Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (May 25, 2020)

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This week’s Bold & The Beautiful (B&B) theme will feature famous faces who have appeared on the sudser during the past 33 years. Bob Barker pummeling Wyatt, Gina Rodriguez’s first acting role and Betty White as Ann Douglas will all be featured, in celebrity week. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of May 25, 2020.

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9. Dream Come True

With the help of Los Angeles Dodger Kiké Hernandez, Rick worked his magic to get Maya a gig at Dodger Stadium in LA, which fulfilled a lifelong dream for his wife. This episode shot on location, and originally aired on September 12, 2016, featured Karla Mosley (Maya) singing the US national anthem before a Los Angeles Dodgers game.

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8. C.J. Is Jealous

C.J. was jealous when Amber asked her new friend Raymond, played by Grammy Award winner Usher, to perform a song at Insomnia. He was a hot new act in LA and had needed a place to rehearse in front of an audience. Raymond even dedicated a song to Amber in this episode that first aired on June 11, 1998. C.J. was not impressed and scowled as he watched the performance.

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7. Lauren And Sally Rejoice

Also, Lauren believed Stephanie had lost Eric for good this time. “So the evil queen showed her true colors at last,” Sally told her friend as they gossiped about the couple. Lauren confided that she had put her heart on the line for Eric multiple times and was hoping it had finally paid off. But Sally advised her to never underestimate Stephanie.

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6. Throw Momma From The Guest House

An upset Stephanie wanted to send her mother Ann packing and back to Chicago in an episode that originally aired on February 27, 2007. A stubborn Ann, played by Betty White, told her daughter she wanted to remain in the Forrester guest house. Much to Stephanie’s chagrin, Eric agreed with Ann, and he told his wife her mother and her sister Pam could stay in their home as long as they wanted.

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5. Wedding Plans

Brooke and Ridge debated whether they should get married at the opening of the new Forrester Boutique, which was under construction, or just have a small, quiet ceremony. Felicia questioned the pair and Ridge told her the public seemed to be more interested in him and Brooke’s relationship, than anything Forrester was selling. Bridge decided to go with the big wedding during the opening of the new boutique.

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4. Stand Your Ground

Forrester intern Beverly, played by Gina Rodriguez in her first acting role, stood her ground, in this episode from December 28, 2011. Amber warned her to stay away from Rick, but Beverly ignored Amber’s threats and even refused to leave the room when Rick dropped by. He encouraged Amber to mentor Beverly, and she told Rick she’d do anything he wanted her to.

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3. Steffy Plays Cat And Mouse

In Cabo, Steffy made it her mission to keep Liam from spotting Hope, who just happened to also be there, with Thomas. Steam was on a romantic tropical getaway to get their marriage back on track and the last thing Steffy needed was interference from Hope. Steffy even tried to disguise herself by hanging out at the pool wearing a big floppy hat and large sunglasses. When she managed to secretly meet with her brother, she pressured him to get romantic with Hope. In turn, he asked her why she was so insecure in her marriage to Liam. Steffy believed Liam and Hope still had a connection and she wanted it to end. The brother and sister ended up agreeing to stay on opposite ends of the resort so Hope and Liam wouldn’t run into each other.

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2. Still Got It

Like Adam Sandler before him, Wyatt ended up getting punched out by Bob Barker in an homage to Barker’s appearance in the 1996 film Happy Gilmore. The former Price Is Right host was at Spencer Publications to discuss an article Liam had written in support of a local animal shelter in this episode from August 28, 2014. As Liam pursued Barker outside to return his tablet, Wyatt followed and called Liam “a stupid animal lover.” Barker took issue with this and told him animal lovers were not stupid. “Sorry, you’re right,” Wyatt replied. “I meant animal wacko.” Barker then punched a stunned Wyatt in the face several times, as an amused Liam looked on. “I’ve still got it, wacko!” Barker proclaimed triumphantly after Wyatt hit the ground.

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1. Deacon Seeks Advice

In a touching father and daughter scene, Deacon confided in Hope that he wanted to reunite with Brooke now that Ridge had left LA and was out of the picture. Hope told him she was glad he came to her for advice, but she had no idea how her mother felt about him. As she hugged her father, Hope advised him to be honest because Brooke deserved to know how he felt. What theme will the sudser go with next week? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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