The Bold And The Beautiful’s Worst Characters Of All Time

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The Bold and The Beautiful (B&B) has had its share of villains, tyrants, heroes and eccentric characters but it’s also had some boring, wishy-washy characters who couldn’t make decisions to save their lives. Others began as interesting individuals and became incredibly dreary and mind-numbing to watch. Below are the B&B’s 12 Worst Characters of All Time.

12. Whipple Jones

Whipple “Whip” Jones worked in public relations at Forrester Creations and found out Brooke was pregnant with her daughter’s husband’s child. He blackmailed her but before long fell for her and then talked her into marrying him to hide the true paternity of her baby. Whip knew Brooke didn’t care for him but despite this, he let her walk all over him. He was literally Brooke’s whipping boy! When Bridget found out her husband Deacon was the father of Brooke’s child, Brooke kicked Whip to the curb and he left town. Years later, the character returned to Los Angeles, only to marry Taylor Hayes, who ended up dumping him because she was still in love with Ridge. Whip needed to man up, but the last time this character was seen on B&B, he was sitting around with his cousin Oliver Jones, sympathizing about being unlucky in love.

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11. Oliver Jones

Speaking of needing to man up, Whip’s cousin Oliver was about as pathetic a character as Whip. A photographer at Forrester Creations, Oliver did have a few relationships on B&B but most of his time was spent pining for Hope. Oliver was Hope’s first boyfriend and she was upfront with him that she was a virgin and would remain so until she was married. Despite this, Oliver was stupid enough to think Hope was willing to have sex with him at her high school graduation costume party. It turned out Oliver had had sex with Brooke, Hope’s mother. Hope and her mother had both been wearing the same costume (that included a mask). When Hope found out about it, their relationship was over and Hope moved on with Liam. Oliver spent most of his time yearning for her and trying to win her back.

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