While actress Judi Evans has a spot on the show as Bonnie Lockhart, this simply doesn’t feel the same. #BringBackAdrienne

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15. Y&R: Cassie Newman

Speaking of leaving this earth far too soon, Cassie’s passing is still like a hanging shadow that looms over Sharon and Nick. Her name consistently pops up within storylines and episodes. Her passing (and sometimes birthday) is regularly acknowledged, and her recent return (in ghost format), gave audiences goosebumps. But what kind of ramifications could a comeback bring? It would be hard to do, considering how she passed, but still an interesting concept, especially with Mariah around.

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14. B&B: Phoebe Forrester

Steffy’s twin sister Phoebe also passed away at the side of a road. After finding out her mother was romantically involved with her ex-boyfriend Rick, the pair took an ill-advised drive. As she was hitting Rick and yelling at him, he lost control of the car and it crashed. Rick survived but Phoebe did not. Viewers wish she would come back to life, especially for Steffy’s sake. She could once again be Steffy’s confidant and a shoulder for her to lean on.

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13. Days: Jordan Ridgeway

Another character to meet their demise during the DOOL jump in time storyline was Jordan Ridgeway. Thankfully, the truth came out that Ben was innocent in her passing; however, it’s still sad that Jordan is gone. Not only because she was a semi-love interest for Rafe, but because of the dynamics of the character.

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12. GH: Duke Lavery

Anna Devane wouldn’t be overly thrilled if Cesar came back to life; however, she’d be over the moon if Duke did! Lavery’s mob ties always kept this couple apart, and with him finally removing himself from the world of organized crime, they were supposed to be together, until he passed. If he can come back to life once, he can do it again, right?

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11. Y&R: Hilary Hamilton

Having actress Mishael Morgan around (in the form of Amanda Sinclair) on the Y&R is fun, but how amazing would it be to get Hilary back? Especially with Lily Winters once again in Genoa City full-time! She could clear the air around why she and Amanda look like twins (maybe, because they are…), and she’d flip Devon’s world upside down!

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10. B&B: Storm Logan

During a mishap with a gun, Storm shot his sister Katie by mistake. As she lay in a hospital bed, her prognosis was grim. Katie needed a heart transplant immediately. Feeling incredibly guilty about his sister’s predicament, Storm took his own life so Katie could have his heart. Viewers would like to see Storm come back to life and reunite with his sisters and meet his daughter Flo. Considering he no longer has his heart, a vital organ, Storm’s rebirth seems impossible, but this is a soap, so one never knows!

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9. Days: Isabella Toscano

Jarlena is in a really good place right now, so nothing would be more explosive than if Isabella Toscano returned to the land of the living. John has had two great loves of his lifetime, and one has to wonder what things would look like if Isabella had never passed away. As a fan favorite, many long-time viewers would love to see her come back! In terms of plot twists and drama, Isabella returning would offer up some must-see daytime drama TV.

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8. GH: Morgan Corinthos

A hole still lays in the hearts of Sonny and Carly since they lost their son Morgan. But again, with how the car exploded that caused his demise, there’s always room to re-write him back into storylines. From Ava to CarSon, Michael, Jason, Sam, and others, Morgan’s return would be a welcomed thought, for everyone involved (including fans).

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7. Y&R: Delia Abbott

It’s a very rare occurrence for children to come back to life in soaps and with the way Delia passed away, it is highly unlikely. However, fans can always dream, right? After all these years it still seems quite surreal that the little girl with so much spunk passed in 2014. While the aftermath was an interesting watch, one can’t help but wonder how different Genoa City would be if the little girl survived.

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6. B&B: Beth Logan

Fans would also like to see the return of Storm’s mom Beth. She was a single mother who raised Brooke, Donna, Katie and Storm by herself. When she was young, she had been in love with Eric, but lost him when he married Stephanie. She left LA for years but returned in 2008 to help Katie after her heart attack. Beth’s daughters, however, noticed something was wrong with her and it turned out she was suffering from dementia. She drowned in the Forrester pool in 2010, after a fierce argument with Stephanie.

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5. Days: Lexie Carver

Who else misses Lexie? She certainly walked a fine line between what was right and wrong over her tenure on DOOL, but there wasn’t a dry eye in any fan’s house the day that Carver passed away from brain tumors – in the arms of the man she loved. Abe is still quite prominent in DOOL storylines today, and if Lexie could be resurrected, it would sure make an explosive storyline. It could happen; she is the daughter of Stefano DiMera. Having nine lives is part of her DNA.

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4. GH: A.J. Quartermaine

He’s certainly no stranger to passing away and coming back to life. Back in 2005, GH fans were taken aback when A.J. was suffocated by Asher Thomas, and equally stunned in 2012 when a storyline brought him back to Port Charles where it was revealed that he had been alive all these years. Sadly, A.J. met his demise once more in 2014 when Sonny shot him. A.J. has tremendous roots in the little town and one more revival just might be in store for this incredible character.

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3. B&B: Caroline Spencer II

Viewers were stunned last year when Thomas called his mother Taylor with heartbreaking news. His ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child, Caroline, had succumbed to a fatal blood clot and was gone. However, viewers never saw a body and her mothers Karen and Danielle didn’t even attend her memorial in LA. A lot of fans believe she is still alive, and they could be right. Of all the characters on this list, Caroline seems the most likely to come back to life one day.

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2. Days: Bo Brady

What a letdown it was for DOOL fans when after years of waiting for Bo Brady to return. He came back only to die of brain tumors shortly afterward. His return did add a lot of closure for viewers and Hope, but seeing Bo back in Salem, only to be ripped away, was devastating. Much like many on this list, it could be hard to have him return, but in the land of soaps, coming back to life can be easily explainable!

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1. GH: Helena Cassadine

All the Cassadines seem to have nine lives. Helena’s son Stavros has returned to life numerous times, and she was shot herself by Luke Spencer in 2013, only to return to the land of Port Charles in 2014. Helena once again passed away in late 2015 when her dear grandson Nikolas poisoned her. She certainly is not a heroine by any stretch of the imagination, but her scheming ways keep life in Port Charles quite interesting, especially when she starts cursing people (and then follows through with actions to ruin their lives).

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