The 11 Most Loved Couples From CW Network Shows


The CW was created when UPN and The WB blended together to bring us some of our favorite teen dramas of all-time! And when all is said and done, you know there are still those couples’ whose lives you wish you were still privy to! This list takes a look at the 10 most loved couples from the CW Network, who have kept fan-fiction writers busy over the years!

11. Peyton and Lucas, One Tree Hill

For six seasons, and a lot of ups and downs, Peyton Sawyer and Lucas Scott were the central love story on One Tree Hill, and we just couldn’t get enough. It was frustrating for fans to watch as the pair always faced a challenge that hindered their relationship and were never more shocked and heartbroken when the show came back in season five after the four year jump for fans to learn that not only had the pair split, again, Lucas was seriously involved with another woman! Needless to say that although it still hurts that the pair left the show, it was perfect to finally see them wed and welcome a baby together after following their story so loyally and rooting for them for so long!


10. Pacey and Joey, Dawson’s Creek

Some ’90s teens were team Dawson, but it was the relationship between Pacey Witter and Joey Potter that really explored the complexities of true love. The two began almost as enemies before becoming friends, and let’s face it, that always makes for great chemistry! They knew the worst and best sides of each other before realizing they were in love. They pushed one another outside of their comfort zones and Pacey didn’t espouse any of that soul mate mumbo jumbo Dawson was always on about. The two were real partners and their love was lasting and for the ages!

9. Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl

This couple had one of the most dramatic and epic love stories, even for the world of Gossip Girl! The love/hate dynamic between them kept fans on the edge of their seats for when they’d finally admit they loved one another. And of course, when Blair’s feelings come to light after Chuck’s father’s death, Chuck has to run off to Thailand for an orgy before their love affair can truly begin. The manipulative games that ensued and Chuck’s attempt to trade Blair to his slimy uncle for a hotel ultimately set the stage for this tug of war romance to be drawn out over the length of the entire series until their wedding in the finale when fans can finally rest assured that they are TOGETHER!

8. Elena and Damon, The Vampire Diaries

The relationship between Elena and Damon grew as all good television couplings do! Damon was the bad boy who had been written off by everyone else except Elena who wasn’t afraid to call him out on his crap and saw that he wasn’t entirely evil. From there the two become allies, then friends, and ultimately lovers. She saves him from himself and he saves her from danger. They come to love each other with an all-consuming passion that is intoxicating for fans to watch! Go Delena!

7. Rory and Jess, The Gilmore Girls

At the heart of Gilmore Girls was always the story of the mother-daughter relationship between Lorlei and Rory but of course the series was also stocked full of intriguing, heartwarming and heartbreaking romances. Although many fans always turn to Rory and Dean as the central couple, the way in which they finally got together as always left a mark on their relationship. Rory and Jess however were the ones everyone secretly rooted for. Their differences made the relationship challenging yet also made it intense and we can’t help but think that if only they had been older, they definitely would have been the couple to last out of all her boyfriends.

6. Buffy and Angel/Buffy and Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the vampire slayer had many complicated relationships including two fantastically romantic ones with vampires. Oh the draw of forbidden love! Angel loved Buffy from afar and fought to protect her, but when they consummated their relationship, Angel experienced a moment of true happiness and transformed into Angelus, a cruel and demonic terroriser who tormented Buffy and her friends. While Angel/Angelus was killed to save the world from the portal of hell, he did return to make amends before leaving for his own sexy spin off. The originally antagonistic character ultimately ended up fighting alongside Buffy, but only after generating enough sexual chemistry through his role as bad boy first. And we were happy for it! Buffy declared her love for him in the final episode when he sacrificed himself to close hell mouth, and luckily he was resurrected as a part of the Angel series. We can’t decide which vampy beau we prefer, can you?

5. Veronica and Logan, Veronica Mars

Veronica’s relationship with Logan, although on-again off-again, truly defines the romance at the heart of the show! From mutual hatred to adorable relationship bliss and back to detesting each other, their connection evolved with just the right amount of temporary joy to keep us glued to see what would happen next. When the couple hooked up and shared their first kiss, teenage girls went swooning for the moon! No one could forget that kiss! Piz was damn sweet, but we want a reformed bad boy! Logan’s demure and one-liners sold us completely and we couldn’t have been more happy when his character resurfaced in the film. His promise to Veronica to return to her after his Navy deployment has old school romance written all over it! We love you Logan!

4. Clark and Lana, Smallville

Rarely has a television series seen such a complicated relationship as the one between Lana Lang and Clark Kent on Smallville. From the very beginning it was clear that the pair were star-crossed and it was not going to be easy to ever see them happy. Clark’s love and sacrifice for Lana saw absolutely no ends and it was difficult to see them come close to being together so many times before being torn apart by circumstances, usually to do with Clark’s secret of being Superman. While it did grow tiring for fans to watch the back-and-forth between the two season after season, no other romance on the show had quite the spark that Clark and Lana’s did, and sadly Lois Lane was just no replacement.

3. Brooke and Julian, One Tree Hill

We all know that a lot of fans were actually rooting for Lucas and Brooke in the early seasons of One Tree Hill, however, we also knew that Peyton and Lucas were destined to be together, meaning all fans then wanted was happiness for the amazing character that was Brooke Davis. Despite dalliances with other hunks, especially Joe Manganiello’s Owen, there was absolutely no better match for Brooke than Julian Baker. It took no time at all for the pair’s chemistry to light up the screen and steal our hearts, and the reason why their wedding episode is one of the most memorable out of the entire season!

2. Felicity and Noel, Felicity and Ben

Felicity and Ben versus Felicity and Noel; I am team Noel all the way! Ben never seemed to fully appreciate the sacrifices Felicity made for him like giving up Stanford and following him to the University of New York, and he treated her with a constant air of superiority and thoughtlessness. Noel on the other hand was the dependable nice guy that finished last! How she chose Ben in the end we’ll never understand! He’s the douche that cheats on you and gets the other woman pregnant! Oh wait…he did that! Seriously, Felicity! What on earth were you thinking?! Oh Noel, you have all our hearts!

1. Nathan and Haley, One Tree Hill

Lucas and Peyton may have been the “main” couple on One Tree Hill, but it did not take long for Nathan Scott and Haley James to steal the show entirely. What could have simply been the classic story of “bad boy meets good girl” went so much further than that as the pair took on the world and challenges together and both changed each other for the better. They were adorable and while their relationship experienced many ups and downs, their consistent belief in each other sold us on them entirely! They represent a different type of couple than most shows feature. The two are soulmates and remain happily married through the length of the show in spite of being wed at such a young age. Naley truly make viewers believe that true love is out there!