Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (September 28 – October 9, 2020)

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Quinn is about to be served a large helping of karma, when her bestie’s dream wedding takes an unexpected turn on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Plus, Zende returns to LA and Steffy falls further down the rabbit hole of addiction. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for September 28 to October 9, 2020.

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12. Carter Gets a Promotion

Carter will be excited when he finds out he’s getting a well-deserved promotion at Forrester Creations. What will his new job title be? Wedding Officiant Extraordinaire? Quickie Annulment Whiz? Hopefully not. Now that Carter is romantically involved with Zoe, it looks like producers are going to use him for more than just weddings and breakups and may even give him a decent title at the company and his own storyline.

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11. Zende Comes Home

Unfortunately for Carter, a new man in town will catch Zoe’s eye. Zende returns to the B&B canvas on October 6. Spoilers tease he will draw Zoe’s particular attention. Will a new love triangle form between Carter, Zoe and Zende? And with Zende coming home to LA, the return of Maya and Nicole shouldn’t be too far behind.

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10. Liam Shares His Concerns with Finn

Spoilers tease Liam will tell Finn about Steffy’s addiction issues this week. Viewers know Liam had been concerned about what he felt were the doctor’s inappropriate feelings for Steffy. But he’ll set aside any concerns he has for now. Liam will tell Finn that Steffy is still taking opioids and she needs his help.

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9. Thomas Gets Support from Hope

Worried about his sister, Thomas will turn to Hope for support. He’ll feel guilty that he didn’t realize why Steffy was behaving so strangely and he’ll dearly wish he’d put two and two together. When he expresses these sentiments to Hope, she will tell him it isn’t his fault and she’ll do her best to comfort him.

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8. Steffy Continues to Struggle

Speaking of Steffy, rumor has it she will fall even further down the addiction rabbit hole this week. She’s temporarily lost her daughter to Hope and Liam and she will persist in lashing out at her friends and family. Spoilers tease Steffy’s addiction and anguish will reach new heights as she continues to deny she has a problem with opioids.

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7. Steffy’s Intervention

Ridge, Liam and Finn will band together to try to help Steffy with her addiction. They’ll head to the cliff house to stage an intervention and will confront Steffy about her pill problem. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, so will the three men get her to admit that she needs help?

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6. Quinn Pushes Ridge

One would think Ridge’s sole focus these days would be on helping his drug-addicted daughter. However, spoilers tease Quinn will once again try to push him into remarrying Shauna. And apparently, The Dressmaker, who seems unable to think for himself, will agree to it. Quinn may as well just lead him by the nose, straight to the altar.

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5. Brooke’s Devastation 

Rumor has it, Brooke will be tormented when Ridge tells her he’s going to remarry Shauna at the Forrester mansion. She knows he’s still in love with her and not his new wife and will be thoroughly distressed that he decided to recommit to what Brooke feels was a sham marriage to begin with.

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4. Eric Cautions His Son

Eric will almost be as horrified as Brooke when he finds out Ridge has agreed to a re-do wedding with Shauna. He will not understand why his son is remarrying a woman he doesn’t even love and will caution Ridge. Viewers know Eric is Bridge’s biggest cheerleader and he will tell Ridge he’s making a big mistake.

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3. Unexpected Turn

Quinn’s plan to destroy Brooke will take an unexpected turn in the next two weeks. They say karma has no menu and you get served what you deserve, and it looks like Quinn is about to get a large helping of just desserts. Rumor has it, her bestie Shauna’s wedding to Ridge will not go as Quinn planned.

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2. Wedding Day Drama

Ridge and Shauna’s wedding day will be filled with twists and turns that no one could have predicted. Viewers know Brooke isn’t just going to wallow in her misery and let Ridge recommit to Shauna without a fight, so what is she going to do about it? Does Brooke have something up her sleeve to blow Quinn and Shauna’s dirty secrets out of the water?

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1. A Mysterious Wedding Guest

A mysterious guest will show up at Ridge and Shauna’s re-do ceremony and rumor has it this person will hold the fate of many in his or her hands. Cleary, it will be someone who knows the truth about the drunken Las Vegas nuptials. Could it be Shauna’s friend, the wedding officiant? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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