Bold And The Beautiful Couples Who Were Bad For Each Other

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Romance on soaps tend to be all champagne and roses, but when viewers take a closer look, they begin to realize that some Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) couples are pretty noxious. Fans may ship some couples together, but there are also many couples whose ships should never have sailed in the first place. And some couples are great as friends, but poisonous to each other when they are in a romantic relationship. Here are 12 B&B couples who were bad for each other.

12. Hope Logan And Thomas Forrester

When Thomas returned to Los Angeles in March, he immediately became fixated with Hope and his obsession with her poisoned his mind. He continually used his son Douglas as a tool in order to lure Hope back to him, even after he’d admitted he knew all about the baby Beth secret for weeks. Hope recently turned the tables on him during his wedding to Zoe, telling him to marry her instead. But when Thomas agreed, he found out she’d tricked him. She told him she would never be with him. Will Thomas’ comeuppance cure him of his nasty obsession with Hope? Only time will tell.

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11. Sally Spectra I And Clarke Garrison

It was clear from the get-go that Sally and Clarke were toxic together. Clarke was just using Sally for her money and he never seemed to feel the same way about her as she did about him. On the other hand, Sally used her influence over Clarke to get what she wanted, a handsome man on her arm. Although this couple did get married and had a son together, they didn’t last long and ended up breaking up, which was probably a good thing for them both.

10. Sally Spectra II And Wyatt Spencer

When Wyatt recently dumped Sally for a second time and reunited with his high school sweetheart Flo, fans were outraged. Flo had kept the baby Beth secret from Hope and Wyatt’s brother Liam and viewers still can’t understand why Wyatt prefers her over Sally. He is toxic to Sally, and she knows it, but she can’t help the way she feels about him. This is likely why she took Wyatt back yet again and just recently moved in with him. What she doesn’t know yet is that he is aware she only has a few weeks left to live. If Sally ends up getting some miracle cure and surviving, fans can expect Wyatt to dump her once again.

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9. Steffy Forrester And Liam Spencer

A lot of fans like Liam and Steffy together. She seems to bring out Liam’s fun, adventurous side. But instead of embracing who she really is, Liam tends to be a repressive influence on her. Also, when given the choice, Liam tends to choose Hope over Steffy. Steam is great together when they’re just friends and co-parenting their daughter Kelly. But romantically, these two are noxious to one another.

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8. Zoe Buckingham And Thomas Forrester

This couple was the definition of toxic. Thomas got together with Zoe late last year, with the intention of making Hope jealous. He pretended his feelings for Zoe were real, and she believed him and even accepted his marriage proposal. But at their recent wedding, Thomas revealed his true colors, leaving Zoe at the altar when he foolishly thought Hope wanted to marry him.

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7. Amber Moore And Rick Forrester

This is one of those relationships that viewers knew was toxic from the beginning. Brooke had hired Amber as a babysitter to look after Rick and his younger sister Hope. Fans were scandalized when Amber seduced Rick and then ended up marrying him. But she was lethal to Rick and ended up cheating on him soon after they said their vows. This toxic relationship ended shortly after Rick found out that their son, little Eric, wasn’t his biological child. Amber had switched babies with her cousin Becky when her own son had been stillborn.

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6. Sasha Thompson And Zende Forrester

Zende Forrester was madly in love with Nicole Avant, but when she decided to be a surrogate mother for her sister Maya and husband Rick, he and Nicole broke up. She was toxic to Zende, as he was attracted to Sasha, but madly in love with Nicole. Sasha broke up Zende and Nicole’s relationship twice, including unfairly taking advantage of him when he and his girlfriend were having problems. Zende was toxic for Sasha as well, as she was never his first choice. The true love of his life was and always had been Nicole.

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5. Quinn Fuller And Ridge Forrester

Some fans liked Quinn and Ridge together, but they were harmful to each other from the start. Quinn was married to Ridge’s father Eric and Ridge was engaged to Brooke when this pair started sharing some stolen kisses. They seemed to have a magnetic attraction, maybe because they had hated each other for years. While there is a thin line between love and hate and for Quinn and Ridge, their hate turned to lust. But it was a noxious poison for this couple, and it threatened their relationships with Brooke and Eric.

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4. Jackie Marone And Massimo Marone

Jackie and Massimo had a fling when they were younger. Years later, he encountered Jackie and her son Nick, who wore the same signet ring he did. Massimo realized Nick was his son and he and Jackie bonded and eventually got married. But his controlling ways made theirs a toxic relationship. Jackie eventually got tired of her husband’s iron tight grip on her life and she began a torrid affair with Deacon. When Massimo found out, he not only held a gun on Deacon but, knowing Deacon was a recovering alcoholic, he had someone spike his drinks. When Jackie found out the pain her husband had been inflicting on Deacon, she ended her poisonous relationship with Massimo.

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3. Taylor Hayes And Nick Marone

Nick was toxic to Taylor and many fans felt she should have known better than to pair up with a man who had previously been in love with her rival Brooke. When Brooke’s eggs were accidentally implanted into Taylor and she ended up giving birth to Nick and Brooke’s son, this pestilent relationship was pretty much done.

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2. Ivy Forrester And Wyatt Spencer

When Wyatt and Ivy first fell for each other, he knew she had been in love with his brother Liam. This should have set off alarm bells in his head from the very beginning. They did fall in love and had some chemistry as a couple, but her feelings for Liam were always in the back of her mind, which tainted her bond with his brother. Wyatt proposed to Ivy, but he found out only moments later she had admitted to someone that she was still in love with Liam. This ended their toxic coupling.

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1. Brooke Forrester And Bill Spencer

The amount of drama these two have gone through should have alerted them to the fact that they are vile together. Brill has had an on and off toxic love affair for years now. They adore being a couple but are lethal to each other and to those around them. Bill had been married to Brooke’s sister Katie the first time they slept together, so their relationship was poisoned from the very start. Once they were through and Katie and Bill had remarried, they ended up betraying Brooke’s sister by hooking up once again. And it seems like these two will never learn. Bill is currently engaged to Katie, but just recently, he and Brooke shared a passionate kiss. Is this toxic couple about to cross the line for the third time? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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