Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (December 23, 2019)

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Brooke will confront Liam when she finds out about his and Steffy’s scheme to spy on Thomas, this week on The Bold & The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Sally will be excited when she finds out she’ll be competing with her ex in the Forrester fashion showdown. And Thomas will begin to believe his ruse of romancing Zoe to make Hope jealous is working.  Plus, a sneak peek at next week. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of December 23, 2019.

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9. Programming Note

While B&B families celebrate the holiday season in Los Angeles, CBS will air a new episode of the show on Christmas Eve. But due to the recent pre-emptions for the impeachment hearings, it doesn’t look like the Christmas episode will air on Christmas Eve. Fans should also note that a repeat will be aired on Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25. B&B will then return to its regular scheduled programming on Thursday, December 26.

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8. Steffy’s Admission

Spoilers show Steffy will make an admission to Sally this week. But what will it be? Viewers are speculating she may tell Sally about she and Liam’s plan to spy on Thomas, and Zoe’s involvement in their scheme. Or, could she admit to Sally that she’s still in love with Liam and is hoping to reunite with him. Either way, viewers will be treated to some upcoming scenes involving these two powerful and talented women working together on their fashion line at Forrester.

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7. Brooke Confronts Liam

Although Brooke is pleased that Steffy and Liam have put a plan together to spy on Thomas, she won’t be happy about the fact that she has been left out of it. Brooke knows that she and Liam feel the exact same way about Thomas, that he is a liar and a psychopath. Rumor has it she’ll lambaste Liam this week for not involving her in his plot to prove that Ridge’s son is once again up to no good.

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6. Thomas Reassures Zoe

Spoilers tease Thomas will reassure Zoe his feelings for her are real when she questions him about Hope. She will be suspicious that Thomas is making all his romantic gestures toward her to get under Hope’s skin. Even though Zoe has agreed to spy on Thomas for Steffy and Liam, she still cares for him and is hoping he feels the same way about her. Thomas will tell her he wants to move on with her and the pair will share a steamy kiss.

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5. Agreement About Zoe

Brooke and Hope will come to an agreement about Zoe being back at Forrester Creations. Will Brooke confide in Hope and tell her about Steffy and Liam’s plan to have Zoe spy on Thomas? Or will she be concerned that Hope could inadvertently let Thomas in on the scheme? One thing’s for sure, neither Hope nor Brooke will be happy about the fashion model’s return to the company.


4. Ruse Working

Thomas will be confident this week that his ruse to win Hope over is working. Instead of outwardly pursuing her, he’s now trying to make her jealous by romancing Zoe and he believes his plan is working. Thomas saw how stunned Hope was when she realized the romantic dinner he planned at Forrester wasn’t for her. Viewers can expect him to make more grand gestures towards Zoe and he’ll also make sure Hope is well aware of them.

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3. Sally Is Pumped

Spoilers indicate Sally will be excited when she hears that Hope has agreed to let Thomas design her Hope For The Future line. Sally believes her designs for Steffy’s line are more than good enough to go head to head with Thomas’ designs in the upcoming Forrester fashion showdown. But will her designs be good enough to win?

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2. Reliving Their Destiny

Brooke and Ridge will recall their moments together this week, including their first meeting. Brooke was catering a party with her mother Beth at the Forrester estate and when Ridge and Brooke first saw each other, it was love at first sight. Thirty-two years later they are still in love, but have split up due to Brooke’s mistrust of Ridge’s son Thomas. Viewers can expect to see some Bridge flashbacks, as they celebrate their love, while at the same time they mourn the end of their marriage.

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of December 30

Spoilers tease Thomas will tell Shauna the truth about his relationship with Zoe and his plans for Hope. But will she agree to keep Thomas’ secret plot from Ridge? Also coming up, Ridge will make one last appeal to Brooke to save their marriage. He believes that Thomas has moved on with Zoe and he’s hoping Brooke won’t see his son as a threat to Hope any longer. But will Brooke believe Ridge, that Thomas is reformed, and agree to give their marriage another shot? Keep watching to find out!

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