Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (November 26, 2018)

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Doctor Taylor Hayes returns to the Bold & The Beautiful (B&B) this week and she’s going to be on the warpath. Taylor will confront Bill, Hope and Brooke and have a meltdown when she starts to wonder if Bill will turn her into the police for shooting him. Also, Liam will reveal a long-kept secret to Hope and Wayne Brady joins the cast as Zoe’s father, Doctor Reese Buckingham. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of November 26, 2018.

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9. A Different Dollar Bill

Liam and Brooke will discuss Bill’s recent transformation and whether it’s a permanent change or a temporary one. Brooke will praise Bill for what he did for Ridge, by not turning him into the police for interfering in the custody case. She’ll tell Liam she truly believes Bill has changed for the better. Liam will speculate as to why Brooke is showing such exceptional faith in his father.

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8. Father Knows Best

Let’s Make A Deal’s Wayne Brady will join B&B as a regular cast member at the end of this week, as Doctor Reese Buckingham, Zoe’s father. Rumor has it, Zoe will not be all that happy to see him. Spoilers also indicate Brady has filmed several scenes with Hunter Tylo. It hasn’t been revealed yet if they are going to pair the two as a couple or if Dr. Buckingham will be Taylor’s doctor.

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7. Who Shot Bill Revisited

Jeremy Ray Valdez will return to the B&B on Monday as Detective Alex Sanchez. He’ll have a discussion with Bill’s right-hand man Justin about how odd it is that Bill doesn’t seem to care who shot him all those months ago. Justin will be just as perplexed as the detective. Also, previews show Steffy and Brooke discussing the crime, with a concerned Brooke commenting on Bill’s deranged shooter: “Somebody tried to kill him, and if they did it once, they’re going to try again.”

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6. Mommie Dearest Returns

Speaking of deranged, Hunter Tylo returns as Taylor on B&B and she’s not taking any prisoners! First, she will confront Dollar Bill and then she will make the grave error of antagonizing Hope, accusing her of stealing her daughter Steffy’s man and her office at Forrester Creations. Hope will be shaken up and the Waffler will walk in while Taylor is shouting at his pregnant wife. Liam will tell Taylor her behavior towards his wife is unacceptable. He will also express his concerns to Steffy about her clearly unstable mother spending time with their daughter, Kelly. In the meantime, Bill tells Steffy that her mother is taxing his patience. These confrontations are going to lead to some very bad karma for Taylor.

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5. Taylor And Brooke Battle

Never one to leave well enough alone, Taylor will then confront Brooke, and allege that Brooke’s been bullying her daughter Steffy. She will assure Brooke that there is no way she is going to let the past repeat itself. She will tell Brooke that she may have lost Ridge to her, but she swears that Steffy will not lose Liam to Hope (even though she already has). Brooke will be as defiant as she always is when confronted by her nemesis, but she will also notice that this confrontation came out of nowhere and Taylor seems more unhinged than ever.

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4. Dirty Little Secret

Taylor will pay a visit to her daughter Steffy, saying she’s worried Bill won’t continue to protect her. And who would blame him if he did stop protecting her, considering Taylor’s constant defiance towards him. If her secret gets out, Taylor knows she could face prison time. “It’s our secret, I promise,” Steffy replies. But is it really? Has Steffy forgotten that ex-husband Liam also knows who shot his father?

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3. Liam’s Leak

After observing a deranged Taylor shouting angrily at his wife, spoilers indicate Liam will feel he has no other choice but to tell Hope that Taylor was the one who shot Bill. Hope will be stunned by the news, as it’s not something she ever saw coming. Although she’s never been a big fan of Taylor, she has always had a certain modicum of respect for the doctor. “When pushed, she can go to extremes,” Liam tells his wife in a preview. “Oh my God,” Hope exclaims.

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2. Steffy In Shock

Rumor has it, Steffy will find out flip-flopper Liam told her Sister Wife Hope about her mother’s crime. She will be horrified and ask him: “What have you done?” This is Steffy’s worst nightmare come true. Maybe if Taylor had kept her nutty nose out of everyone else’s business, she wouldn’t have put her daughter in a position, once again, where she has to worry about shielding her mother.

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1. The Truth About Taylor

Shortly after the Waffler spills the beans to her about Taylor, Hope will witness yet another bitter confrontation between Taylor and her mother. Hope will decide she needs to protect Brooke from Taylor, who has gone off the rails, big time. She will realize that if Taylor was crazy enough to shoot Bill, what would stop her from shooting Brooke? Rumors are rampant that Hope will tell her mother Taylor was the person who shot her Stallion. And there are endless possibilities of how Brooke could use this juicy information to her advantage. Stay tuned!

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