Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (December 9, 2019)

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This week on the Bold & The Beautiful (B&B), Steffy and Liam team up to find out what Thomas is up to. Also, Brooke and Ridge’s marriage is still teetering on the edge and Shauna will make a stunning confession. And Hope and Steffy prepare for a fashion face-off.  Plus, a sneak peek at next week. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of December 9, 2019.

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11. Marriage On Edge

Spoilers tease Ridge and Brooke’s marriage will be hanging in the balance after both Ridge and Brooke make demands on each other. Ridge wants Brooke to forgive the past misdeeds of his son Thomas. Brooke wants Ridge to move back into their home to give their marriage another chance. Brooke was stunned when she found out recently that Shauna is living in Eric’s guest house and has had full access to her husband. But what she doesn’t know is that Ridge has been carrying out an emotional affair with Shauna for weeks now. Will she find out this week?

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10. Change Of Heart?

Liam foolishly told Thomas about Hope’s plans to quit working so she can focus her energy on Beth and Douglas. Thomas did not like this one bit, and this week he’ll make an appeal to Hope to change her mind. He has already shown her his Hope For The Future designs and asked if she would consider staying at Forrester and working alongside him on the line. This week, he’ll ask her to work with him on a Forrester Creations fashion showdown. Will he be able to tempt Hope to change her mind about retiring?

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9. Liam And Steffy Disagree

Liam and Steffy will continue to bicker about Thomas this week. Although Steffy is slightly wary about her brother’s credibility, she thinks he deserves another chance and still sees the good in him. Whereas Liam firmly believes that Thomas “is not a good guy that did a bad thing, he’s just a bad guy.” Will Steffy let Liam know that she’s uncomfortable with his attitude towards her brother? Or will she team up with Liam to find out what Thomas is really up to?

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8. Thomas On The Hot Seat

Kiara Barnes will return to the B&B canvas as Zoe this week and she’ll have lots of questions for Thomas. The last time viewers saw Zoe, she told Thomas to stop focusing his attention on Hope and that she was interested in pursuing a relationship with him. To prove it, she kissed him. This time around, she will ask Thomas about his feelings for Hope and if he’s still trying to win her affections.

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7. Zoe Spills

While Liam and Steffy are looking for Vinny to talk to him about Thomas, they will run into Zoe at Vinny’s apartment. And it won’t take long for her to spill information on what Thomas has been up to lately. Unfortunately for Thomas, it looks like he made the mistake of making way too many promises to Zoe that he clearly had no intention of delivering.

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6. Liam Stunned

After deciding to be a stay-at-home mom to Beth and Douglas, Hope will stun Liam this week when she makes a complete 180 and considers going back to Forrester to work on her Hope For The Future fashion line. She will tell Liam about Thomas’ offer and he will be alarmed that once again, Hope is ignoring all warning signs that are emanating from Thomas.

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5. Shauna’s Confession

Rumor has it, Shauna will make an admission to Ridge while she is soothing him after another confrontation with Brooke. She’s already confessed to Ridge that she’s in love with him, so will she finally tell him about how Thomas had asked her to pursue him to break up his marriage? And if so, how will Ridge react to this news?

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4. Under Pressure

Worried that Brooke and Ridge could reunite, Thomas will once again pressure Shauna to pursue a relationship with his father this week. Thomas doesn’t realize that Shauna is already in a romantic relationship with Ridge and that the pair have kissed several times. Shauna has even told Ridge that she’s in love with him. But will she reveal any of this to Thomas? And will Shauna agree to help him split Ridge and Brooke up for good?


3. Complicated Engagement

Spoilers tease that Wyatt will confide in his brother about how his relationship with Sally suddenly became a lot more complicated. Viewers are speculating Liam will be flattered when he hears about Sally’s slip-up, but he will also lend an ear to Wyatt and the brothers will have a heart-to-heart conversation about their relationships with the women they love.

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2. Fashion Face-Off

Once Hope decides she’ll continue working at Forrester Creations after all, her rivalry with Sister Wife Steffy is set to heat up. Spoilers show the two women will go head to head in a competition over their fashion lines. Steffy will have Sally in her corner and Hope will have Thomas, but who will ultimately come out on top?

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of December 16

Steffy and Liam will ask Zoe for help to uncover Thomas’ true motives when it comes to working with Hope on her Hope For The Future fashion line. And speaking of Hope, rumor has it the green-eyed monster will rear its ugly head next week. Spoilers tease that Hope will be stunned when she realizes Thomas is setting up a romantic dinner for someone – and it’s not her! Is she starting to develop feelings for Thomas? Keep watching to find out!

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