Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (July 27 – August 7, 2020)

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What’s in store during the next two weeks on The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers indicate that Katie will be stunned when Wyatt and Flo tell her about Sally’s deception. Also coming up, Detective Sanchez will question Bill about Steffy’s accident and, after Steffy wakes up, Dr. Finnegan will encourage her to take medication to treat her pain. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for July 27 to August 7, 2020.

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12. Sally Begs for Forgiveness

Once Sally’s secret is out, she’s going to beg Wyatt for forgiveness. She will try to explain to Wyatt that she couldn’t stand losing him, especially to Flo, and she couldn’t see any other way to win him back. Unfortunately, the whole situation ended up getting out of control and she wasn’t sure what to do about it or even how to get out of it. It’s expected she’ll also point out the obvious; if he could forgive Flo for keeping the baby Beth secret from him, he should forgive her for lying about her illness.

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11. Penny Is in Trouble

Dr. Escobar let herself be caught up in Sally’s scheme, all so that she could secure a designer position at Forrester Creations. How is she going to explain herself to Wyatt and possibly the police? Flo gave both Sally and Penny a chance to get out of what they’d done. She told the women that if they let her go, she wouldn’t press charges. Will Sally and Penny get arrested?

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10. Sally Faces a Medical Emergency

Spoilers tease that after months of faking a fatal illness, Sally will ironically face a real medical emergency. It’s rumored that while she’s trying to explain herself to Wyatt and Flo, she’s going to collapse and will be rushed to the hospital. Will Sally’s real medical problem have something to do with hitting her head on the table after Flo tripped her?

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9. Katie Finds Out

Wyatt and Flo will get together with Katie and they’ll tell her all about Sally’s lie. Katie will be stunned by the depth of Sally’s deception. She’ll also realize the part she played in perpetuating the lie. From the first doctor’s appointment, it was all a set-up and Katie fell for it hook, line and sinker. She’ll be angry with Sally and will head to her apartment to confront her.

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8. Detective Sanchez Has Questions for Bill

Bill is set to take a grilling this week. Detective Sanchez will be back in LA this week and he’ll have some tough questions for Bill. The cop will ask Bill to describe exactly what happened on the road. Steffy has been severely injured and he needs to know if someone is liable for the accident. What will Bill tell the detective?

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7. Ridge Lashes Out at Bill

When Ridge sees Steffy lying in a hospital bed, he’ll be an emotional wreck. And spoilers tease he’s going to take it out on Bill. He knows his rival is the person responsible for hitting Steffy when she was out for a motorcycle ride, and he will lash out at the Spencer magnate. He’ll tell Bill he wants to see him sitting inside a prison cell for what he’s done. For his part, Bill will tell Ridge he’s just as devastated by what happened. But he’s not going to take The Dressmaker’s fury lying down and the two men will get into a huge argument.

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6. Ridge Gets Upset with Brooke

Rumor has it, Brooke will try to calm Ridge down. She’ll tell him it was a terrible accident, with an emphasis on the word accident. Brooke knows Bill would never do anything to hurt Steffy on purpose. Ridge will be angry with Brooke for defending the man who put his daughter in the hospital, but will her words to him eventually sink in?

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5. Liam Hears About Steffy’s Accident

A frantic Brooke will call Liam to tell him about Steffy’s accident. He will be stunned when he finds out she’s in a coma in the hospital and that his father Bill was the one who hit her. Spoilers tease he will rush to the hospital to see her. Liam may also think back to the motorcycle accident Steffy was involved in a few years ago when she lost their unborn baby.

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4. Steffy Wakes Up

Steffy won’t remain in a coma for long and, by the end of the week, she will have awoken, much to the relief of her father and Bill. Will her hunky doctor John Finnegan be the first person she sees when she opens her eyes? Rumor has it, Finn is going to be Steffy’s new love interest on the show. Will sparks fly between these two right away?

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3. Weeks To Heal

Although Steffy is going to be okay, Ridge will tell her that her injuries are significant and she’s going to take many weeks to heal. She’ll need a lot of physiotherapy, but he will support her all the way. Steffy will be stunned by the news but will also be grateful she survived the crash.

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2. Steffy Hides Her Pain

Spoilers tease that Steffy will downplay her pain when she’s with Ridge and Liam. Instead, she will ask them not to tell Kelly about her accident. However, she can’t fool her doctor and he is well aware of the intense discomfort she must be feeling. Finn will encourage Steffy not to be a hero and to take medication for all the pain she’s in.

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1. Husband And Wife

Ridge will be stunned when Shauna hands him a Nevada marriage record, proving they are husband and wife. “I’m your husband,” a stupefied Ridge said to her in a B&B video preview, as he held the license. Shauna will tell Ridge she’s never been happier; however, he will be astonished by this turn of events. But the big question here is how will Brooke react when she finds out Ridge is married to the former Vegas showgirl? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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