Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (December 17, 2018)


This week on the Bold & The Beautiful (B&B), Maya returns to Los Angeles from Paris just in time for the holidays but she’s not exactly bringing glad tidings with her. Also, romance is in the air for a new couple, and Liam will disagree with Hope and Brooke about Taylor. And even more confrontations are on the horizon this week between Brooke and Taylor and also Hope, Liam and Steffy. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of December 17, 2018.

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9. Holiday Exclusion

This week, Brooke and Hope will make plans to exclude Taylor from the Forrester mansion holiday festivities. This will lead to Hope demanding to Liam and Steffy that Taylor be left out of all holiday celebrations. Hope has been disillusioned with Taylor ever since she found out the doctor was the one who shot Bill. But with her mother Brooke whispering in her ear, poisoning her against Taylor every chance she gets, Hope has increasingly become afraid of Steffy’s mother. And in a preview, Steffy tells Hope, “you can’t just ban my mom from Christmas.” But it’s looking more and more like Hope wants to do exactly that.

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8. Liam Defends Taylor

Hope will be displeased with her husband this week when he disagrees with her about Taylor being banned from all holiday activities. She will go so far as to ask Liam if he would rather be with Steffy and Kelly instead of with her and their unborn child. She tells him she sees the connection between he and Steffy all the time and challenges the Flip Flopper on who he really wants to be with. The Waffler will likely back down slightly and assure Hope that she is the chosen Sister Wife, while looking longingly at Steffy.

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7. Maya Brings Bad Tidings

Maya returns to Los Angeles from Paris this week and she’s got some bad news. “Rick and I are over,” she tells Brooke in a preview. This was a couple who fought hard to be together and the news that they have broken up will send shockwaves through Forrester Creations. One person who won’t exactly be upset by this news is Carter. In a heartfelt confession some months ago, he told Maya he still had strong feelings for her. Could Rick and Maya’s breakup lead to another chance for Maya and Carter? Or will a new romance be in the picture for Maya?

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6. New Romance Heats Up

Speaking of new romance, it looks like the passion will be heating up between Taylor and Reese this week. The pair will be out on a date together and, in a preview for this week, the couple is shown canoodling and holding hands. But what is Reese’s real motivation in courting Taylor? Zoe is still concerned about her dad being in town and told Xander last week that she’s worried about what he’s up to “by being his jolly, reckless self.” Xander tried to reassure her and suggested that maybe her father just needed a change of pace, but Zoe responded that she was worried about how close he was getting to Taylor. “It was just a little too close to home for my comfort,” Zoe told her boyfriend.

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5. Past Transgressions

Liam will defend Taylor to a horrified Hope and Brooke this week, reminding Brooke that people do things they regret, and that her past is nowhere near perfect. Liam knows all too well the havoc Brooke is capable of wreaking on those closest to her, as he was part of Katie’s support network after Brooke slept with and stole her husband (and Liam’s father) Bill out from under her.

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4. Taylor Confronts Brooke

Taylor understands that Hope is trying to exclude her from the Forrester holiday celebrations and will confront her mother Brooke about it. The doctor feels responsible for the fact that Brooke and Hope are putting too much pressure on Steffy, especially at a time in her life when she should be looking forward to enjoying her first Christmas with her baby daughter Kelly.

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3. Reese Demands An Apology

Reese will have no problem defending his new lady friend when he witnesses the confrontation between Brooke and Taylor this week. He will break it up and then insist that Brooke apologize to Taylor. The doctor will be touched and grateful to Reese after his defense of her and this will no doubt assist in his plans, as he weasels his way into Taylor’s life even further.

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2. More Bad Tidings

Emma will find out this week that Xander has not had a problem moving on without her. “Xander and I are seeing each other again,” Zoe proudly tells Emma in a preview. It looks like Zoe will enjoy rubbing salt in this particular wound. And even though Emma was the one who ended things with Xander, she will likely pout and then question herself on whether she made the right decision.

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1. Brill Get Closer

Once again, Bill reiterates to Brooke that his changed man status is all due to her influence on his life. In a preview he tells her: “I’m a different man these days because of you.” Brooke will be moved by his words and is amazed at the attitude change in her former husband. Although Brooke says she is committed to Ridge and their marriage, she and Bill seem to be getting closer by the minute. Bill has made his intentions clear that he wants her back, but will her Stallion’s new outlook on life be enough to win Brooke over and lead to a Brill reunion in the near future?

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