Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (May 31, 2021)

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Steffy and Finn will return, and they’ll find out the gender of their unborn baby, coming up this week on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, after confessing and not implicating his father, Liam will be thrown in the slammer. Plus, Hope will confront Bill and blame him for everything that’s happened to her husband. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of May 31, 2021.

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9. Bill Tries To Stop His Son

Dollar Bill gave Liam 24 hours to think about whether he should turn himself in to the police. When the time was up, he told his son it would be his choice and he would not interfere. But it looks like Bill will be breaking that promise as he’ll rush to reach Liam before he gets a chance to confess. Rumor has it, Bill may even head to the cop shop himself to take responsibility for the hit-and-run.

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8. Liam The Trickster

Spoilers tease that Liam will be hip to his father’s plan to stop him from coming clean about Vinny’s demise. He’ll manage to somehow trick Bill so that he can confess. Liam doesn’t feel as though both he and his father need to go to prison for what happened on that fateful night on a dark Bel Air road.

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7. A Fateful Confession

Liam has been faced with a choice in the last few weeks. He can live with the fact that he took another man’s life and got away with it. Or he can turn himself in and tell the police he was responsible for the crime. Liam will choose the second option and he’ll confess that he was the person who hit Vinny.

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6. A Cover-Up

Although Bill was the one who covered up the hit-and-run and drove away, Liam will decide not to implicate his father in the crime in any way. He’ll tell Deputy Chief Baker that he was alone when he accidentally hit Vinny. But after listening to Liam’s story, will Baker be suspicious that someone else could have been involved?

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5. Thrown In Jail

Soap Opera Digest photos show Liam posing for his mug shot and sitting in a jail cell, looking distraught. Obviously, Baker will believe Liam when he turns himself in for the hit-and-run. He’ll try to explain that it was just an accident. He didn’t see Vinny in the road that night. But the fact that the crime was covered up and it took him weeks to come clean will result in Liam being thrown in the slammer.

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4. Bill’s To Blame

Hope will feel as though Bill is to blame for everything. When he showed up at the cabin last week to try to talk some sense into his son, Hope blasted him. She told him the secret was killing Liam inside and if Bill hadn’t covered it up, it could have been ruled an accident. “You’re the one who turned it into a hit-and-run,” she said. Hope blamed him then and she’ll blame him even more now that her family has been ripped apart because of Bill’s terrible choice. And after Liam is arrested, she’ll angrily confront her father-in-law.

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3. A Mother’s Comfort

Brooke will provide a shoulder to cry on, and arms to weep into, when Hope confides in her after Liam is arrested. She’ll tell her mother Liam was the person who hit Vinny and now he’s in prison and could be incarcerated for years. Hope will also divulge the fact that as far as she’s concerned, the whole thing is Bill’s fault. A stunned Brooke will try her best to comfort her daughter in her time of sorrow.

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2. Steffy And Finn Return

Steffy and Finn will drop by Forrester to visit Thomas and Ridge. As viewers are aware, Steffy was out of town with her daughter Kelly for a couple of months. But she’ll be back home in June and she and Finn will be eagerly anticipating the imminent arrival of their new bundle of joy.

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1. Boy Or Girl?

Speaking of bundles of joy, Sinn will look forward to having a sibling for Kelly. They’ll be thrilled when the doctor asks them if they’d like to know the gender of their unborn child. Sinn will both agree they’d like to know, and they’ll find out if it’s a boy or a girl this week. Keep watching B&B to find out for yourselves!

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