Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (November 18, 2019)

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This week on the Bold & The Beautiful (B&B), Hope will struggle with her guilt about what she did to Thomas. Also, the tension between Ridge and Brooke continues to take a toll on their marriage and Ridge has some news for Shauna. And is Thomas really gone? Plus, a sneak peek at next week. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of November 18, 2019.

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9. Hope Struggles

Hope will struggle with her guilty feelings, believing she was responsible for Thomas meeting his demise. She got what she wanted, custody of Douglas, but her victory has been extremely short-lived and soured by what she believes is an unspeakable crime she’s committed. What she believes she’s done will also take a toll on her relationships with Thomas’ son and with Liam. Hope will continue to keep the truth from Liam, and it will eat away at her. Plus, Liam has been spending more time with Steffy and the girls, due to Hope’s obsession with Douglas. This spells nothing but trouble ahead for Lope.

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8. Steffy And Ridge Worry

Now that Steffy and Ridge know about Thomas’ indecent proposal to Hope in which he traded joint custody of Douglas to sleep with Hope, they’ll be even more concerned about him. They will wonder how Thomas could make such a terrible, life-changing decision. Ridge and Steffy will also begin to worry about where Thomas is. Neither has heard from him since his dinner with Hope at Forrester Creations. They’ll begin to wonder if he’s hiding out again, or even worse, if something more sinister has happened to him.

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7. Thomas Is Alive

According to spoilers, Thomas survived his fall into the vat of hydrofluoric acid and fans will see him back onscreen this week. The last time Thomas was on B&B, it looked like he was a goner. Hope had pushed him off the catwalk and he’d landed in the vat with a splash. She believes he passed away because he didn’t jump out and continue chasing her through Forrester Creations. Viewers saw Thomas resurface to the top of the vat and his face was in no way disfigured by acid. So, had the tank already been drained, and the acid replaced with water, by the time Thomas fell into it? And who was the man in the hazmat suit, who told Hope to leave the area when she’d returned looking for Thomas – could it have been Thomas himself?

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6. Enemy List Grows

Spoilers indicate Hope will move to the top of Thomas’ Logan enemy list this week. He will be out for revenge and will make his next move in his plan to banish the Logans from Forrester and his family’s lives. It’s expected he’ll once again bring Zoe in on his plans. But is Thomas going to gaslight Hope, making her think he’s gone when he’s really alive and well? And although Hope thought she was manipulating Thomas due to his feelings for her, was he on to her the entire time? Has he been gaslighting her all along?

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5. Brooke Keeps Her Silence

Rumor has it, Brooke will continue to keep her silence on what she and Hope believe has happened to Thomas. Ridge is growing more concerned by the day that he can’t locate his son. He’ll express his worries to his wife, but she still won’t admit anything to him about what she knows. Brooke will cover for Hope no matter what the consequences may be and it could cost Brooke her marriage to Ridge.

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4. Shauna Stands By Ridge

Shauna will once again provide a shoulder for Ridge to lean on as he worries about his son and the fate of his marriage. He’ll confess to Shauna about Thomas’ quid pro quo with Hope and how his son signed the joint custody papers. Ridge will also tell the former Vegas showgirl that he thinks Brooke is lying to him about something. Spoilers tease that Shauna will prove to Ridge that she’ll always be there for him, even when Brooke is not.

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3. Bridge’s Marriage Collapses

Ridge knows Brooke well. Bridge’s romance has been on and off for more than 30 years so Ridge senses something is off with his wife. He begins to realize that she’s keeping something important from him and this week it will send him over the edge. Ridge will tell Brooke that he can’t stay in a marriage filled with tension, secrets and lies and that their marriage is over.

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2. Good News For Shauna

Rumor has it, Ridge will have big news for Shauna this week – is marriage to Brooke has come to an end. This news will undoubtedly thrill Shauna, as she’s developed deep feelings for the Forrester designer. But will Shauna give Ridge some time to sort out his emotions, or will she quickly move in on him?

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of November 25

Liam and Hope will be thrilled to spend their first Thanksgiving holiday with their daughter Beth. Spoiler photos show a happy Lope family with Liam holding Beth and Hope with her arms around Douglas. Speaking of Thanksgiving, Quinn will invite Shauna to celebrate the festivities at the Forrester estate and she will happily accept the invitation, knowing Ridge will be there. Also, Bill, Wyatt and Justin welcome Liam back to Spencer Publications and Sally will slip-up while discussing wedding plans with Wyatt. But what will Sally’s gaffe be? Keep watching to find out!

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