Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (April 6, 2020)

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Eric will try to keep the peace between Quinn and Brooke, this week on Bold & The Beautiful (B&B). Sally will play a game of quid pro quo with Wyatt and Flo will ask him to kick Sally out of his house. Also, as Brooke finally locates Ridge, he and Shauna will be heading out for a wild night in Las Vegas. Plus, a sneak peek at next week. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of April 6, 2020.

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9. Eric Negotiates

As Brooke and Quinn’s war continues to spiral out of control, Eric will play peacemaker. Rumor has it, he will once again witness a fierce confrontation between his wife and Brooke. He’s been put off by his wife since he found out Quinn was the one who uploaded the photo of Bill and Brooke kissing. But on the other hand, he’s disappointed in Brooke for hurting both Katie and Ridge. As he tries to smooth things out between Quinn and Brooke, will he decide to take one woman’s side over the other?

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8. Brooke Searches For Ridge

Spoilers tease Brooke will look for Ridge, hoping to reconcile with him. She will also reminisce about the romantic moments they’ve shared. What she won’t know is that Ridge isn’t in Los Angeles, he’s in Las Vegas with Shauna. By the time she finds him, will it be too late for them to reunite? Will Ridge have already filed the papers to end their marriage or have already taken the next step with Shauna?

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7. Viva Las Vegas

Speaking of Ridge and Shauna, their connection will deepen this week, as they spend some intimate moments together in Vegas. Ridge recently told her she wasn’t a rebound romance, and he insisted that he accompany her to her hometown. He wants to see the city she grew up in and get to know her better. Rumor has it, Shauna will treat Ridge to a VIP tour of sin city. But will viewers also be treated to a location shoot in Vegas, or will they just see the inside of fake hotel rooms and casinos? Regardless, Ridge and Shauna’s chemistry will be off the charts as they paint the town red.

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6. Brooke Locates Ridge

By the end of the week, Brooke will discover that Ridge has traveled to Vegas with Shauna. She recently told Quinn that she and Ridge would always be together but upon hearing this news, Brooke will no longer be so sure. At the same time Brooke finds out where her husband is, Shauna and Ridge will be heading out for a wild night on the town. Will Brooke leave well enough alone, or will she head to Vegas try to talk some sense into Ridge and beg him for another chance?

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5. Katie Won’t Back Down

Rumor has it, Donna will go to Katie and ask her to forgive Brooke. When Katie stiffens at the idea, Donna will push her. She’ll talk about all the great times they’ve shared as sisters. And she’ll also mention that it was just one kiss and both Brooke and Bill have said it was a mistake that will never happen again. But Katie won’t listen and will refuse to forgive Brooke, and who can blame her? Donna has some nerve – instead of asking Katie to be a pushover, perhaps she could ask Brooke to tone down her libido for a change and stop betraying Katie with Bill.

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4. New Plan Of Action

Meanwhile, Flo will propose a new plan of action to Wyatt, regarding Sally. She’s sure Sally is up to something and her meeting with Dr. Penny Escobar more than confirmed that. Even though Flo still doesn’t have any details, she could tell Penny was nervous as she grilled her with questions about Sally’s illness. But what will Flo suggest to Wyatt?

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3. Sally’s Latest Scheme

Spoilers tease Sally will engage in a game of quid pro quo with Wyatt. She’ll tell him she will agree to treatment for her illness in exchange for something. Will she tell Wyatt she’ll seek therapy if he makes love to her one last time? Or will she use getting treatment as a bargaining chip for something else? Later in the week, Sally will hit the roof when she starts to realize that Flo has influenced Penny.

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2. Wyatt Is Stunned

Flo will tell Wyatt she’s made a decision – she wants him to ask Sally to move out. To Wyatt, this will seem to come out of the blue. He thought Flo was on board with their plan to make Sally’s final days happy ones and he’ll be stunned by her suggestion. Wyatt will ask Flo why she wants him to kick Sally out of his house. Will she divulge her suspicions about Sally’s true intentions to her boyfriend?

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of April 13

Spoilers tease an angry Bill will threaten Quinn for outing his kiss with Brooke in such a public fashion. His relationship with Katie has been destroyed because of her and he’ll confront her about it. Plus, Flo will take her detective skills to the next level. She’ll be determined to confirm her suspicions about Sally – that she’s perfectly healthy and faking her fatal illness. But will she be able to prove it? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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