Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (April 29, 2019)

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Flo debates the pros and cons of working at Forrester Creations after Hope offers her a job there, this week on the Bold & The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Quinn’s venomous suggestion about Sally will begin to work its way through Wyatt. Plus, will someone reveal a covert clue about Bill’s shooter? Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of April 29, 2019.

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10. On The Move

With Liam off to Paris to visit Steffy and the girls, Brooke suggests to Hope that she move into the main house. She’s still worried about her daughter and doesn’t want her to be alone in the cabin moping about. Thomas overhears Brooke’s suggestion and is, of course, all for Hope moving into the house where he too is living. He’s definitely thinking this is an opportunity for him to get even closer to Hope.

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9. Family Time

Thomas will suggest to Hope, Brooke and Ridge that Hope should spend some time with him and Douglas. He will mention that since Liam is spending time with his family in Paris, she should do the same. Brooke agrees and thinks it will be good for her daughter, but Ridge will be concerned. He knows his son has ulterior motives and is looking to build a relationship with Hope. She will eventually agree to spend some time with Thomas and Douglas.

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8. Steffy Learns The Truth

Rumor has it, Ridge will announce that Liam has told Steffy her adopted daughter Phoebe is a Logan. Hope and Brooke will be happy Steffy knows the truth. Viewers will likely not get to see her reaction (although they can imagine she won’t be thrilled), as Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) is still on maternity leave.

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7. Thomas Puts The Pressure On

Thomas will continue to pressure Hope to let Liam go, so he can be with Steffy and the girls. He knows she is already leaning that way in her thinking and will keep digging the knife in further. Amelia the nanny will make another appearance on B&B this week, so it’s possible Thomas will cook up another scheme with her to push and prod Hope’s guilty feelings of keeping Liam from his family.

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6. Don’t Shoot!

After a fierce confrontation with Flo and being held at gunpoint by Shauna, Zoe will be terrified. She will beg Shauna not to shoot her and Shauna will admit to her that it’s just a stun gun. Passed out on the floor, Flo will wake up and tell her mother to put the gun down before someone gets hurt.

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5. Flo Still Wants To Confess

Spoilers tease that right after the incident with Zoe and Shauna, Flo will receive a phone call from Hope, offering her a job at Forrester Creations. Flo will be amazed by her cousin’s kindness and it will once again prompt her feelings of guilt. Keeping the secret has been tough on Flo and she will reiterate to Zoe and her mother that confessing the truth to Hope is the right thing to do. Shauna and Zoe disagree with her and will coerce Flo into a pact to keep the secret. Her mother will also suggest to Flo that she take the job offer at Forrester and Zoe will recommend they both leave LA. Shauna will state that she and her daughter aren’t going anywhere.

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4. Heavy Burden

Xander knows his girlfriend is going through something awful that is exacting a heavy toll on her. She hasn’t told him what it is, but he knows it has something to do with her father Reese. Spoilers show that this week, he tells her she can lean on him and he encourages her to share her troubles. But will Zoe convey the truth to Xander about the baby switch and her part in keeping the secret from Hope and Liam?

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3. Lights Out

When a power outage hits Forrester, Hope will be petrified and will relive the power failure on Catalina Island, where she lost her baby. She will be haunted by memories of the fateful evening and images of Reese handing her the stillborn baby Beth. Hope has finally begun to heal from the loss of her daughter and the power outage will be a setback for her.

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2. Waffler Discussion

Thomas will keep confiding his opinions about Hope and Liam’s relationship to Sally. This week, he will state that he believes Liam is unreliable. She will laugh and point out his own erratic behavior when it came to their relationship. Sally will then tell him about how she shot at Bill’s picture the first time she was in Wyatt’s house. Rumor has it, Thomas will laugh and mention that Bill can’t be shot dead because he is one of the undead. Could this comment be a veiled clue that Thomas was the person who shot Bill last year?

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1. Your Kiss Is On My Lips

The seed Quinn planted in her son’s mind about Sally starts to spread its poison through Wyatt’s mind this week. Wyatt will ask Sally if there is anything she needs to tell him concerning his family. He will also tell her he trusts that she would tell him if that was the case. She will nod but will say nothing about Thomas’ plans to break up Liam and Hope. Then, later in the week, Wyatt will surprise Flo with a dinner invitation and a passionate kiss. Is this the beginning of the end of Wally? Keep watching to find out!

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