Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (October 28, 2019)

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This week on The Bold & The Beautiful (B&B), Ridge and Shauna will find themselves in a humorous and familiar situation. Also, Hope will crash Eric and Quinn’s Halloween party, attempting to manipulate Thomas into signing Douglas over to her. Plus, a sneak peek at next week. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of October 28, 2019.

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9. Shauna Confides In Quinn

Spoilers indicate Shauna will tell Quinn about her kiss with Ridge. This will trigger Quinn to remember her own history with the Forrester designer and the many stolen kisses they shared. But will she be jealous of her friend’s blossoming relationship with Ridge, or will she encourage her to go after the man she’s been fantasizing about for weeks?

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8. Conversation Goes Sour

Brooke will call Ridge this week to tell him how much she misses him. He will be touched and moved by the conversation with his wife, until she brings up Thomas. Rumor has it, Brooke will talk about the custody battle and how Thomas isn’t fit to raise Douglas and Ridge will have had enough. He’ll end the conversation abruptly, wishing she’d never called.

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7. History Repeating Itself

Ridge will point out to Eric that Brooke is doing the same thing to his son Thomas that Stephanie did to her all those years ago. Stephanie had been hell-bent on getting Brooke out of Ridge’s life and made no secret of it. Brooke is currently determined to get Thomas out of his son Douglas’ life at all costs.

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6. Sleeping Beauty

Speaking of history repeating itself, rumor has it Ridge will be amused this week when he finds Shauna asleep in his bed at Eric’s house. They will share another kiss and this time it will be one that Ridge will remember. Spoilers indicate he will also surprise her when they discuss their sleeping arrangements for the night. Will Ridge and Shauna share a night of passion together?

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5. Seductive Plan

Hope will let her mother Brooke in on a little secret this week – she’s going to use Thomas’ feelings for her against him. When she was asking Thomas to give his son over to her on a recent episode, she noticed he could not take his eyes off her. She even moved in a little closer to him, to drive her points home. Viewers heard his inner voice, asking himself why he couldn’t resist Hope. “You need something from me, and I just want to kiss you,” Thomas said to himself. “You drive me insane. How do you always get to me?” Brooke will advise her daughter to proceed with caution, but could Hope’s plan actually work?

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4. Hope Tries Her Hand At Manipulation

Spoilers tease Hope will try to beat Thomas at his own game by manipulating him into signing the adoption papers. Ignoring advice from Liam and her mother, she’ll crash Eric and Quinn’s Halloween party, in the hopes that Thomas will sign his son Douglas over to her. She’ll lie and tell him the papers are for a joint custody arrangement. Rumor has it, she’ll also tell Thomas she still has feelings for him, as she tries to influence him to sign on the dotted line. But will Thomas fall for Hope’s lies or will he laugh in her face?

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3. In A Bind

Other spoilers show Hope will find herself in an uncomfortable position, when she is questioned by both Thomas and Douglas about their future together. Will she continue to lie to Thomas, even in front of the son she’s so desperately trying to take from him? Or will Hope come clean and tell Douglas that she and Liam want to adopt him?

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2. Halloween Bonding

While Hope is busy trying to get custody of Douglas, she’ll be missing Beth’s first Halloween. Exasperated with Hope, spoilers show Liam will take Beth over to Steffy’s so she can spend the occasion with her half-sister Kelly. Steam will spend a fun-filled Halloween night with the girls, bonding and growing closer.

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of November 4

Spoilers show that Thomas will give Hope what she wants, but she must also give him what he wants. Is he really willing to trade away his son for a roll in the hay with Hope? Or, could Thomas’ request be that Hope and Brooke leave Forrester? Another possible scenario is that Thomas will ask Hope to leave Liam so he can return to Steffy. Also, Liam will seek Bill’s advice about Douglas and Thomas. Is he beginning to have second thoughts about adopting the boy? Stay tuned!

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