Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (November 12, 2018)

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Finally discovering the truth about what really happened in the custody case, Justin and Bill set a trap for Ridge and Judge McMullen this week on the Bold & The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Pam and Donna team up to cause trouble in Eric and Quinn’s marriage. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of November 12, 2018.

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9. The Gloves Are Off

Pam’s wedding to Charlie is off and so are the gloves when it comes to Pam and Quinn. Viewers can expect another fierce argument between the two women this week as their feud intensifies even further. Both Pam and Quinn have committed some unspeakable acts in the past, but will one, or both, go too far this week? Rumor has it, this quarrel will rapidly escalate out of control.

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8. Familiar Seat Mates

Spoilers indicate Pam will make amends with Donna and then coax Eric into re-hiring her as co-receptionist at Forrester Creations this week. She knows that when Donna is back at the reception desk it will distress Quinn, and no doubt Pam will take the first opportunity to rub it in when she sees Eric’s wife.

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7. So Happy Together

Pam is going to remind Donna of how happy she used to be when she was married to Eric. Although the women have had their own issues in the past, it’s obvious that Pam would much rather see Eric dump Quinn and get back together with Donna. Clearly, Donna still cares for Eric, so it won’t take much convincing from Pam to persuade her to pursue her Honey Bear again.

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6. Brotherly Bonding

Liam and Wyatt will devote some time to their little brother this week. The pair will spend a day connecting with Will. This should bring some enjoyable moments for the Spencer siblings and some sweet relief for viewers, who will otherwise be engaged watching some very intense conflicts taking place on B&B this week.

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5. The Set-Up

Rumor has it that Ken The IT Guy will hack Judge McMullen’s phone, and send Ridge a message that he needs to meet with him as soon as possible. But it’s just a trap Bill arranges for the co-conspirators. When the Poser and the Judge meet in the Forrester parking lot, they will realize they’ve been set up. In the preview for this week’s B&B, the Judge makes things even worse when he says to Ridge: “We committed conspiracy.” Ridge will understand Bill has tricked them and has likely discovered his interference in the custody case. Meanwhile, Bill and Justin are in a vehicle nearby, listening in and recording the entire conversation. Ridge sees Bill’s vehicle and runs after it, but it’s too late – the vehicle speeds off.

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4. Cell Mates?

In another preview for this week’s B&B, Justin tells Bill: “We have everything we need to nail Forrester.” Bill has finally gotten to the truth, but what will he do with it? Spoilers show Bill will summon the Dressmaker and the Judge to his office, reveling in his triumph and threatening that he could send them both to prison for what they’ve done.

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3. Katie’s Concern

Spoilers also indicate Katie is going to break down when she hears that Bill has discovered the truth about Ridge and the Judge. Previews show Katie crying out: “I could lose my son!” None of this is Katie’s fault, as she’s not the one who interfered in the custody case. It wasn’t even Katie’s idea to sue for sole custody in the first place – she can thank her husband Thorne the puppet master for that. Now, because of Ridge, she will feel helpless and worried that her son Will could be taken away from her.

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2. A Changed Man

Dollar Bill will eventually give up on his retaliation plot against the Dressmaker after Brooke pleads with him to do so. He’ll tell Brooke once again that she’s made him a better man. Rumor has it, Brooke will be moved and appreciative of Bill’s gesture. Bill is obviously hoping his “changed man” status is going to score big points with his ex-wife and destroy her marriage to Ridge in the process. But maybe Bill should just take Ken The IT Guy’s advice and “stop getting married.”

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1. Bill’s Ploy To Break Up Bridge

When Brooke tells Ridge that Bill is backing down, he’ll believe it’s all a ploy by Bill to win Brooke back, and it looks like he’s right. He’ll tell Brooke he regrets manipulating the outcome of the custody case, but does he really? Later in the week, Ridge will reveal his beliefs about Bill’s intentions to get Brooke back to Katie, Thorne, Wyatt and Liam. But with the evidence Bill has against him, there are not a lot of avenues open to Ridge. Will this latest turn of events lead to a Bridge collapse? Stay tuned.

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