Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (August 3 – August 14, 2020)

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Ridge is troubled when he begins to have flashbacks about his night on the town in Las Vegas with Shauna, coming up during the next two weeks on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B). Also, Katie will be stunned when she learns the truth about Sally and will head to her apartment to confront her. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for August 3 to 14, 2020.

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12. Steffy Hides Her Pain

Steffy will continue to hide her pain from everyone she loves, and this includes her father Ridge and her ex Liam. When pressed on the issue, she will tell the two men that she wants to talk about her daughter Kelly. The only person who knows how much discomfort she is going through is her physician, Dr. John Finnegan (Finn). She will ask him not to tell anyone else about the agony she is feeling.

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11. Steffy’s Long Road to Recovery

Although she’s excited to be getting released from the hospital, Finn will remind Steffy not to be a hero and to take her medication. She is still in a lot of pain and he will tell her there’s no shame in taking something for relief. Steffy will also find out it is going to take weeks, if not months, to fully heal from her injuries.

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10. Steffy and Finn Grow Closer

It seems the good doctor will show more than just a passing interest in the wellbeing of his patient and will make a house call to bring the Forrester Co-CEO some paperwork to sign. Finn will tell Steffy that he’s going to check on her progress regularly, which should please her as she finds him highly attractive. Soon enough, it’ll be obvious to Steffy that the feeling is mutual.

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9. Steffy Comes Home

Steffy will arrive home to see Liam, Hope and Beth waiting for her. They’ve straightened up her house and are excited to welcome her back home. She will be happy to see them and thrilled to reunite with her daughter Kelly. Steffy will instruct everyone to keep news of the accident from Kelly. She will also be in a lot of pain and will try to hide it from Lope, so viewers may even see her wincing as she turns her back on Hope and Liam to pick up her daughter.

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8. Wyatt Chooses Flo

In case she doesn’t already know how he feels, spoilers tease Wyatt will proclaim his love for Flo this week. A B&B video promo shows the couple getting hot and heavy at Wyatt’s beach house. Viewers can expect more over the top, extreme close ups of Flo and Wyatt looking at each other with stars in their eyes before they make love. Flyatt will feel like they’re making a fresh start as they put Sally, and the last few months, behind them.

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7. Shauna Visits Flo

Speaking of Flo, her mother will return to LA to pay her a visit this week. And undoubtedly she’ll fill Shauna in about how Sally faked being fatally ill and how she herself was knocked over the head and then kidnapped to stop her from telling Wyatt the truth. Shauna will be stunned, but will she also share her own juicy personal gossip with her daughter?

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6. Ridge Starts Having Flashbacks

An anxious Ridge will be troubled when he begins to have flashbacks of his night in Las Vegas with Shauna. The bits and pieces that come back to him will make him feel uneasy. He’s not sure exactly what happened, and he will find it deeply worrisome. But will Ridge recall standing in a wedding chapel with the former Vegas showgirl?

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5. Ridge Married Shauna

As if Ridge doesn’t have enough to deal with these days, he will find out this week that he married Shauna while they partied in Las Vegas. Viewers will recall that Ridge was so drunk that he blacked out and woke up the next morning in LA, with Brooke sitting by his bedside. He had no memory of the night before and will be completely stunned when Shauna tells him her “happy” news.

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4. Ridge Gives His New Marriage a Shot

Although Ridge will be in disbelief, he will decide to take his commitment to Shauna seriously and make a go of the marriage. After all, he has always been attracted to her and she makes him happy. She’s also easy going and his relationship with her has been drama-free, compared to his relationship with Brooke. On the flip side, Shauna is thrilled and looking forward to her life as Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

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3. Brooke Is Devastated

Ridge’s marriage to Shauna will be a huge blow to Brooke. Sure, she knew her marriage was in trouble and it was all her fault for kissing Bill, but Brooke was more than certain she would be able to mend things and she and Ridge would reunite. The last thing Brooke expected was for Ridge to marry Shauna on a whim. Will Brooke take this news sitting down or will she decide to fight for her man?

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2. Katie Learns About Sally’s Lie

Spoilers tease Flo and Wyatt will fill Katie in on how Sally fooled everyone. Katie will be flabbergasted and will feel like Sally has completely betrayed her. She’ll also try to apologize to Wyatt and to Flo for even getting them involved in Sally’s massive lie in the first place. Knowing she had nothing to do with the deception, Flyatt will tell her not to worry. They know how compassionate Katie is and would never blame her for just trying to help out a friend.

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1. Katie Confronts Sally

As if Sally hasn’t apologized enough, an incredulous Katie will go to her apartment to confront her about being used as a pawn in her scheme. Rumor has it, Katie plans to blast Sally and put her on notice that she doesn’t appreciate being involved in her big lie. Sally has had to explain her actions for more than a week now and is surely getting tired of it. Will she let Katie into her apartment to rebuke her, or will Sally just roll her eyes and slam the door in her face? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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