Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (October 1, 2018)


This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), Judge McMullen makes his ruling on the custody case and it’s not looking good for Bill; Emma finds Xander and Zoe in a compromising position; and the sister wives agree on something. Also, Brooke discovers Ridge’s connection to the judge. Find out more in this week’s B&B spoilers for the week of October 1, 2018.

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9. Green With Envy

Emma’s mistrust of Xander will continue to develop this week and she will blame her boyfriend for nurturing his ex Zoe’s interest in him. Spoilers indicate Xander and Zoe will be posing together seductively for a photo and Emma is going to take it the wrong way and make way too big a deal out of the whole situation.

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8. Possessive Past

Speaking of deals, Let’s Make a Deal host Wayne Brady’s 15-year-old daughter, Maile Brady, will appear on B&B this week, as Emma’s best friend Tiffany. When Emma’s bestie visits her at Forrester Creations, she reminds her of her jealousy problems in the past and advises Emma to keep her possessiveness issues under wraps. The 15-year-old has acted in a few children’s programs, like Sesame Beginnings, and her appearance on B&B will be Maile’s broadcast TV debut.

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7. Private Preview

Sally is still on a high from jumping ship at Hope For The Future and landing a job on the Intimates line and spoilers show she’s leaping in with both feet. After a successful photo shoot, viewers will see Sally and Wyatt steam up the screen again as Sally treats Wyatt to a private showing of her lingerie designs.

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6. Steffy And Hope Heart-To-Heart

Steffy begins to wonder what’s in store for her daughter Kelly as she thinks about the custody case. She can’t imagine having to sue Liam for sole custody of their daughter but if it ever came down to it, could she do it? Spoilers show that her ruminations will start a heartfelt conversation between Steffy and Hope and the sister wives will come to an agreement.

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5. Blackmail Backfire

As lawyers Carter Walton and Justin Barber try to sway Judge McMullen with their closing arguments, Ridge will continue to make last minute demands on the judge. He wants to ensure his old friend will provide the outcome he’s looking for. Katie has stated she doesn’t want to take Will from Bill, she just wants her son to have some constancy in his life. She also has no idea Ridge has been pressuring the judge and it’s looking like Ridge’s blackmail scheme is going to blow up in his face when it is uncovered.

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4. Betrayals And Bonding

Katie will feel betrayed by her ex Wyatt and her sister Brooke when they testify on behalf of Bill at the custody hearing. She is especially hurt that her own sister would defend her ex-husband over her. Why she’s surprised by this is anyone’s guess, as it was only a few short years ago that Brooke stole Bill right out from under her! On the flip side, Bill has an epiphany as he takes a cold, hard look at himself and his past actions. He decides to be a better father to Will and at the same time, repair his relationship with his grown sons, Liam and Wyatt. Bill also wants to get to know his granddaughter and will share a bonding moment during a visit with Kelly this week.

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3. Judge’s Ruling

Tensions run high as everyone awaits Judge McMullen’s ruling on the sole custody of Katie and Bill’s son Will. Although almost everyone expects Katie to triumph, it wouldn’t be the first time Bill was able to pull off a win – he isn’t known as Dollar Bill Spencer for nothing.  On the other hand, the judge will feel the pressure of Ridge’s ultimatum and will struggle with his decision, but it is expected that when all is said and done, Katie will be granted sole custody.

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2. Family Unity

Katie and Bill will talk to their son about the outcome of the custody battle together. It will be a tender moment, as even though Katie has sued Bill and won full custody of Will, she will realize what a tough moment this is for her ex. It looks as though Will’s new stepfather Thorne will be left out of this family conversation and he won’t be too happy about it.

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1. Contrived Conversation

Spoilers show that Brooke is going to find proof that Ridge influenced Judge McMullen’s decision. She will maneuver a discussion she has with the judge to ascertain how Ridge manipulated the outcome of the custody suit. Brooke is livid with Ridge for getting involved in the first place and she’s also angry with the judge, who she believes should have recused himself from the case due to his personal relationship with her husband. And rumor has it, Brooke will confront Ridge about his manipulations next week. Stay tuned.

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