Classic Bold And The Beautiful Episodes Fans Want To See

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Fans have seen many electrifying, thrilling and heartbreaking Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) episodes since its debut in 1987. From the very first episode to the launch of Brooke’s Bedroom line to Pam luring a bear into Big Bear cabin to snack on Donna, here are 12 classic B&B episodes all fans want to see.

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12. The Debut Episode

All fans want to see the March 23, 1987 debut episode of the B&B, which focuses on the Forrester family holding a fancy dinner party at their estate. Brooke, her sisters and her mother were also there, working as caterers. When Brooke met Ridge, who was dating socialite Caroline Spencer, for the first time, it was obvious their chemistry was off the charts.

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11. Forrester Versus Spectra

B&B fans just saw a Forrester versus Spectra showdown that took place in Monte Carlo in 2017. But what all B&B fans want to see is the 1989 episode on the Queen Mary, where Sally ended up manipulating the Forresters into participating in a joint fashion show. And when the Spectra and Forrester showstopper models came out wearing almost the exact same dress, the gig was up for Clarke. It was obvious to everyone there that he was designing for both fashion houses.

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10. Brooke’s Breakdown

In 1996, after Ridge dumped Brooke and Stephanie successfully sued for custody of her children Rick and Bridget, Brooke disappeared. Understandably, she was emotionally devastated, and all fans want to see the episode when Ridge finally found her. She was wandering on a beach in Barbados, holding two dolls and insisting they were her babies.

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9. The Launch Of Brooke’s Bedroom

Brooke launched her infamous fashion line Brooke’s Bedroom in front of the press, to much fanfare, in 1998. She did it in a bid to make Ridge, who was married to Taylor at the time, jealous. Stephanie fumed as she watched Brooke appear wearing lingerie and writhing around on a bed. And as the cameras rolled, Stephanie confronted her.

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8. Last Wish

Fans also want to see the 1993 episode when Taylor and James were stranded in a cabin during an avalanche. He was in love with her and confessed that he was still a virgin. Both thought they were goners, so Taylor decided to grant James his last wish and she slept with him, even though she was married to Ridge.

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7. Brooke Gives Birth To Hope

Brooke gave birth to Hope up at the Forrester’s Big Bear cabin in 2002. Hope was the result of a scandalous affair Brooke was involved in with her daughter Bridget’s husband Deacon. In a highly emotional moment for Brooke and for fans, her daughter Bridget and her archrival Stephanie helped deliver her child.

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6. Pam Traps Donna

Who could forget the episode in 2008 in which Stephanie’s sister sought revenge on Donna? Pam trapped the Logan sister in Big Bear Cabin by tying her to a chair. Fans want to see Pam pouring honey all over Donna and luring a bear into the cabin to eat her. “Oh, my God!” Donna cried out as the ferocious animal approached her. Luckily for her, Owen arrived just in time to entice the bear back outside.


5. Stephanie Passes Away

All fans want to see Stephanie’s last episode in 2012 when the Forrester matriarch passed away. Stephanie went to Big Bear cabin to live out her final moments and then headed to a hilltop, where her former rival Brooke found her. As Brooke sang her favorite song, “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling,” Stephanie passed away in her arms.

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4. Wyatt Discovers Liam

In a 2016 classic B&B episode, Wyatt headed to a cabin where his mother was staying, curious to meet her new boyfriend Adam. When he arrived, she was nowhere to be found, so he opened the bedroom door. He was stunned to see her sitting on a bed kissing his half-brother Liam, who had been missing for months. “What have you done to him?” Wyatt exclaimed. “Oh my God, Mom, what has happened here?”

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3. Stephanie’s Fake Heart Attack

When Taylor came back to life in 2005, Ridge was living with Brooke, and Stephanie feared he wouldn’t leave her. She faked a heart attack and asked Ridge to honor her “dying” wish, which was to reunite with Taylor. All fans want to see the episode when Ridge reunited with Taylor in Stephanie’s hospital room, with a devastated Brooke watching through the glass outside the room.

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2. Storm’s Sacrifice

With the recent addition of Flo to the B&B cast, fans want to see the classic 2008 episode where Flo’s father Storm sacrificed himself for Katie. Storm was heartbroken when he accidentally shot his sister. She was in critical condition in hospital and needed a heart transplant. He then took his own life so Katie could have his heart. Storm wrote a goodbye note to his family before he shot himself. When they discovered what their brother had done, Brooke and Donna were shown collapsing and bawling their eyes out in the hallways of the hospital.

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1. Nicole’s Discovery

Another classic B&B episode all fans want to see originally aired on March 18, 2015. Nicole finally figured out why her sister Maya had abandoned their family all those years ago. “You’re not my sister Maya. You’re not Maya at all,” Nicole said. “You’re Myron, my brother.” This classic B&B reveal not only stunned fans, the story was also featured in news reports all over the world. But which classic episodes will air during the production halt? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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