Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (December 3, 2018)


The fallout from Hope learning the truth about Taylor continues this week on the Bold & The Beautiful (B&B). Brooke will be in shock over the news that Taylor shot Bill and will condemn Taylor to anyone willing to listen. Also, Pam will scheme to distract Quinn, so Donna can be alone with Eric, and Dr. Buckingham will hit it off with Taylor this week. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of December 3, 2018.

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9. Distraction For Donna

Pam maintains her obsession with getting Quinn out of Eric’s life this week. She will insist to Donna that she can win back Eric’s heart. Pam comes up with yet another harebrained scheme; this time she will manipulate and distract Quinn, so Donna can get Eric alone and spend some one-on-one time with him. Pam is certain that once Eric remembers how much he once loved Donna, he won’t be able to resist his ex-wife. Donna still cares deeply for Eric and will go along with the plan, modelling lingerie for her Honey Bear.

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8. Romantic Remedy

Taylor meets newcomer Dr. Buckingham at a Forrester staff party this week. Rumor has it, the two will find they have much in common and will hit it off, big time. Considering the anxiety and fear Taylor’s been going through recently, a new romantic relationship could be just the remedy Taylor needs right now.

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7. Anxious Liam

Becoming increasingly concerned for his baby daughter Kelly and his wife and unborn child, Liam expresses his apprehensions about Taylor to Bill. His father will hear him out but still insist that Taylor is a threat only to him and to no one else. In a preview, Liam tells Bill: “We’d all be better off if Taylor left L.A. for good.” Bill will agree but will be resolute in his defense of Taylor to his son.

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6. Catastrophic Consequences

Hope kept the secret that Taylor shot Bill for about five minutes before she leaked the information to her mother, and the consequences could be catastrophic. Initially, Brooke will have a hard time believing Taylor was the one who shot Bill in the back and will tell Hope that it can’t be true. But once her daughter convinces her of the facts, she will warn Hope to stay away from the deranged doctor, telling her that Taylor “is dangerous.”  Brooke will then set herself on a collision course with Taylor, Bill and eventually Ridge.

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5. Brooke Threatens Taylor

Armed with damning information about her nemesis, a preview shows Brooke seeking out Cray Tay and confronting her at Steffy’s house. “You shot Bill Spencer…you put a bullet in his back,” Brooke says angrily to Taylor. The doctor will be taken aback that Brooke knows the truth but will reply nonchalantly: “Are you going to have me locked up?” Brooke will reply that maybe she will.

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4. Steadfast Stallion

Brooke cannot believe her Stallion has not turned Taylor in for her crime. When she talks to Bill this week, he will remind her he’s a changed man and has forgiven Taylor. He will tell Brooke that she is the reason he hasn’t told the police that Taylor was the person who shot him. Of course, what Brooke doesn’t know is that he initially protected Taylor in order to blackmail Steffy into signing papers that annulled her marriage to Liam. He is now turning the situation to his advantage to score even more points with Brooke.

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3. Vanishing Sky

Bill tells Brooke this week that he has given up his plan of building his dream skyscraper, aptly named Sky. Brooke will be surprised by this news, as it was Bill’s unwavering obsession with Sky that blew up their short-lived marriage in the first place. Brooke has been buying into Bill’s “changed man” routine so far and this revelation from her ex will convince her even further that Bill really has made a change for the better. disappear.

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2. Bridge Break Down

Ridge will infuriate Brooke this week after she tells him Taylor was the one who shot Bill. The Dressmaker will express support for his ex-wife and even seem somewhat proud of Taylor for what she did. In a preview, Brooke says to Ridge: “What if Taylor snaps again, then what?” Ridge will suggest to her that Bill is more dangerous than Taylor. This will cause a huge argument between the pair and rumor has it, Brooke will tell Ridge to stay away from Taylor and he will refuse. Ridge will then tell his wife to stay away from Bill. This latest rift will create yet another crack in Bridge, which appears to be crumbling faster than a sand castle these days.

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1. Taylor’s Tension

Spoilers show that by the end of the week, Taylor will be an emotional wreck. Now that everyone in her inner circle, friends and enemies alike, knows her deepest, darkest secret, she’ll look to find support wherever she can. This week on B&B, her champions will be her daughter Steffy and ex-husband Ridge. She will divulge her biggest fear to them, that she will go to prison for what she did to Bill. Both Steffy and Ridge will comfort Taylor and assure her that they aren’t going to let that happen. But if Brooke, Hope or Liam go to the police, what can Steffy or Ridge do to stop them?

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