Most Memorable Supernatural Episodes So Far

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The CW’s Supernatural is on an unprecedented run on television. With 14 seasons under its belt and a fifteenth and final season definitely on the way, it is the longest-running North American fantasy series in television history, and fans just can’t enough. It is a feat of everyone in the cast and crew to keep a show so popular for so long, but especially to the writers and the actors for delivering episode after episode of intriguing, fresh and exciting content to keep audiences coming back. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have become like brothers for real and their chemistry has driven so many episodes that it is difficult to select the best. Take a look back at the 1o most memorable Supernatural episodes so far in the series!

10. Weekend at Bobby’s – Season 6

In a show where the two main stars have been in over 100 more episodes than the next leading star, those in recurring roles have to be effective and memorable for audiences, and Bobby Singer is all of that and more. Over the years Bobby, portrayed by Jim Beaver, has appeared in 59 episodes and has become a beloved character along the way, which makes season six’s “Weekend at Bobby’s” one of the most memorable for fans. After so many seasons and episodes, writers like to switch things up, and this episode was a perfect “break” as it gave an inside look at his day-to-day life and incorporated a lot of humor. It made fans realize just how under-appreciated Bobby was!

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9. Changing Channels – Season 5

Supernatural may be dark, emotional and sometimes even gory, but the entire time a core component has always been humor. Dean is funny, and Sam’s reactions to Dean are funny, providing relief from the other themes without distracting from the story or depth; enter season five’s “Changing Channels.” Audiences have come to learn that Supernatural‘s crew will try anything once, and are consistently met with success. The episode in theory should have been frivolous, but what it delivered was something fans loved. The comedy was spot-on as the Winchester brothers ended up being transplanted by the Trickster into various TV shows including parodies of some of the biggest hits including Grey’s Anatomy. It could have stood alone as a humor-based episode, but hit home when the Trickster revealed himself as Gabriel, and told the brothers their pre-destined role in the upcoming Apocalypse, quickly snapping Sam, Dean and the viewers out of the happy-go-lucky episode, making it very memorable for many reasons.

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8. Fan Fiction – Season 10

Two hundred episodes is a lot to celebrate, and once again Eric Kripke and the rest of the minds behind the show knew that the only reason they got that far was because of the fans. In a way no other show would really do, Supernatural did full fan service with season ten’s “Fan Fiction.” The show was nothing short of a love-letter to loyal fans and while musical episodes don’t go over well in many fandoms, Supernatural did it just right with extremely poignant scenes, iconic humor and actually catchy songs. Given it was an episode solely in appreciation of the fans, it is definitely one they are not going to forget.

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7. The End – Season 5

What we have come to learn is that season five was undoubtedly one of the best and gave us another memorable Supernatural episode with “The End.” Ben Edlund took the reigns of writing for this one, and it translated into arguably Jensen Ackles’ best performance in the entire series. A dystopian or alternate future is usually a hit with sci-fi or fantasy series, and Supernatural nailed it for the entire episode, but it came close to perfection at the end with the battle between Lucifer/Sam and Dean. Without a doubt, however, Jensen Ackles’ performance of a more hardened Dean, mirrored with his regular Dean was just too superb to ignore.

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6. Point of No Return – Season 5

By 200 episodes you have the ability to throw caution to the wind and branch out with something unique like Supernatural did with “Fan Fiction.” Five seasons earlier though it is still all about following the storyline and sticking to what works, but the 100th episode was still fantastic. “The Point of No Return” was more emotionally charged than expected, which led to it sticking with fans well after it was over. To see Adam, the Winchesters’ half-brother, killed once was bad enough, but to have him brought back and then taken away again was heart-wrenching. At this point fans had connected with Sam and Dean and to see Dean’s reaction to the ordeal was extremely memorable.

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5. The French Mistake – Season 6

When a show goes on as long as Supernatural has, it is understandable that writers and producers have tried every possible angle to invigorate the show. The thing that sets the show apart, however, is that they have all worked. Season six’s “The French Mistake” would legitimately agitate some audiences, and be a taint in the list of episodes of some shows, but not Supernatural. It is so memorable because they not only ignored the fourth wall, they obliterated its existence. It was actually genius to have Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki play Sam and Dean who are transported to an alternate reality where they are known as Jared and Jensen. The result was brilliant and so hilarious as the locations they knew as Sam and Dean became just sets, and Castiel was a social-media loving Misha Collins, making it something fans still have not forgotten.

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4. No Rest for the Wicked – Season 3

Season three had a lot of ups and downs and it all culminated in yet another very strong finale. Dean’s debt to the crossroads demon had been haunting him all season, and time had finally run out for the quick-talking jokester, with Supernatural delivering a not-so-subtle message: the unavoidable will catch up you no matter how far you run. It was not as emotional as a finale as fan’s will come to expect from the series, but it was hard-hitting, shocking, gripping and terrifying.

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3. Lucifer Rising – Season 4

Season ending cliff-hangers are the television motif that audiences love to hate. They are always effective, which means it isn’t surprising that Supernatural has done it the best with season four’s “Lucifer Rising” as an example. The whole season fans thought things were going one way for Sam and Dean as they worked to prevent the apocalypse only to learn that some of the angels actually want it to happen. Lucifer rising from his cage after Sam accidentally unleashes Hell on Earth remains stuck in our minds for all the seasons since.

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2. Swan Song – Season 5

As is the case with any excellent series, everyone has differing opinions about what episodes were the best or most memorable and why, but almost unanimously, season five’s “Swan Song” always lands at the top. Eric Gewitz wrote the story and Eric Kripke wrote the script, culminating in one big, kick-but episode that blew fans away. There was a lot at risk with the episode, season finale’s are highly anticipated, and to use the perspective of the Impala with Chuck’s voice-over was definitely risky, but in the end the episode took all of the emotions and thoughts and concerns built up through five incredible seasons and blew them right back at the audience, leaving fans feeling as drained as Dean afterwards. From Sam being Lucifer’s vessel, to the final confrontation with Adam/Michael and the seeming loss of nearly everybody, the episode had absolutely everything fans could want from perfectly crafted television, and a show in which they had invested five seasons.

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1. The Pilot – Season 1

There can be no “best” or “most memorable” episode list without giving credit to the point where it all started. Often times, pilots aren’t the best episodes at all, and many memorable episodes come after, but when a show is as successful as Supernatural, many fans love going back to the beginning to see how far the story, and the characters, have come. The standout effect of the Pilot episode was how much chemistry Ackles and Padalecki already had as the Winchester brothers, not to mention it was written by creator Eric Kripke, who very effectively and concisely did the time jump to explain how and why the Winchester brothers were doing what they were doing.

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