Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (October 8, 2018)


This week on The Bold And The Beautiful, Katie, Bill and their son Will spend some quality time together as a family. The Spencer and Forrester families deal with the consequences from the custody ruling and Brooke continues to berate Judge McMullen regarding Ridge’s actions that led to his decision. Also, Wyatt receives an intriguing new job offer and Steffy witnesses a private moment between Bill and Brooke. Learn more in this week’s B&B spoilers for the week of October 8, 2018.

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9. Savvy New Employee

Sally and Xander may not be the only staff members to join the Intimates line, as spoilers indicate Wyatt will be also offered a job. Wyatt is thought of as a savvy marketer at Forrester, but he will still be surprised when ex-wife Steffy offers him a position with the lingerie line. A job with Intimates will provide him with a chance to work side-by-side with his girlfriend Sally, so it’s highly likely he will accept the job

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8. Mother Dearest

Wyatt’s mother Quinn does not react the way Wyatt expects her to when she finds out about his new position at Forrester. Spoilers show Quinn will start pushing Wyatt to get back together with Steffy, even though he’s in a romantic relationship with Sally Spectra. Wyatt is not going to like this and he’ll be worried his mother may try to break up his current relationship. Quinn was a big Statt supporter back in the day, but will she go back to her manipulative antics to make sure this couple gets back together?

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7. Family Tree

Katie and Bill share a tender moment with their son Will and Katie is inspired by Bill’s devotion to him. With the custody case being settled right after Katie’s quickie wedding to Thorne, Katie may be starting to feel some remorse for some of her recent actions. Is she going to regret the part she played in separating father and son?

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6. Brooke Discovers The Truth

As viewers saw last week, Brooke has discovered Ridge has been texting with Judge McMullen. This week, she manipulates her conversation with the judge to gather information about how Ridge influenced the custody case. Rumor has it, Brooke will find out the truth – that Ridge had lent the judge money to attend law school and held it over his head to get the outcome he wanted from the custody hearing.

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5. Sister Shock

Brooke tells Katie about Ridge’s influence on the outcome of the custody case and Katie greets the news with disbelief. When Brooke tells her Ridge did it purely out of spite against Bill, Katie assures her sister she had no inkling that Ridge was blackmailing Judge McMullen. She also becomes concerned that if the truth were to come out, the decision to award her full custody could be ruled null and void

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4. Guilty Consciences

Both Brooke and Katie will keep Ridge’s manipulations from Bill this week, as the outcome from telling him would likely lead to Ridge being thrown in jail, not to mention the judge would also be disbarred. How long the sisters can keep this secret is anyone’s guess. Both will be feeling very guilty about keeping the information from Bill. Brooke and Katie also know that if Bill does eventually find out about the “dressmaker’s” influence on Judge McMullen, all hell will break loose.

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3. Intense Confrontation

Brooke confronts Ridge about his interfering influence on Judge McMullen. Ridge, who feels completely justified in his actions due to his intense hatred of Bill, will tell his wife he has no regrets and only did what needed to be done. Brooke will be angry as they finish their conversation, and as viewers know, Brooke has her own secret she has been keeping. Spoilers indicate Brooke’s encounters with Bill will be revealed this week.

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2. Clandestine Kiss

Steffy observes a clandestine meeting between Brooke and Bill this week (it’s about time someone spotted them), including a stolen kiss. Steffy will not be jealous, she will be very concerned and disappointed that it looks like Brooke is betraying her father with Ridge’s worst enemy. This will lead to her asking her father about his problems with his wife.

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1. Exposed Encounter

Unable to keep the information from Ridge, rumor has it Steffy will tell him about Brooke and Bill. This is something Ridge never saw coming, even though Brooke has cheated on him numerous times in the past. As if any betrayal isn’t bad enough, the fact that it’s with his nemesis Bill makes it all the worse. Next week, Ridge will confront Brooke with the information and she will find herself fighting to keep her marriage. Maybe she should have considered the damage it would do to her marriage before she became involved with Bill again.

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