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With The Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars coming to an end, The CW is trying to amp up its teen drama with its newest series: Riverdale. The series is a mix of Twin Peaks, Gossip Girl, and Pretty Little Liars and has already got fans hooked after only five episodes. Airing on the CW and Netflix, it is one CW show that has the potential to reach a much larger fan base, so if you have thought about checking it out and haven’t gotten around to it yet, here are 10 reasons you should watch Riverdale!

10. It’s Archie!

Given the popularity of Archie Andrews and the comic book series focusing on him and his adventures in Riverdale, it is truly surprising that a show like this has not happened before. Everyone loves Archie Andrews, and Riverdale makes it even easier by casting KJ Apa in the role meaning Archie is no longer the shy and oblivious teen in the comics; in Riverdale he is very attractive and does not shy away from any woman, even his own teacher.

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9. The Cast

Putting together a cast of mainly young stars is difficult for any series, but Riverdale has seemingly done a perfect job. As mentioned, Apa landed the lead role of Archie Andrews and while he has struggled somewhat to keep his New Zealand accent under control, the more episodes that air, the more control he has. Meanwhile Cole Sprouse who everyone remembers as only a little boy in Big Daddy and the Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is all grown up and playing the dark role of Jughead Jones and also serves as Riverdale’s narrator. Riverdale‘s other young talent includes Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper, Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge, and Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom. Not to mention former Beverly Hills, 90210 heartbreaker Luke Perry has made his big return to TV in the role of Fred Andrews.

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8. Moves Fast

For those who don’t want to be dragged through slow storylines, Riverdale is definitely a show to watch. There is seemingly never a dull moment as it almost everyone in Riverdale is battling some sort of drama and since there are so many characters and their storylines to keep up with, each episode flies by. Plus each new episode provides a bit of new information about Jason Blossom’s life before his death, and it keeps you hooked every step of the way.

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7. Powerful Women

For fans of the Archie comics, everything always seemed to be about pitting Betty and Veronica against each other in hopes of finally winning Archie, but so far in Riverdale, there has been nothing but strong women and strong female relationships. Cheryl, Betty, and Veronica are all outspoken, strong-willed and do not take any nonsense from anyone, and despite some feuds these ladies always have each other’s backs, which is refreshing in a teen oriented series.

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6. Tackling Issues

At the center of Riverdale there may be a creepy murder mystery, but that isn’t the only thing the show is focusing on. Only five episodes in there has already been an episode dedicated to tackling sexual assault, sexual harassment and slut-shaming which resulted in some pretty serious revenge against a football player by Betty and Veronica. The show has also addressed race issues with Josie and the Pussycats after Josie tells Archie, “I mean, do you know why we’re called the Pussycats? Because we have to claw our way into the same rooms that you can just waltz into. So, if you think that you can write my experience…”

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5. The Music

Speaking of Josie and the Pussycats, they have some real talent, and to be honest it is kind of surprising they haven’t given up on high school to pursue their music entirely. Also, plot twist, Archie is really into music as well, can play guitar and it has become a central focus for his storyline, making music a huge part of the Riverdale story.

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4. The Intrigue

A suspicious death is one thing to keep a show’s viewers hooked, but there is so much more to it in Riverdale. Right from the beginning fans have been getting a weird “twincest” vibe from Cheryl and Jason Blossom, and then there is the knowledge he wasn’t just shot but held captive and tortured before his death. All of that along with the extremely suspicious story of Jason’s relationship with Polly Cooper before he died has become particularly interesting and fans are just waiting for the episode where they finally meet Polly and learn what exactly happened between the pair causing her to be sent away by her own family, and why Jason was trying so hard to escape his own family.

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3. The Romance

Like any good teen drama, romance is still a focal point, and Riverdale features one of the most iconic love triangles of all time between Betty, Archie, and Veronica. But while we have been waiting for a relationship to spark up for real between Archie and either one of them, his romance with Ms. Grundy has taken center stage, and was definitely something no one saw coming. Riverdale also features a gay main character in Kevin Keller who has his own troubles with romance in a small town like Riverdale.

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2. The Drama

With tensions running high because of a murder, a new girl in town, and many changes for all the residents, there has not been a moment without drama. Betty’s mom Alice Cooper is a main source for stirring up a lot of the town’s secrets and no teen show can go without the basics of drama surrounding relationships, particularly between Betty pining over Archie who does not feel the same way. Then there is all of the drama with the adults, especially Hermione Lodge and her husband’s suspicious business dealing, and we can’t forget that Jughead Jones’ dad is the leader of the Southside Serpents gang!

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1. The Humor

While the series might be much darker and grittier than what fans will remember from the comics, it doesn’t mean it is all doom and gloom. The series has some pretty witty writing which has made the characters more interesting and also added some much needed comic relief, often thanks to Kenny Keller’s quick wit and pop culture references. Credit also has to be given to Cheryl Blossom who is never without a seething insult or retort to anything said to her.

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